Liver Detox

The Top Liver Cleanse Drinks & How To Use Them

The prime motive of a liver cleanse drink is detoxification. Detoxification is an absolute need of the hour because it helps you achieve optimal health by increasing your immunity. 

In this blog, we are hoping to separate facts from fiction. We will let you know if liver detox is a real phenomenon or just a rumour or that has seen circulating for years. 


1. Is liver detox even real? 

There is no exact answer to this since liver detox is a subjective topic.  The scientific community has claimed the live detox products that are available on the internet have been not been made for clinical trials and have no approval from US food and drug administration (1)


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One of the contrary people of the scientific community has also said that there are some ingredients present in liver detox products that have anti-inflammatory properties, which minimize liver inflammation.

Milk thistle and turmeric top the list (2)



2. Ways to do a liver detox 

  • Try to limit your alcohol intake. Daily consumption of alcohol may lead to liver inflation and ultimately cause cirrhosis of the liver. 

  • If a doctor has suggested a particular medicine for your liver problem, please be truthful to that dosage. Excessive drug usage can harm your liver in ways you cannot even imagine.

  • If you are into piercings and tattoos, make sure you choose a salon that keeps its equipment sterilized from time to time. Since unclean equipment might lead to hepatitis C. 

  • Not practicing safe sex can also lead to liver problems. 

  • Make sure that you have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and water for detoxification 

  • Following Natural liver detox regime can help in liver detox 

One most common drink that can be used for homemade liver detox is coffee.  According to a study, consumption of this homemade liver cleanse helps your liver to be disease-free  (3)


Green Liver Cleanse Drink

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Limited consumption is known to reduce the fat present in the liver and thereby producing an oxidant production. Other than coffee there are herbal liver cleanse recipes like green tea, turmeric drink, ginger-lemon drink, and grapefruit drink.


2.1. Green tea 

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An experiment was conducted by Science Daily  (4), in which it was found that green tea extract combined with mild exercise has helped fight fatty liver disease.  Several mice were taken as subjects and green tea extract was fed to them along with running on exercise wheels. 


Lemon Ginger Green Tea

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To prepare liver detox tea you need the following 

  • Cinnamon pods 
  • Cinnamon bark 
  • Strainer 
  • Mug 
  • Honey
  • Vessel 
  • Water 



  1. First, you need to take a mug of water and then empty it on a vessel. Then add 4 cinnamon pods and 3 cinnamon barks and prepare the vessel to boil. 
  2. Boil the water for 2 minutes and empty it inside a mug with a help of a strainer
  3. Now take your favourite rite packet of green tea and start dipping it while you get the color and flavor of your preference 
  4. Sip this hot tea 



2.2. Turmeric drink 

Turmeric is a superfood and some facts support it (5)

Turmeric is filled with antioxidants that help the liver minimize fat production by increasing the production of enzymes besides that, it helps in the blood circulation of the body.


Turmeric Tea

Source: The Tumeric

The things that you will need for preparing a turmeric drink :

  • Ginger powder about 3 tablespoons 
  • Cinnamon powder about 2 tablespoons 
  • One glass container 
  • Clove 1 tablespoons 
  • Black pepper 2 tablespoons 


  1. Mix all the ingredients nicely and make sure there is not even one droplet of water 
  2. Now store the mix in glass airtight glass container 
  3. Take a little portion of the mix and add with the tea or plain hot water of your choice 
  4. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey to it for taste 


NOTE: Be mindful of how much turmeric you add for your liver detox tea. 
For better results, please read our article on how much turmeric to add for liver detox



2.3. Grapefruit drink 


Grapefruit Drink


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According to a study, liver cleanse juice like grapefruit contains two antioxidants known as naringin and naringenin which help in protecting the liver from diseases and reduce inflammation inside the liver (6). Also, these enzymes tackle any fat build up inside the liver and keep your liver deathly The thing that you will need for papering turmeric drink 

  • Grapefruit drink 
  • A strainer 
  • Bowl 
  • Airtight glass container 
  • Ice cubes 
  • Maple syrup
  • ½ cup of water 



  1. Cut the grapefruit into three or more slices, then squash to get the juice out. Make sure you use a strainer to do this. The strainer will catch the extra seeds and deposit only the liquid inside the bowl 
  2. Now put some ice cubes inside the air-tight glass container.  Add some mint leaves to it and start poi ruing the juice inside the container. Now add some maple syrup and ½ cup of water to it. 
  3. Your grapefruit drink is now ready 



2.4. The most popular liver cleanse drink on the market right now

According to our research, oat milk drink is the bestselling drink as of today (7). Making oatmeal has a simple learning curve. All you need is a blender and some fruits and you are good to go.


Oatmeal Smoothie For Liver Cleanse

Source: Well plated



  • Almonds
  • 1 chopped banana
  • A packet of oatmeal
  • ½ cup of water


  1. Take a bowl and put 2 cups of oatmeal inside it. After that, add ½ cups of water and also your chopped bananas and almonds
  2. Now place the entire mixture in the mixer and blend it for good 2 minutes until you get a thick paste
  3. Your oatmeal drink is ready



2.4. Liver cleanse smoothie

To prepare a liver to cleanse smoothie make sure you purchase green apples because they contain an ingredient known as polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory. Also, you will need some celery which helps in eliminating the lipids that want to stay in your liver.


  • One chopped green apple
  • One chopped celery
  • Handful of spinach
  • A half slice of lemon


  1. Take the blender and place all the ingredients inside it.
  2. Now add ½ cup of water and blend it for good two minutes until you get the thick paste
  3. Your liver cleanse smoothie is ready


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3. Do you need a liver to cleanse drink?

People generally ignore the liver as they are unaware of how important is this organ in our body. The organ is responsible for storing vitamins and minerals, breaking down biles to eliminate fat, and removing defective red blood cells. Hence we believe adding an ayurvedic liver cleanse drink to your daily lifestyle would keep your liver healthy and functional



4. Final thought

There are some signs that you need to watch out for to notice that your liver is not healthy. Gas, acid reflux, heartburn, and bloating are only a few of them. Adding the 24-hour liver detox drinks mentioned above would help you to mitigate this issue seamlessly. Hence liver cleanse drink is the need of the hour. 

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