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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea vs Capsules_ What’s Your Preference?


What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Native to Europe, Red raspberry is also found in parts of Asia. It is known for its deliciously sweet taste. It has plenty of nutrients like B-complex, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, manganese, selenium, etc. Dense with these vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these leaves are often used as an herb. 

Red raspberry leaf tea is used for many health benefits, especially for women. It helps treat menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms, PCOS, infertility during pregnancy to induce labor, reduce labor duration, and controls excess bleeding postpartum.

For centuries, midwives have suggested red raspberry leaves for women, especially to induce labor, but these days, you can find red raspberry leaf capsules in the market. Thinking of capsules, we always expect these to be more bioavailable compared to the natural one. Let us check red raspberry leaf tea vs. capsules.

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What Are Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules? Years ago, when herbs were used in their natural form, but these days, we can find them in capsules form as well. This makes it easy to purchase and use, but is red raspberry leaves available in capsules form? Yes, you can find them easily anywhere online, and a few pharmaceutical stores may have them too.

But what do these capsules contain? These contain pure red raspberry leaf extracts, making it more bioavailable compared to the leaves in natural form.


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When Should You Take Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Vs. Capsules?

Both red raspberry leaf tea and capsules contain the same nutrients as both are the same leaf. The only difference is that tea uses dried leaves while capsules contain extract.

Coming to the question, these can be used by any woman suffering from menstrual cramps, PMS, PCOS, and infertility. Men can also use it to treat infertility. However, once a woman conceives, she needs to stop drinking this tea or taking the capsules as it may lead to miscarriage. 

Though red raspberry leaf is good for the reproductive system, it induces labor, which involves pelvic muscles' contractions. This means you cannot take it in the first trimester when there are more chances of miscarriage than the second and the third trimester. Thus, midwives recommend taking red raspberry leaf tea or capsules at the end of the second trimester or third trimester. This will prepare you for labor.


Dosage of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Vs. Capsules

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We recommend you talk with your health care provider or doctor before you start drinking this tea or taking these capsules because not everybody is the same, and your previous or present health condition may not support this.

Start with as minimum as one cup a day of red raspberry leaf tea and gradually increase to 3 cups a day. It is not advised to start with a heavy dose. Make sure to observe for side effects.

Capsules are available in different doses ranging from 300 to 1000 mg. It is best to take 300 or 400 mg capsules in the beginning. Based on the capsule dose, brands suggest taking anywhere between 2 to 6 capsules a day. We have observed that women take raspberry leaf capsules pregnancy dosage of 2.4 g a day from the 32nd week of pregnancy. We suggest you start with one capsule a day and gradually increase it over time. Observe for any side effects.



One can start taking the capsules or tea as suggested above but should always keep an eye on its effects on the body. If you observe infrequent and irregular contractions too soon, stop its intake. However, complaints are rare. It is better to start taking it two weeks before the due date.


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Vs. Capsules

  1. Red raspberry leaf tea contains dried leaves in their natural form, while red raspberry leaf capsules contain the leaves' extract.
  1. There are plenty of brands that sell red raspberry leaf tea in the form of dried leaves and tea bags. Capsules are also easily purchasable in the market and online easily these days.
  1. The price is quite different from brand to brand based on the quality of the product and reputation of the brand. Red raspberry leaves for 200+ cups are available for around Rs. 1000.00, while 20 tea bags range from Rs. 200.00 to Rs.400.00. 100 Red raspberry leaf capsules go anywhere between Rs. 600.00 to Rs. 1000.00. It would be wrong to tell a number because every brand is different and so is every product. Irrespective of price, it is suggested to go for the product with the best reviews.
  1. Some women do not like the smell and taste of red raspberry leaf tea and prefer capsules, but this is rare.
  1. The bioavailability of capsules is better as it is digested and absorbed immediately. Besides, it is much concentrated, and the quantity it contains is known when compared to leaf. Red raspberry leaf tea is also easy to digest and has good bioavailability as it is brewed. However, you will have to prepare it multiple times a day.
  1. Many women swear by the results red raspberry leaf tea gives. The results may be the same for capsules as well. However, we have observed women talking more about tea than capsules.

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What Is Our Suggestion - Red raspberry Leaf Tea Vs. Capsules

The red raspberry leaf tea and capsules have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are comfortable with both, we suggest you take tea daily as you have reasonable control over the quantity and sipping a hot cup of tea is relaxing. But it would be best if you also kept capsules with you to take them when you don't have the mood of preparing tea or when outside. Capsules come handy.

Red raspberry leaves have plenty of health benefits, especially for women, and hence, it is called a woman’s herb. This is one of the essential herbs every woman must try but only after taking the doctor’s advice.

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