Okra and Your Fertility — Home Remedy to the Rescue!

Okra, also called lady's finger or gumbo, is a popular vegetable in many parts of the world. The green seed pods of this plant are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. 

Okra is considered to have medicinal value. The juice is used to treat sore throat and coughing.

It is also applied to the skin to treat itching and as a moisturizer. The benefits of okra in fertility are also significant.

1. Fertility and Health Considerations



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Conceiving a baby needs a healthy egg (ovum) and healthy sperm.
An ovum is released from an ovary around the middle of the menstrual cycle.

It is available for fertilization for two to four days.

Intercourse during this fertile window will let a sperm fertilize the ovum to produce a zygote.

As you can see, there are many parts that all have to come together.

The ovaries have to produce an ovum. There has to be intercourse at the right time.

The sperm have to be healthy to be able to swim up through the vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tube to reach the ovum.

The uterus lining has to be prepared to receive and nourish the fertilized ovum (the zygote).

Many hormones, male and female, are required to run this process correctly.

Diseases, both of the reproductive organs and generalized, can disrupt the process and prevent conception.

Many drugs, foods, herbs, and additives have the potential to disturb the process of human conception.

2. Ways to Boost Fertility Men & Women


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If you're having trouble conceiving, you and your partner should first take general measures to improve your health.

Some pointers:

1. A balanced diet and adequate sleep are vital for good health and fertility.

2. Freedom from stress helps.

3. A healthy sex life is essential for conception.

4. Smoking and excessive alcohol intake reduce fertility.

5. Obesity can make conception challenging.

6. Avoid environmental pollutants and toxins which affect eggs and sperm. (1)

If all these are still not working for you, you should consult a doctor.
They'll test both of you for any medical cause of infertility and suggest treatment. (

3. Does Okra Affect Fertility?

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There have been reports that okra extracts reduce testicular size in rats.
This could potentially cause infertility.

However, there is no evidence that okra harms humans in a similar way. 

Okra contains Gossypol, which can reduce sperm motility and function.
Men who consume okra regularly could have reduced fertility. (

4. How does Okra Benefit Male Fertility?



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Okra is a vegetable that is widely liked and consumed in fertility diet recipes
Like all vegetables, okra provides minerals and vitamins that improve health.

Okra also has significant amounts of dietary fiber, antioxidants, catechin oligomers, and hydroxycinnamic derivatives that benefit your health in several ways, (4)

A general improvement in health improves sperm quality and fertility. 

Okra contains a substance gossypol.

This substance may reduce male fertility, but there is no evidence for this.


5. How does Okra Benefit Female Fertility?

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Benefits of okra leaves in fertility are the same for women as for men. A generalized improvement in health enhances reproductive function. 

Incorporating okra into a plant-based diet can support fertility. Okra is high in folate, which helps with egg development and ovulation.

You can also include okra to your keto diet for fertility

For a glute-free diet, do't fry or bread the okra. 


It is also believed that okra, consumed as a soup or brew, can enhance ovulation.

If you're trying to conceive, okra for female fertility can be taken as a soup or cold infusate.

6. Ways to Consume Okra for Fertility



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How to prepare okra water for fertility:

  1. Soak the okra pods in water overnight. You can slice them beforehand. 
  2. Let them stand overnight.
  3. Strain the remaining pulp from the pods in the morning. 
  4. Mix this with the infused water.
  5. Drink this first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

You should consume this okra water for a few days, after your period. This will stimulate your ovaries to produce ova (eggs). 


7. Enhance Your Fertility with These Nutritious Diet Additions

Some other foods that can help boost fertility include:

1. Clove water

2. Papaya seeds

3. Guava leaves

4. Flaxseed 


You can also consume a variety of fertility teas such as

1. Ginger tea

2. Nettle tea

3. Red raspberry leaf tea

4. Green tea

5. Rooibos tea


7. Precautions and Side Effects



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Okra is a vegetable that has been consumed in Africa and Asia for hundreds of years. It has no dangerous ingredients and many health benefits. (5)

Eat it as you would any other vegetable.

If you're taking it for okra fertility benefits, remember to take it on an empty stomach. It is to be taken for two or three days.

Prepare a fresh infusate or soup each day. (6)

8. Conclusion 

Okra is a vegetable with medicinal value. The benefits of drinking okra water for fertility may help you if you are having trouble getting pregnant. 

The medical testing of infertility and treatment for conception can be very expensive and disheartening.

You may want to try okra water for female fertility before embarking upon systematic medical investigation and treatment.

Like other herbal remedies, okra fertility benefits are natural, inexpensive, and safe.

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