How to Use Yogurt for a UTI: Natural Home Remedy

UTI refers to a Urinary Tract Infection, which is the second most common infection any individual can contract.

A UTI impacts the urinary system, which is paramount to the process of filtering blood and creating urine as a waste product from filtration. 

Since the role the urinary system plays is significant in maintaining overall body health, complications to the urine system can impact your kidney and body, such as a UTI.


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A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that impacts any of the parts of the urinary system in which it is contracted such as the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and/or urethra,  most commonly plaguing the lower urinary tract consisting of the bladder and urethra.

Both men and women can possibly contract a UTI, but women are usually at a higher risk of contraction.


1. Causes and Symptoms Of A UTI 

A UTI commonly develops when microbes enter the urinary tract and cause infection. Bacteria are the most common cause of UTIs in particular the E. coli bacteria, which live in the bowel and are also found in the anus. 

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Activities such as sexual intercourse can cause the easy entry of bacteria from the anus to the urethra and push any existing bacteria further in, but habits such as poor hygiene or less consumption of cluids, particularly water, can also cause UTIs. 

Some of the Symptoms of a UTI include

  • Dysuria - pain or a burning sensation when you are urinating
  • Nocturia - the need to urinate more often than usual
  • Bloody/cloudy urine - urine that that looks cloudy or dark, or is coloured differently due to presence of blood
  • Abdominal pain - pain in the lower stomach or back pain under the ribs
  • Feverish/temperature - high temperature or chills, or alternatively a very low temperature
  • In children - rigors, shivering, agitation, generally unwell 
  • In elderly - wetting, delirium/confusion, unwell

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, be vigilant to seek healthcare and use medication as soon as possible.

UTI is not limited to these symptoms. A few of them can turn out to be quite complicated as well.

Read more about Complicated UTI symptoms.


2. Helpful Home Remedies and How They Can Aid UTI


  • Water and Fluids 

    The best advice doctors give to remedy your UTI, even if you’re taking antibiotics, is to drink plenty of water and fluids over and above remedies as water is the best way to flush out any infection and bacteria present.

    Uncomplicated UTIs with minimal side effects can be flushed out by water alone.

    However the probability of that happening is smaller than contracting a complicated UTI later on.

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    • Unsweetened Cranberry Juice 

      Although there are a lesser number of studies on the actual benefits of cranberry juice with regards to a UTI, many smaller scale studies have found that cranberry juice can reduce risk of, if not conclusively cure, a UTI.


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      If you’re planning to include cranberry juice into your diet to cure UTI, know that it has its own complications.

      Once you’re done shopping for cranberries, sit back and read about how cranberry juice cures UTI and if it is suitable for you.

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      • Vitamin C 

        Both as a preventive measure and as a cure, foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, green leafy vegetables, etc. can make urine more acidic and are generally good for you; more acidic urine prevents bacteria growth.

        You can consume Vitamin C through various sources such as apple cider vinegar, ginger lemon tea and many more.

        However, using the right dosage is also equally important while dealing with an infection. Make sure you’re well informed and vigilant about it.

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        • Probiotics 

          Both probiotics in the form of pills/capsules as well as probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefir, etc. can not only prevent bacterial growth and keep bowel movement and the urine system healthy, but also make urine more acidic and contain antibacterial agents that can help flush out bacteria. 


          3. The benefits of Yogurt

          Beneficial bacteria (called probiotics) can help keep the urinary tract healthy and free from harmful microbes and bacteria.

          Probiotics in the Lactobacillus group specifically may help treat and prevent UTIs according to research.

          Probiotic foods with lactic acids can therefore help in many ways to both prevent and ail UTIs due to their composition, and there is a wide variety of probiotic foods one can choose from as well, in addition to probiotic capsules if you are more comfortable taking them. 

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          Some of the specific ways yogurt can help combat a UTI include:


          • Yogurt As A Cure 

            The presence of probiotics that can be introduced into your diet in the form of yogurt helps produce hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong antibacterial agent and which can help flush out bacteria from a UTI.

            Additionally, yogurt can help reduce the pH level of urine, making the acidic conditions less supportive of bacteria growth. 


            • Yogurt as a preventive method 

              Yogurt can work powerfully as a way of preventing not only UTIs but also many other urinary systems and gut related infections or ailments as it helps increase good bacteria in your body.

              Due to the presence of lactic acid in yogurt, it works as a powerful preventive measure against bacteria that may attach to the urinary tract. Regular consumption of yogurt can keep bacteria away and prevent infections.


              4. How to use Yogurt for a UTI

              Yogurt can be consumed in many ways. It is important to ingest yogurt to gain its benefits against UTI, or you can take capsules that contain the probiotic elements.

              You can consume good yogurt that contains active cultures and no sugar in multiple ways

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              It is important for the yogurt to particularly have active cultures that can bring probiotics into your system.

              It is also important to note that yogurt with active cultures must be consumed cold or warmed up at the most, as heating the yogurt can potentially kill any and all bacteria that the probiotic contains.

              You should try to incorporate yogurt into your daily diet, especially if you have an active UTI. The incorporation of yogurt into a diet is a simple task, however you must find what works for you. 


              5. Ways To Consume yogurt 

              You may be curious about how to use yogurt for a UTI; Some of the general ways you can consume yogurt include: 

              • Yogurt as is/plain, or with toppings like granola and fruit on top as a filling meal 
              • Yogurt can be incorporated into your smoothies, and for best results use in smoothies with berries, which also promote probiotics
              • Yogurt popsicles, preferable homemade so the sugar can be limited 
              • Frozen yogurt 
              • Yogurt in your salad dressings and toppings
              • You can even try to experiment with Yogurt as a part of juices and smoothies while including it in your diet.


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              Some of the specific recipes you can use and even play around with according to your tastes and preferences include: 

              1. Berry yogurt smoothies 
              2. Yogurt granola bowl - with chia and flax seed toppings for extra fiber
              3. Yogurt popsicles - flavored and unflavoured 
              4. Yogurt tahini dressing for meat, salad, vegetables, etc. 
              5. Yogurt with overnight oats
              6. Yogurt in other salad dressing recipes  


              6. Precautions And Side Effects 

              Although yogurt is usually a safe food to consume, do keep in mind any allergies or issues someone may have on consumption.

              Additionally, always check the label on yogurt - purchase unsweetened/low calorie yogurts that have active cultures, which are important for probiotic growth. yogurt can go a long way in curing mild cases of UTI. 

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              An important thing to keep in mind is that home remedies can only go so far in most cases - if your symptoms persist or are painful/uncomfortable, consult a doctor immediately as antibiotics will do more than home remedies can for your pain and recovery. 


              7. Conclusion

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              A UTI can impact your health significantly, and preventive measures are therefore important.

              Home remedies such as yogurt which is rich in probiotics can not only help in prevention but also ailment to any existing mild UTI case.

              However, always seek medical assistance when symptoms persist or are painful, even mild cases can be cured faster through antibiotics.

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