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Natural herbal wellness every day; Just the way Mother Earth intended it for us

Teatox Life is the brainchild of Bharath, our founder. A management consultant by profession, Bharath has spent a significant part of his corporate career in the United States. Throughout his time in the USA, one question always baffled him.

“USA is the most affluent society in the world. Yet 40-50% of the population is living on prescription drugs or synthetic alternatives every day. Are we doing something fundamentally wrong as a society?”
The answer was YES, we are. So, he embarked on a journey to help people move away from synthetic products into alternate products through 100% natural alternatives. Thus, emerged Teatox life. Bharath is now expanding Teatox Life to markets such as UK, Canada and India. Bharath is well known for his customer centric problem-solving products and excellent customer service.

We hope you enjoy Teatox Life products and thank you for providing us with an opportunity to continue serving you.

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