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Liver Detox for Acne: Read the Reason Behind This

Are you tired of skin acne? Things might get embarrassing in public for you with skin full of acne and zits.

But it is time to put an end to all your skin issues now by detoxifying your liver! Yes, most people around the world face the issue of skin acne even after puberty.

They try out several ways of curing the skin problem but never go down to the source of the problem: liver detox. In the following article, you will find several forms of liver detox for acne. Keep an eye on the following to know more!


Liver Cleanse



1. What is Liver Detox?

The liver is one of the main filtration systems of the body, which cleans the bloodstream and eliminates the toxin for a healthy system.

But what happens when the filtration mechanism gets tired of the process and starts malfunctioning? It demands a restoration, which is the process of liver detox.

Liver detox is important so that the organ can rejuvenate and get back to normal functioning. If you face breakouts during the process, worry not, as it indicates that your body is starting to accept the changes. 


Liver health




2. What is the Link between Liver Health and Acne? 

People often get into the misconception that only pollution and other cleansing factors cause acne.

Also, people often think that the liver's function is only to process alcohol and other petty functions. However, this is a great misconception.

Facts and researches say that doctors and dermatologists have concluded that liver function and skin problems are related. (1)

Acne issues and zit problems have been severe factors that every adult goes through at least once in a lifetime. But nobody deciphers the truth for the fundamental, which is poor liver functioning.


Liver detox for acne

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As the number of toxins from foods and the environment increases in your body and bloodstream, the liver starts working harder on the filtration procedure a bit more than usual, making it go worn-out faster.

Unfortunately, when it demands a detox, it might also lead to skin breakouts. (2)

The following reasons below will help you with the process of liver detox for acne.  



3. How the liver plays a role in everything

When it comes to your skin diseases like rashes, acne, eczema, and even psoriasis, they are somewhere directly proportional to your liver functions. (3)

The 21st-century people are pretty accustomed to street food; some are more into oily content than homemade dishes.

When the fat content in the body excels the needed amount, solid fat molecules start roaming around freely in the blood vessels. (4)

It deteriorates the liver functions mostly and jams the glands, which do not allow the liver to function correctly, and thus, the skin figures out other ways to throw out the unnecessary fat and junk molecules through the body.

There might be times when you get irritated with the thick oil on your skin surface, which results in redness, rashes, and acne most of the time.


Red skin

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The wider the oil is on your skin, the more toxins in your body. You can quickly figure out that your liver function is also not well at present for the excess sebum. You should stop consuming junk food and concentrate on the liver detox for the acne process. 


4. Signs you need a Detox

The liver detox for acne is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors to keep in mind, many healthy habits to follow, and most importantly, work on a healthy diet to give your sick liver a quick pat for its work function.

But it is not always about the food habits and the liver that is entirely responsible for adult acne.

Even if you healthily maintain your liver, the acne issue might hover around your skin for a long time.

Here are a few signs which will indicate your liver needs a detox soon:

1. Fatty Floating Stool:

There might be times when you would notice fatty floating stools, which is not normal in human stools. It happens only when the liver is not producing enough bile to break down the fat in the body. Fatty bowel is a sign that your liver needs detox very soon.


2. Overweight:

The liver is one of the most important organs that help in the procedure of burning fat. So, if you notice sudden bloating or obesity in your body, then you should take it as a sign that your liver needs a detox soon. (5)


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3. Dizziness:

The liver is yet one of the main organs responsible for breaking down fat and other food particles to release energy in the body. So, if you feel dizzy and tired all the time despite getting sufficient sleep, then it is a warning that your liver demands a detox soon. (6)



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4. New allergies and acne:

Our liver is a continually functioning system of detoxification. Sometimes the liver might overheat under the pressure of over exerting itself.

This might be due to consuming processed foods, alcohol and sometimes medications to the excessive limit. In such cases it might spark up new allergies and acne. There’s more to it. Let’s find out ahead. 

5. Steps to a Liver Cleanse

Certain factors affect the liver in the first place and also your skin eventually.
Here are a few points which you should keep in mind:

  • Junk food:

Junk food is one of the most important factors that affect your liver function. Most of the time, junk food or street food contains fatty contents like margarine, butter, and even oil. 

When you consume these dishes continously, the excess fat molecules block the glands of the liver and eventually affect its functioning process. The skin throws out the extra fat through the sebaceous glands in the form of skin oil or sebum. The excess amount of sebum causes acne mainly. 


Junk food

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If you want to get into the process of liver detox for acne, then leave or reduce the amount of junk food intake immediately.  


  • Pollution:

Pollution is the next biggest reason for your liver dysfunction. The liver filters out waste from food and liquids and the bloodstream, which contains pollutants you inhale.
Unfortunately, there is no possible way to avoid pollution particles when you have to go out every day through the same lanes, traffic, and other sources of pollutants.
Make sure you wear a mask or cover your face while traveling so as to not to inhale many toxins.



