Ultimate Guide On UTI - Without Symptoms for Men and Women

Urinary Tract Infection is quite common in most women these days. Moreover, it is not a matter of any particular country or a state, but it is a globally recognized disease victimizing millions of people.

Often, such a disease leads to uncomfortable urination and many other issues related to it. Vaginal infection is also another risk if a person has UTI.

It is subject to various symptoms, but UTIs without symptoms are also not unusual.

Harmful bacteria can reside in your body's internal organs leading to UTI attacks. Consequently, your kidneys, bladders, or the urinary tract can have damages.

However, men are also not entirely safe from this dangerous disease. So, any person can get this disease irrespective of age and gender. E. Coli is the name of one such bacteria.

There may be other species, too, causing adverse effects to your urinary tract.

1. Causes And Symptoms (Men & Women)

There are various symptoms to identify that a person is having UTI. However, it is not compulsory to have prominent symptoms every time.

Doctors have often seen that individuals do not have signs of getting UTIs.

However, tests reveal that their urinary duct is not functioning correctly. These situations occur due to the presence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria. [2]

Usually, urine looks slightly yellowish and odor-free for any healthy person.

Moreover, no one will feel any pain while discharging the same. However, if you are having any discomfort while urinating, please do not ignore it.

People suffering from UTI will indeed have any of the undermentioned signs and symptoms;- [1]

  • Occurrence of Cloudy urine due to the formation of excessive white blood cells to get rid of the harmful bacteria.

  • Strong urge to urinate immediately; otherwise, you feel discomfort and pain.

  • The urethra can swell, leading to the passing of very little urine at a time. This can make you pee frequently.

  • Your urine can contain blood when the colour is cola, pink or red.

  • A bacterial infection will cause urination to be very painful. You can feel the burning and irritation while discharging the urine.

  • Your urine can have a fishy odour because of the bacteria.

  • Urination can be subject to pneumaturia when air can pass when you pee.

All these symptoms are common for both men and women. If you have any of these for consecutive days, please consult a doctor immediately.



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2. Does Everyone Show Signs and Symptoms?

Not every time every person has UTI needs to show some symptoms prominently. UTI without symptoms is also ubiquitous these days.

Therefore, the identification of the disease becomes challenging in such cases.

Some people show complicated UTI symptoms, while some see only mild symptoms. 

According to the experts, Asymptomatic UTIs are more common in women than men.

The study says that the percentage of women getting this type of UTI is between 1 and 5.

Mostly, women aged 65 years and above get Urinary Tract infections without any distinct signs. However, too much catheter use, diabetes, or spinal cord issues can lead to such a condition. [2]

Although it doesn't matter if there are complicated or mild symptoms--untreated UTI symptoms can cause a lot of issue in the longer run. 

3. UTI With No Symptoms

Can I have a UTI without symptoms is a standard query that anyone can have. A specialist will always provide an affirmative answer to this question.

However, the chances for UTIs with no symptoms are lower than the normal ones. Hundreds of cases prove that such things occur due to Asymptomatic Bacteriuria. [2]

4. Can a UTI Have No Symptoms?

Asymptomatic Bacteriuria is a rare bacterium that can appear in the body only if the person practices certain things.

For example, bed-ridden people often have bladder catheters attached to the urinary channel for a long time. This can be one of the primary causes for the rise of the special kind of bacterium. 

Eradication of such bacteria is quite tough and takes considerable time to recover.

However, it does not mean that one cannot get over it. Doctors now use various advanced methods to treat people having UTI with no symptoms.


5. Why Do I Have a UTI But No Symptoms?

Risks are always there for the below-mentioned cases;- [2]

  • A person having kidney transplantation
  • Pregnant women
  • Urine reflux conditions flowing from the bladder to the ureters, mainly in children
  • Any invasive procedure that makes the urinary bladder or duct bleed.
  • Addicted persons

6. Ways To Curb It? (Treatment & Preventive Measures)

Asymptomatic Bacteriuria can cause severe damage to the foetus when a person is pregnant.

Moreover, it is one of the major causes of damaging the kidneys, especially if the individual has it transplanted.

Experts recommend the correct dosage of antibiotics to treat such patients. You can rush to the doctor if you notice any conditions below.

These can indicate that you are suffering from UTI without urinary symptoms.

The urine sample can help the doctor determine the exact condition. To prevent such a harmful bacteria from forming in your body, you can practice the following things;- [3]

7. The Bottom Line

UTIs and no symptoms are evident in today's scenario, especially with the modern lifestyle and unhealthy practices.

You have to submit the urine to the doctor for tests in a clean container. The treatment will start with antibiotics and the incorporation of some healthy habits.

To prevent the growth of the concerned bacteria, you can take water and other fluids in considerable amounts.

Please do not keep too much of a gap for urinating in a day. After sexual interaction, it is always recommendable to urinate. This keeps the bowel movement steady and helps eliminate the bacteria of UTI. 


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