Benefits Of Drinking Clove Water For Fertility

Clove is a renowned spice that is used in every kitchen. They are mainly used for solving dental and fertility issues(1)

Besides this; they are popular in vitamin c, antioxidants, and manganese. 

Some studies have shown that drinking clove water every day has increased blood flow in the genitals thereby eliminating any chances of premature ejaculation. (2) 

As adult women, you and a partner might question your fertility if you are having unprotected sex for six months or a year but still unable to pregnant.

This happens due to some lifestyle choices and medical issues that stop you from conceiving. 

1. Fertility explained

In this section, we will explore the question “can cloves increase fertility?”

In addition, we will dig dive into topics like the benefits of cloves to women's fertility and the benefits of cloves in fertility.

Before investigating these topics, let’s first uncover the process of fertilization

In Layman’s terms, fertility is the ability of human beings to produce offspring.

Fertility happens, when a healthy sperm reaches an egg, penetrates the egg and then the egg is released at the lining of the uterus. One of the critical factors that include fertility is age and weight.

Women are born with eggs, either they are released in ovulation or deteriorate over time. 

Chances of being fertile without using IVF are available till the age of 32.

After 35 the chances of getting fertile reduce drastically.

Being overweight or underweight can causes changes in your hormones and this can affect fertility. Due to the hormonal imbalance, ovulation takes a longer time to get started. 

Thus overweight and underweight women can take more than a year to get pregnant.

Besides these two major factors, some other factors that affect fertility are the consumption of drugs, alcohol, and smoking.


2. Signs of fertility and sign of infertility

Signs of high fertility in females is indicated by increased sex drive and it is followed by breast tenderness, change in cervical position, and lower abdominal pain.

As soon as your enter the fertile window, your hormones mainly estrogen, and testosterone will make your body undergo rapid changes and you will notice this change since you mayl feel horny. 

During the fertile period, you will notice pain in the lower abdomen for a few minutes in a day and that means your body is ready to conceive.

This is not the same for every woman. Some women may feel this pain every month and some might not feel it at all.

The top portion of the vagina is known as the cervix. This becomes softer and more open during the fertility window.

During one point of the month does your breast feel heavy, sore, and itchy?

This happens due to an increase in the hormone known as progesterone indicating that you have entered the ovulation stage. 

Both men and women suffer from infertility. For men signs are different and for women, the signs are different.

They are listed as follows

Signs of infertility in women

  • Obesity

  • Having trouble getting pregnant

  • Irregular periods

  • Having pain during sex

  • Massive mood fluctuations


Signs of infertility in men

  • Having problems during erection

  • Tight testicles

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • obesity


3. Are there benefits of clove water for fertility?

Besides being used as a fertility enhancer, they have been used earlier for virginal tightening and getting rid of infection. (7)

Some of the major benefits are listed as follows:


  • Helps in erection

Over the ages, it’s been rumored that clove increases the blood flow in genitals. Thus drinking a cup of clove will help you get an erection during coitus.

Though there is no concrete scientific evidence to support this theory.


  • Libido increase

Drinking a cup of clove would help you generate energy for having sexual intercourse. Clove water is known to increase testosterone levels in females and males. This helps will help a man from premature ejaculation.


  • Ovulation

It’s been believed that women who drink a cup of clove water every day would increase their chance of conception.

It was retired that drinking clove would increase the secretion of LH. LH is the hormone that helps in egg formation.

Apart from clove water, red raspberry leaf tea helps in delaying ovulation during pregnancy. 


  • Can give you twins

Since it’s believed that cloves support multiple ovulations hence women getting pregnant and giving birth to twins will be higher.

An online news journal known as Nimed Health has claimed that drinking clove water everyday has the possibility of giving you twins. 


  • No more Reduce menstrual cramps

Women, who have difficulty with menstrual flow, can drink clove water every day and reduce menstrual cramps and give way to as many eggs as possible.

You may also try a variety of pregnancy teas that help in reducing menstrual cramps & help restore balance in the body. 


  • Increases sperm count

Some studies have claimed that drinking clove water early in the morning has shown in sperm production.


4. Why a drinking clove water for female fertility is a good option

Cloves have shown that they are an excellent source of manganese. Manganese helps in producing hormones.

Besides being rich in manganese, they are also a great source of the following :

  • Potassium

  • Vitamin k

  • Beta carotene

  • Eugene


One serving of clove contains the following:

  • Fat: less than 1 gram

  • Sugar: less than 1 gram

  • Protein: less than 1 gram

  • Calorie count 6

  • Fiber: less than 1 gram


5. How To Make Clove Water For Fertility? 

Making yourself clove water is a simple and easy process. All you need is a few ingredients and you are sorted:


  • 1 ½ glass of water

  • 60 gm. of cumin seeds

  • 50 gm. of cloves

  • 10 black pepper

  • 2 tsp. of honey



Step 1: Heat a pan and then add pepper, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and cloves

Step 2: Roast all these ingredients until you get a smell and then switch off the flame

Step 3: Let it cool for a few minutes and then transfer the entire mixture to a grinder and turn it into a powdered form

Step 4: Take this power and now add 1 and ½ cup of water and 2 tsp. of honey and transfer it to a pan

Step 5: Let it boil in the pan for 1 minute. Strain the mixture and drink it


6. Side effects and dosage

Few online journals like and WebMD have reported a handful of side effects and they are stated as follows:

1. Clove can cause irritation and rash

2. Swollen gums

3. Breathing issues

4. Skin infection


Dosage: It recommends that you drink clove water first thing in the morning as it will boost your immune system and protect you from flu and other infections.


7. Other things that help with female fertility

The road to parenthood can strike up as a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be overcome.

Besides using cloves for your fertility issues, a few other things increase your fertility. They can be stated as follows:

1. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants like fruits & vegetables

2. A good breakfast

3. Having healthy fats and avoiding foods with trans fats like processed food and fried foods

4. Following a keto-based diet plan or plant-based diet plan

5. Following a gluten-free diet for fertility

6. Limiting your intake of refined carbs

7. Eating more fiber-rich foods

8. Replacing animal protein with plant-based whey protein

9. Eating Okra

10. Incorporating different types of green tea such as

- nettle tea

- rooibos tea

- ginger tea

- fennel tea



8. Conclusion

Having a good lifestyle involves intaking good nutrition that will help develop a healthy body and increase your chance of pregnancy.

If you are adult women who are trying to conceive, make sure that you include clove water as your daily morning drink, since benefits of cloves in fertility are colossal.

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