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Burdock Root Tea - Benefits and Side Effects

Burdock root is a vegetable plant that is available all around the world. Burdock root tea is also commonly known as burdock tea and is quite famous amongst healthy tea drinkers. The root of the burdock plant is extracted to prepare this herbal tea. Burdock plant's medicinal properties have been utilized over centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Experts in medicine believe that this tea can improve the immune system, liver function, blood pressure problems, treatment of cancer, and treat a bunch of other diseases. This plant mainly grew in Asia and Europe, but now it also grows in the United States.


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Burdock plants are straightforward to identify, and you might even have encountered one while outdoors. It is famous for its round-shaped seed, also called bur, with hooks on it that gets stuck on clothes while passing by. Interestingly it is said that this plant also inspires the idea of velcro. You can also eat this plant raw or cook it in several delicious dishes. Organic Burdock root tea has unique health benefit and a sweet as well as earthly flavor. Some people prefer burdock root extract over tea for stronger short term effects, while we recommend burdock root tea for longer milder effects.


Types and Dosage

You can find burdock root is available in several forms and also consume it in various different ways. Some commonly available forms of burdock root are:-

  1. Burdock root tea
  2. Burdock powder
  3. Burdock extract
  4. Burdock dried root powder


Burdock root tea is safe to consume with a few precautions. You should consume it in moderation with one cup a day regularly without seeing any side effects. If you want to consume burdock root supplements, then always consult your doctor first. Supplements are subject to quality and purity issues; hence doctors advise is recommended in such consumptions. Try to verify the sources before purchasing the product to avoid any quality issues. Aside from that burdock root team has tons of health benefits and is safe to consume daily.

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Health Benefits of Burdock Root Tea

The burdock root tea health benefits are not limited to a few diseases; it can improve several organs' function and is effective against a large number of diseases. All parts of this plant, including roots, flowers, and seeds, have medicinal properties. Both Chinese as well as western herbal medicines utilize this plant for several medicinal purposes. They contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that can help in improving health. Let us look at some key health benefits.


Treatment against cancer

Burdock root is incredibly effective against cancer cells and stops them from growing mainly because of luteolin antioxidants. Several case studies have revealed that the properties of burdock root stop the cancer cells from spreading. Hence it is an effective treatment against cancer. The presence of several antioxidants also makes it effective against a multitude of other diseases. They can also reduce inflammation and can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug. More research is still being conducted to see the effects of burdock root on tumors and other cancer cells.


Treating cold and cough

Traditionally, people used burdock root as an effective cure for cold and cough. It acts as an excellent decongestant and provides immediate relief. As of now, we know that it contains vitamin C, which is a tremendous immunity-boosting vitamin. Also, research has revealed that it has antibacterial properties as well. Research is still going on in this field.


Improving Skin Tissue and Hair Growth

People with hair-fall problems, bad scalp, dandruff can benefit from burdock as it contains poly cholesterol that can treat these conditions. It improves hair thickness and prevents hair fall. The presence of several antioxidants also helps improve skin tissue and treat various skin diseases. It can combat skin wrinkles and decrease the signs of growth.


Reduces blood pressure and improves liver function


The burdock root also contains potassium, which can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall blood flow. Burdock is also considered a great detoxification agent or liver and is used to treat liver diseases for centuries. You can reverse the liver damage caused due to excessive alcohol consumption.


Relief from joint pains and treat other diseases


Aches and joint pains are treatable with burdock root since it has anti-inflammatory properties. Regularly drinking the burdock tea can treat several varieties of joint pain. Aside from that it also effective against several other diseases such as diabetes, stomach conditions, fever, fluid retention, dry skin, and many more.


Method of Preparation

You can prepare the burdock root tea in several recipes according to your taste. The most common way is to buy the burdock tea bags from your nearest grocery store prepare it as a regular tea. However, you can also take dried roots of burdock and use them to prepare the tea. The first step is to boil a cup of water and then add burdock root into it and let it boil for a couple of minutes. Steep it for a few minutes depending upon how strong the tea you want. After properly steeping, filter the granules and separate the liquid. Your tea is ready to serve.


Side Effects of Burdock Root Tea


Burdock Root Tea Side Effects, Image taken using Yandex.com

There are quite a few side effects of burdock root. Take extra precautions if you plan to provide this tea to a child or to pregnant women as its side effects are not fully known.

In such cases, consult your doctor for proper guidance. It can lower blood sugar and also increase the risk of bleeding during surgical procedures. Identify beforehand whether you have an allergy to ragweed family plants as it can be poisonous and even life-threatening in some cases. Aside from that, it is pretty safe to apply on the skin and drink it regularly.



Dried Burdock root tea is a great herbal drink that can be consumed regularly to see positive health benefits. It is effective against several diseases and decreases the signs of growth. Overall we recommend this great tea for regular usage, keeping a few side effects in mind.

Please note that none of the benefits or side effects mentioned for burdock root are verified by food and drug administration (FDA) authority. The content is meant purely for educational purpose and should NOT be construed as medical advice.

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