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Immune System Support Facilitated by Sambucol Black Elderberry

 The Sambucol black elderberry might have fascinated you to think - how it can add to your immunity-boosting plan. There are varieties of Elderberry species present in nature known for their medical benefits. However, out of all those species, Sambucol elderberry is considered to be the best one.

For centuries people are using it to keep their immune system strong and fight off the diseases. You'll even find some famous black elderberry recipes dating back to Ancient Egypt times that people used to boost their immunity. Hence, you can trust this age-old nutritional supplement to stay fit and safe.

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Why should you choose Sambucol elderberry as an immunity booster?

Sambucol guarantees an adequate boost to the immunity level that your body demands. Some studies prove that the anthocyanins in elderberries are the reason why this plant activates the immune system. Another study indicated that black elderberries increase the immune cytokines production in the body. Ultimately, cytokines help improve your body's immune response by functioning as messengers within the immune system.


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When you maintain your immunity system, you can eventually be free of viral diseases like cold, flu, allergies, sinus, cough, sore throat, headaches, hay fever, and upper respiratory infection. Besides, black elderberries boast an antiviral property that blocks viruses from attacking human cells. Saying that during this COVID-19 outbreak situation, you can make it part of your daily lifestyle.

Several symptoms of this fatal virus are similar to the flu. Doctors and scientists are advocating a healthy immune system not to be susceptible to the virus. If you're looking for a solution to keep your immunity in check during these Covid times, you've now no reason to look beyond. Consume elderberry extract that will pair excellently with your immune system.


Powerhouse of nutrients

Anthocyanins compounds are the reason that makes these berries or nutrients rockstar in the stimulation of the immune system. Sambucol elderberry is considered to have twice the concentration of anthocyanins phytochemicals than the plant's other counterparts.

Apart from this, black elderberries are also rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, phenolic acids, and flavonols nutrients. It implies it's a more potent natural supplement to use.


How to Consume Sambucol Black Elderberry?


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With the growing trend and demand among people, black elderberries extract is available in various forms and makes. You can consume them as per your preference.

Let's have a look at the types of Sambucol elderberry products you can consider to buy.

  • Syrups

One of the most common ways to use this elderberry in the purest form is by using syrups extracted through its fruits. You can add the Sambucol black elderberry syrup as a topping over your pancakes, pie, cereal bowl, or yogurt. Additionally, you can mix it into your food recipes.

  • Tea

Using either fresh or dried organic Sambucol black elderberry flowers, you can prepare your morning tea. Begin your day packed with immunity.

  • Supplements

If you are comfortable taking the herb as Sambucol black elderberry tablets, you can invest in them. You will find a myriad of brands in the market that are selling 100% organic Sambucol elderberry supplements. 

  • Gummy Bears

Are you looking for Sambucol black elderberry for kids? Gummy bears are fancy versions of this natural immunity booster ideal to give your children. They are sweet and tangy to eat; hence kids will eat them happily.


What dosage of Sambucol black elderberry is sufficient?


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The organic and 100% pure form of Sambucol black elderberry extract is safe to consume daily. However, you have to watch out the dosage.

If you consider elderberry is a fruit whose extract you can consume like any other juice, you are at fault. One has to drink elderberry extract by the teaspoon instead of the glass serving. Another option is to mix it with your favorite food or drink.

Every person's response to elderberries is different from each other. It means some may be able to drink up to 2 ounces daily. On the contrary, some may be quite sensitive to the elderberry even by merely having a tablespoon of extract due to the fruit's laxative properties. Thus, make sure to take the black elderberries syrup as per the recommended daily serving.

Generally, a teaspoon of organic elderberry syrup per day is an ideal dosage to add in your diet plan and boost your immune system.


Precautionary Measures


No matter what herb, food, or supplements you add in your regimen, you have to be careful of specific safety measures. In the case of Sambucol black elderberry, we recommend the following:

  • If preparing Sambucol elderberry extract at home, only use berries or flowers.
  • Raw elderberries, leaves, and stems are toxic, so never use them.
  • Ensure the ingredients in the store-bought Sambucol black elderberry products are 100% natural with no added preservatives.
  • Elderberry extract works well when consumed at the first signs of respiratory illness like other antivirals.
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