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How to Keep Your Tea Fresh and Delicious

Like coffee and other food items you consume, you want it to stay fresh and flavorful from the moment you open its packaging to when you finish consuming everything. A huge factor that will help these flavors stay sharp and flavorful is how you store them. 

For bread to stay fresh, you need to keep it at room temperature for two to three days. Meanwhile, storing coffee in an airtight container away from sunlight will prevent it from going stale quickly. Tea, just like coffee, relies on proper storage to help maintain its shelf life and quality. 

Whether you keep loose leaf tea, detox tea, or bagged tea, following proper storage principles will help it last longer while maintaining its refined flavors. To help you out, here are some tea storage tips that you can follow to keep your tea as fresh as the day you got them:

Avoid these five tea flavor culprits

When storing your teas, you'll want to remember to keep them away from air, moisture, light, heat, and odor. These five tea killers significantly affect the quality of your tea and can diminish its shelf life.

Exposure to light and heat can quickly degrade your tea's quality. Although teas are beautiful and are pleasant to look at, you shouldn't place them in clear containers. Similarly, heat also quickens your teas' lifespan, so it is best to avoid placing them in hot areas, such as areas near stoves or ovens. 

Like light and heat, air, odor, and moisture work together to destroy your tea's quality. When you keep your tea in a container that isn't airtight, it increases the chances that the tea absorbs external odors and moisture. Tea absorbs these quickly, so it is best to keep them from humid places and odor-filled areas, such as your spice rack or near sinks.

Choose the right storage materials

The best containers you can use to protect your tea quality are opaque and airtight containers. These containers shield your tea from sunlight while keeping air, odor, and moisture away. 

When you look for a container, you'll want to make sure that it is food-grade approved. Since you will be consuming the tea, the material keeping them safe should not have harmful chemicals that may transfer to your tea!

To check if the container you're about to use is airtight, try putting water inside and check if there are any leaks. If there are none, your tea will be safe from external elements!

Make sure you're storing them at the right location

To maximize your tea's shelf life, aside from keeping them in a proper container, you'll have to make sure it is stored in the right location. If you aren't careful about where you place it, you increase the chances of the tea going stale immediately. 

Humid areas, for example, can promote mold and wreck your tea entirely. On the other hand, if you place them in a hot area, it will quickly go stale, which makes it a poor experience to drink afterward!

Placing your tea in a cupboard away from the five flavor culprits will help maintain your tea's quality and flavor. Ensure that after you get tea for your detox tea break, quickly close the lid and store it back in the safety of your cupboard.


Since tea is extremely delicate, you'll want to give it extra care by storing them properly to keep them fresh. No matter what kind of tea you're drinking, whether it be bagged tea or loose leaf tea, you'll want to keep your herbal tea safe from external factors that can affect its quality. By following these tips, you'll enjoy every cup of tea you'll have daily. 

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