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Liver Fluke Cleanse: An Organic Way To Get Rid Of Liver Parasite

What if we tell you about a neglected liver disease that has been overlooked by mankind?

This infection has been living inside you and you are still unaware of it. Do we have your interest? 

If the answer is a resounding yes then let us educate you on a disease known as a liver fluke that has been affecting millions of people worldwide and has been causing severe health problems(1)


1. How does one get infected? 

Liver fluke is a  parasite that is extremely small and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Everybody talks about an intestinal disease like threadworm or tapeworms, but people seem to turn a blind eye to this liver disease which comes in contact with the human body when you drink unclean water or consume water while swimming.

To mitigate this issue, we highly recommend using a liver detox tea that will help you get rid of this parasite.


2. Types of Liver flukes 

Liver flukes are categorized into two families one is known as Fasciolidate and the other is known as Opisthorchiidae.



Source: Wikipedia


Fasciolindae can be further classified into Fasciola Hepatica and Fasciola gigantica (2)
Opisthrochiidae can be divided into Clonorchis sinensisOpisthorchis viverrini, and Opisthorchis felineus. (3)

The first known existence of liver fluke known as opisthorchiidae traces back to 1895, when it was found that it was a liver infection that was transmitted by fish. (4)


Types of liver fluke

Source : Wikipedia


Millions of people get infected through this disease in regions where undercooked fish is served and eaten. Areas like Southeast Asia, North America, and Eurasia are the topmost infected vicinity. 

The evolution of Fasciolindae traces back to 1758 when it was found to be a liver disease that has been causing severe health problems.

This was the first parasite that has its complete life cycle. (5) 

Strangely different types of this parasite have still been unexplored by parasitology classes and remain an extremely important topic of discussion for zoology professors.

This fluke has the potential to kill massive mammals like African and Asian elephants


3. Why should you take liver fluke seriously? 

This parasite falls under Type 1 carcinogens, which indicates that infection through this fluke can lead to cancer. (6)



Liver Fluke Cleanse by Cilantro News

Source: Cilantronews

In addition, the fluke might also cause chronic inflation and chronic bile duct obstruction which may ultimately lead to pancreatitis. (7)


4. Signs of liver fluke 


5. Understanding the life cycle of liver fluke

Immature eggs are released in freshwater by the infected animals. These eggs take snails as their host and undergo various development stages. 


Life Cycle of Liver Fluke


Source: CDC

Now the snails release these eggs to the plants which are consumed by the grazing animals. These grazing animals pass the eggs to humans where these flukes survive till adulthood. 

Humans may also get infected by the fluke by directly consuming a plant. 


6. The 3 critical stages of liver fluke infection 

There are three critical stages of liver fluke infection which will be discussed below :

  1. Acute stage: This is the stage where you first come in contact with the parasite, where the symptoms are not noticed for four months.

  2. Latent stage: This is the stage where the parasite starts getting mature and starts proceeding towards your bile duct. This stage takes a few months.

  3. Chronic stage: This is the stage where the parasite is mature and they start releasing their metabolic waste in your bile and this leads to blockage of the bile duct. 

    Critical stages of Liver Fluke

Source: Bimectin


7. The organic way to get rid of liver fluke

The natural way to get rid of liver fluke is through liver detox home remedy. Using a natural cleanse as your daily driver would supply you with adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the detox organ known as the liver. 

Many often opt for a liver cleanse juice that can be easily prepared at home. 

Getting sufficient vitamins and minerals through cleansing would limit your food intake, keep you hydrated and help reduce liver inflammation.


Liver Detox Tea by TeaTox Life

Source: Teatoxlife

Besides this, there are certain plants are responsible for creating herbal drinks which can serve as treatment for liver fluke. (8)

Some of the most popular homemade remedies for preparing a liver fluke cleanse are listed as follows:

Flaxseed OilEssential Oils for liver detox is one of the known ways to detox your liver.
Research recommends Flaxseed Oil as well. Any supplement that contains flaxseed oil has proven to reduce the parasite inside your liver.  Flaxseed oil contains omega 3 helpful fatty acid; in killing the bacteria. 

Spinach Juice: Spinach juice contains linolenic acid which contains tons of anti-parasite properties. (10)

Moringa Powder: Moringa powder is native to the Indian subcontinent and it has been shown to reduce the number of Fasciola Hepatica inside the liver. (11)

Goldenseal: A plant that is found in North America and has shown the possibility to treat blood flukes. (12) 
This is because it has large quantities of berberine and Hydrastine

Turmeric roots: Turmeric roots contains curcumin and turmerone which helps in eliminating Fasciola Gigantica. (13)

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8. Medication required in treating liver fluke

Consulting a professional would advise you in taking an Anthelmintic drug to mitigate liver fluke. Depending on the type of liver fluke you have in your body, the doctor may advise you take the following medications 


Medications required in Liver fluke

Source: Sciencephoto


9. Precautions you should take while dealing with liver fluke

  • Make sure that you cook aquatic plants like watercress before eating
  • Any food from contaminated areas should be avoided
  • Freshwater fish would be well-cooked
  • Maintain clean hygiene when you handle water and food

Note: People who live near areas where livestock is found should be extra careful. This is because the presence of livestock increases the chances of infection. Make sure regular inspection of animals is followed.


10. Final thought

Not knowing the ways to treat liver fluke can be detrimental to you. Hence we have listed both natural and medicated ways to get rid of this parasite.

If you have already noticed the signs in from the information stated above, make sure that you start with a liver and pancrease cleanse effective immediately. 

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