Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle  Herbal Hermit
Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle  Herbal Hermit

Liver and Kidney Health

Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle

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  • Comprehensive Detox Assistance
  • Enhanced Liver Well-being
  • Protection Against UTIs & Enhanced bladder health
  • Synergistic Dual Cleansing Strength
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

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Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle  Herbal Hermit

Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle

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All Natural Ingredients

Our reviews

Great way to help flush your system

I purchased this mixture because I am trying to eat healthy and I was looking for an all natural product to assist in my internal cleansing effort. This mixture is actually tasty, so the prospect of taking it daily does not result in a sense of dread. I will definitely purchase in the future to help with my cleansing needs.



It Detoxes

My doctor said I had high creatine in my body and wanted to put me on meds. I asked to wait 6 months to see if I could get it down naturally. I drank this tea one evening, the next day, I felt really tired - my body was detoxing so much, I actually took a 2 hour nap! Now I just drink it now and then to help keep everything cleaned out along with taking Dr. Christopher's Kidney formula. This stuff works!

L. Graybill


Surprisingly Delicious

I got this tea to help speed up my liver function. So far it hasn't made any big impacts that I've seen, however, I was very surprised that it tastes quite yummy to me. Admittedly I've drank in a lot of herbal tea, roasted dandelion tea, and other kinds. But to me, this tea is quite delicious. I just realized that because of the peppermint, I don't even feel like I need the honey. Excited to see if it works for me.



Good and Efficient Tea

Skeptical at first but went ahead and ordered it and was surprised with it. Begin drinking it every morning and noticed our bloating went down and you could see and feel difference in body. Order several orders and times as entire family is drinking it now regularly. Tastes good with no strong weed, roots or plants flavor.



Great detox product

This is a great liver detox. I received this at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. I love that it organic, and considering what you are detoxing I cannot imagine using a product that isn't. I add a little to my green smoothie or hot tea. Then drink lots of water.

Zacharia Tropf


Milk Thistle is great for digestion issues

I just received this powder and have used it for the first time today. Milk thistle is great for digestion issues. I love the fact that it is organic so that I know I'm not ingesting pesticides or organophosphates. The packaging is great being light proof so as not to degrade the product. Shipping was fast also. Highly recommended!



Key Features of Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle

Complete Detox Support

Liver cleanse and kidney tea bundle offers comprehensive detoxification with 100% natural ingredients.

UTI Défense

Combined benefits target UTI prevention and urinary tract support.

Liver Health Boost

Liver cleanse promotes liver health, while herbal tea aids in urinary tract wellness.

Dual Cleanse Power

Harnesses the detoxifying properties of both liver and herbal teas for overall well-being.

What is The Liver Detox and Cleanse Tea Made of?

Organic Milk thistle seed powder
Dandelion detox blend
Corn silk tea blend

Herbal Wellness Advantage of Liver and Kidney Detox Cleanse Tea Bundle


Bacteria Fighter

Discomfort Soother

Kidney Health

Liver Cleanse

Direction Of Proper Use

Step 1

Our digestive system works best during sleep. So, drink 6-8oz of the tea every night after dinner, but remember to drink atleast 30-60 minutes before sleep. 


Step 2

Drink a glass of warm water when you get up in the morning to aid detox and toxin elimination. 

Step 3

Reduce red meat intake and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, fibre rich foods. If you need to consume meat, move to fish or white meat, farthest away from our evolution cycle. 


Step 4

Continue the detox for four weeks and ensure to have atleast 8-10 glasses of water during the day as it helps in flushing out toxins.

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness

No preservative

Natural herbal wellness


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