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Detox 101: Do Colon Cleanse and Alcohol Mix?

In today’s society, a certain spotlight has been set over the health and wellness industry, with people paying closer attention to holistic health care. With the movement towards a healthier lifestyle gaining traction, many have taken to alternative medicine and treatments for various reasons.

Whether it’s for palliative care, weight loss, or simply just a healthier life, the intake of organic products has hit an all-time high. Many have taken to the more basic health benefits of body cleansing and detox to approach healthcare with a renewed and “clean” system.


The Colon Cleanse

One of the most popular and well-known methods for detox is the intake of colon cleanser herbal tea to clear a system. With the number of food choices we have in this fast-paced world, we’re prone to ingesting a lot of unhealthy or indigestible food that can hurt the colon, such as processed foods, sugar, and even dairy and cheese products.

By going on a colon cleanse, we give our body the opportunity to breathe and relax from the onslaught of toxins you ingest each day. Once the colon cleanse process is over, you can face life with a healthier and more efficiently-working system.

There are a number of colon cleanse types in the market today, each having a different set of practices and lengths. In general, however, these would involve various degrees of fasting and liquid intake to flush out the waste stored inside your body.

Given this, it would definitely make sense to avoid alcoholic beverages—but would it hurt to drink when on a colon cleanse?


The Effect of Alcohol on Colon Cleansing

Drinking and consuming alcoholic beverages is a natural part of adulthood. Despite how unhealthy it may be, a lot of individuals still prefer to consume alcohol to de-stress, relax, and have fun.

As grand as that may sound, many wonder whether the intake of alcoholic beverages can affect a colon cleanse. With alcohol being a foreign substance, it’s one of the prime substances that a detox seeks to expel out of your system, which is why alcohol intake may clash with a colon cleanse.

In a gist, alcohol won’t be good for your body and potentially slow the cleansing process, but it won’t do you any harm. At worst, you might get diarrhea due to the interacting effects of your detox and the alcohol.


A Warning With Alcohol Consumption

Just because there may be no seriously dangerous effects does not mean you can start drinking without care—the amount of alcohol you take as well as the type can negate the positive effects of your cleanse. Sugary and high-caloric drinks will definitely set-back your progress, which is why you should take note to stay away from them.

Take note that apart from the above-mentioned effect, the colon cleanse could render you more susceptible to alcohol. With the cleanse increasing the absorption of minerals from food and drink, you may find yourself quickly inebriated even by the smallest amount.


The Bottom Line

Consuming alcoholic beverages while on a colon cleanse won’t directly harm you, but it can reduce the efficiency of your cleanse. Although abstaining is your best option, you can still choose to drink alcohol—provided that you do so with reservations.

Are you looking for a proven and effective colon cleanser herbal tea to improve your health and wellness? At Teatox Life, we have a number of beneficial herbal teas to help ease you into a healthier lifestyle!

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