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  • Alcohol:

One of the most deadliest reason behind liver issues and liver damages is the intake of excess alcohol every day or often.
Therefore, if you notice skin problems much more frequently, and you are aware of your excessive intake of toxins and alcohol, it would be best to avoid alcohol intake for a long time or take it in a lesser amount.


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If you successfully avoid all the above substances, then the process of liver detox for acne will become a lot easier for you to handle!


6. How to support your liver?

There might be times when you see a lot of breakouts on your face or skin. Apart from the acne outbreak on the skin, you might notice a particular difficulty in digesting the food you eat.

In such cases, the person cannot intake any food properly, and the food does not digest easily and tends to vomit. If you have recently faced similar issues, the problem might be a fatty liver. 

Fatty liver is a common disease these days where non-alcoholic fat molecules attach themselves to the wall of the liver and prevent it from functioning correctly.


The following points will enlighten you on the solution to maintaining a fatty liver:

- Food:

If you have fatty liver issues, you need to be picky with whatever you eat.
The fat accumulation occurs from refined ingredients, pesticides, excess fat, etc. Preventing junk food is not the only solution to stopping the acne outbreak on your skin and detoxing the liver. 


Green leafy vegetables

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You need to include certain food items in your diet simultaneously, like liver detox soups, liver cleanse juices, for the nutrient factor; a certain amount of exercise in your daily routine would not cause any harm.

You can also opt for liver detox tea

Doing so will improve your breathing process to prevent the entrance of high-level pollution toxins into your body.


- Water

Drinking a lot of water during the entire day will keep your body hydrated and let the liver function properly. Doing so eliminates all the toxins from your body and cleanses the liver tissues.
Besides all the above factors, you should not forget to appreciate the tiny amount of healthy fat in your body!



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- Fasting:

Another factor that can help you get over fatty liver issues is none other than intermittent fasting. People often consider this process to be hectic and punishing.

But it is not valid in reality. Intermittent fasting is a natural process that helps your body rejuvenate the liver cells by consuming a limited amount of food in a certain period every day.



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It activates the jammed-up cells and glands in the best way possible.

Alternatively, people adopt a diet plan depending upon their body's capability.

Some of the famous liver cleanse diet plans are:

1. 3 6 9 liver cleanse diet plan
2. 7 day liver cleanse diet plan
3. 3 day liver cleanse diet plan
4. 24 hour liver cleanse diet plan
5. Ayurvedic liver cleanse diet plan



- Moderate exercise:

One of the best ways of reducing fatty liver or the chances of developing a fatty liver is a moderate amount of exercise every day. If you like being a couch potato all day long, even fasting or less food intake cannot save you from fatty liver. 


Mild exercise

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However, if you include moderate exercise in your daily routine, then the bonding between you and your fatty liver might get better with time!


- Intake of Antioxidants:

The intake of antioxidants is a huge factor in liver fluke cleanse. Several antioxidants are present in several items like rosemary, HCL, Vitamin C, etc.



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If you continue to take all these items individually or in the form of any supplement, then there are high chances of you reducing the fatty level randomly.

The antioxidants also have an anti-inflammatory factor which reduces the probability of vomiting and increases the chances of better digestion.


- Fiber consumption:

Yet another factor that you should keep in mind for reducing fatty liver issues and skin problems is through liver and gallbladder cleanse by the method of fiber consumption. Initially, it might seem useless for a person with liver issues to consume healthy fiber daily.


Fibrous foods

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But the fact is that several doctors and researchers have confirmed that fiber consumption in the right amount can lead to the easier throwing out of the body toxins, excess fat molecules, etc., without damaging your liver or skin.


- Insulin Resistance:

The last but most minor factor you should not miss out on is nothing but insulin resistance. The term diabetes might be prevalent these days.

Insulin is one factor that affects the body directly, and its birthplace is the liver. Most people following a healthy vegan diet face the problem of insulin resistance because of the richness of carbohydrates in the food.  


Insulin resistance

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From all the above factors, one thing is quite clear: fatty liver is one of the problems resulting in adult acne outbreaks.

People even fear the term fatty liver so much that they cannot even think of sorting out the liver condition, but the above points prove that fatty liver is curable all the time, and so is your skin acne.

Read more to find out about the liver detox for the acne process.  Beside this , you can also try out various liver cleanse pills for acne

7. Why does a healthy liver lead to overall health?

People often consider the heart and the brain to be the body's main organs. Therefore, the liver gets underestimated and takes a backseat. However, the liver works more than any of the other organs in the body.

The liver is responsible for breaking down food particles for releasing energy. It controls the blood sugar level and cleans the blood by driving out the toxins from the body. It is also the filtration system of the body.

If a single organ is responsible for handling so much work, then if the organ is kept healthy, then automatically, the entire health condition is bound to stay hale and hearty! 


8. Conclusion

After going through all the knits and bits of the article, it is pretty clear that taking care of your skin and your liver should be number one on the list of priorities.

You can easily have all the food and liquor in the world, but like every other person needs a vacation in life, so do the liver. 24 hour liver detox is as important as visiting a doctor for regular checkups.

So, what keeps you waiting further? Go and try your luck with the liver detox for the acne procedure now!

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