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Hawthorn Herb: How it Enhances the Cardiac Function in Dogs

Paw-parents are always looking for ways to improve their furbaby’s health, especially for senior dogs that are struggling with weak heart health. Even without persistent and prominent conditions, finding ways to enhance your dog’s life is also a plus for you and your buddy. 

There has always been a rift in the market when it comes to friendly supplements for dogs, but hawthorn berry is rising in popularity as an effective tonic that can strengthen your canine companion’s health. With that in mind, here’s how the herb can boost your older dog’s cardiac function. 

How Does Hawthorn Berry Improve the Heart? 

Hawthorn berry has been a go-to choice for centuries since it’s highly-coveted for its heart-strengthening properties. While it is not a cure, it’s a long-term solution that can build the heart muscles and stimulate better blood circulation, lowering a person’s chances of aggravating debilitating heart conditions. 

How Hawthorn Berry Treats Your Pets 

Seeing its benefits on humans, people found that the herbal tonic is just as effective to dogs. The fruit of the hawthorn offers the most nutritional properties, one that can improve the general function of your dog’s heart and stabilize irregular heartbeats. It’s better than other alternatives like digitalis, not only for being more effective but for being a safer choice for your furry friends. 

Beyond senior dogs, hawthorn berry can also enhance the daily functioning of sled, agility, herding, and bird dogs, especially since it supports the heart during high-octane activities. In addition to improving your pet’s heart condition due to heartworms, infections, or chemotherapy, it can also bolster your dog’s appetite and aid their digestion. 

The Bottom Line: Improving Your Furry Friend’s Well-Being Using Health-Boosting and Pet-Friendly Herbs 

Your four-legged buddies can suffer from daily pains that can hold them back from leading a fun-filled life, but there are little-to-no medications that offer a friendly solution to your pet’s minor plights. 

There’s no doubt that there is a cure for diseases and different conditions, but what about pills that can enhance their routine? Herbs like hawthorn berry are a delectable treat that can improve blood circulation and reduces an older dog’s chances of developing heart diseases. 

How Can We Help?

Are you on the hunt for the best herbal drinks that can improve your canine companion’s health? If your fur-baby is struggling with disorders that affect their heart, our Hawthorn Berry Powder from our US online store at Tea Tox Life can bolster your dog’s cardio strength. 

Made to be pet-friendly, adding this to your pooch’s diet can boost their health and allow them to play to their heart’s content. Get in touch with us and see how we can help improve your health in more ways than one! 

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