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Can Kidney Problems Cause Stomach Pain?

The kidney in our human body acts as a major filtration system that helps in maintaining body fluids, producing hormones that are responsible for creating red blood cells, providing vitamin D to bones, and eliminating toxins from our blood. So keeping your kidney healthy is the need of the hour.

Not keeping it thriving may result in multiple issues and can be detrimental to you.

As a concerned user, if you exploring the internet for questions like “can kidney problems cause stomach pain?”, “can kidney problems cause diarrhea?” and “Can kidney problems cause abdominal pain?”

Then you are on the right track as this manuscript will let you know about all.

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1. Signs your kidney is not healthy

  • You are tired all the time
  • Feeling extremely cold when others are feeling warm
  • Have difficulty taking a breath
  • Feeling dizzy frequently
  • No clarity in thinking
  • Ankles are swollen
  • Foul taste when eating food



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2. Causes of kidney problems

  1. Presence of painful bacteria

Do kidney problems cause stomach pain due to bacteria? This was the question asked by the patient infected with acute pyelonephritis. (1)

This is a microbe that enters the urinary tract through the urethra, the slowly moves to the bladder. Then comes in contact with the ureter and affects the kidney. (2)

This infection is common in females between 15-29. Though the males over the age of 65 having anatomical abnormalities can experience this virus. (2)

The presence of this pathogen can cause long-term kidney problems. These include:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Difficulty in pregnancy
  • Diabetes


  1. Having high blood pressure

When you have high blood pressure then the blood vessels present inside the kidney get damaged.

This damage makes it difficult for the kidney to remove waste and fluids from your body. Since it cannot remove the fluids, it gets stored in the blood vessels resulting in a dangerous cycle. (3)


High blood pressure

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  1. No Presence of Albumin

When too much sugar gets collected in your body, you will notice the occurrence of protein known as albumin passing blood to the urine. (3)

If you have a healthy kidney, this process will not take place as albumin would never let blood get passed onto your urine.


3. Can kidney problems cause stomach pain?

The answer is a resounding yes. Kidney problems connected with dehydration, infection, and kidney stones can cause stomach pain. (4)

Let us break down each in detail so that you may get a better understanding:


  1. Dehydration

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Water loss occurs in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and urinating excessively. (5)

Thus not drinking enough water can lead to kidney pain and the symptoms are listed as follows:

  • Feeling hungry all the time
  • Very tired
  • Feeling discomfort in the back
  • Having difficulty in thinking


Treatment: Drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated.
In addition to that, you need to eat water-rich foods like watermelons, strawberries, and cantaloupe. The amount of water depends on the color of your urine.


 Drink water

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You can also consume a variety of kidney detox juiceskidney detox smoothies

If you notice yellow urine, then you need more water.


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  1. Infection

A urinary tract infection is the major cause of kidney pain. (6) 

Since women have a shorter urethra, they are more prone to kidney pain as bacteria find it easier to attack the kidney. (7)  

Symptoms can be listed as follows :

  • Having the urge to urinate frequently
  • Strong smelling urine
  • Formation of pus inside the urine
  • Frequent occurrence of fever


Treatment: When you notice these symptoms, check yourself with a doctor the right way. The doctor may suggest the use of antibiotics to treat this infection.


  1. Kidney stones

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The presence of small hard crystals in your kidney marks the presence of kidney stones. (8)

When the kidney stories move inside your body you may feel immense pain. Symptoms include:

  • Extreme pain in urinating
  • Extreme pain in the groin or stomach
  • Unbearable pain on the side and back


Treatment: Kidney stones can be painful, but they can be treated if not difficult. Doctors may suggest pain relief drugs to minimize the pain and will ask you to drink plenty of water so that the stone can pass through your urine.

If not the factors may use the sound waves to break the kidney stones.

Additionally, you can try out a variety of teas for kidney stones.

Some of the prominent one's are:

1. Hibiscus tea for kidney stones

2. Corn silk tea for kidney stones

3. Dandelion tea 

4. Parsley tea for kidney stones


4. Ways to deal with kidney problems

We have suggested some of the most effective home remedies that should help you minimize kidney pain.

They are listed as follows:


  1. Intake cranberry Juice

According to a study, raw cranberry juice helps you reduce kidney pain. (9)

Does cranberry juice cause kidney pain? No. only processed cranberry juice might affect your kidney.

So it is best to avoid processed cranberry juice or cocktails. Only take fresh cranberry juice to help you shrink the pain. Doing this would help you mitigate kidney pain over time.


Cranberry juice

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  1. Take a bath with Epsom Salt

An experiment conducted at the University reported that taking a bath with Epsom salt acts as a detoxifying agent. (10)

This is a not a long-term treatment, but every time you take a warm the salt it will help you relax your body and repress the kidney pain.


  1. Use heat

Take the help of a heating pad or heating water and after to the affected area for 20 minutes.


  1. Don’t take Aspirin

Never take aspirin while you are experiencing kidney pain since aspirin acts as a blood thinner and will be responsible for causing blood urine. (11)
To mitigate this issue, take the help of non-aspirin killers like Advil or Ibuprofen.


  1. Parsley

Parsley is a diuretic. (12)

This means it helps you increase the frequency of urine and pass out any bacterial buildup in the urinary tract with the urine flow.

We know that having parsley juice can be kind of gross; hence we suggested adding cranberry juice to mask the flavor.
Alternatively, you may in-take parsley tea.



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  1. Increase your apple intake

Apples contain acid which will help you eliminate any kind of bacteria formation inside the urine. (13)

Apples are a great source in fighting inflammation and thus can help you reduce the kidney pain.



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  1. Take green tea

There have been few studies that suggest that green tea has antibacterial effects which can fight the bacteria causing UTIs. (14)

To witness these effects make sure that you have two cups of green tea every day.


Green tea

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  1. No alcohol or coffee

Few studies indicate that coffee and alcohol have a high chance of irritating the urinary tract. So consuming alcohol and coffee should be avoided. (15)



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  1. Have citrus regularly

Studies have shown that citrus breaks up kidney stones which are responsible for kidney pain. (16)

When you get up in the morning make sure to add some lemon to a glass of hot water and drink it regularly.

This is will help you to get the kidney stones getting flushed out with urine.



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  1. Take acidic beverages

Pomegranates, celery, and basil are known to fight kidney stones and get you relief from the pain as they serve as antioxidants. This will help keep your kidney healthy. (17)


5. When should you call a doctor

The treatment suggested above will help treat your mild kidney pain, but not stop the infection from spreading.

Hence it's best to consult a urologist when you are experiencing severe kidney pain. Based on your systems the doctor will suggest medications or you will have to schedule an appointment.


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6. Takeaway

Keeping your kidney healthy is the need of the hour and failure to do so can cause stomach pain which can ultimately lead to kidney stones.

Hence it's necessary that you carefully follow the home remedies suggested above or take the help of the doctor if the pain is uncontrollable 

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