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4 Best Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

We all admire those beautiful looking cocktail glasses flourishing with flavors. The blend of mint leaves, lemon, or strawberry juice with any drink of your choice offers a refreshing taste and aroma that entices many. One more fruit famous for creating delicious cocktails is elderberry. Throughout the world, alcohol lovers have acknowledged that mixing elderflower liqueur with their favorite pint of alcohol is a worth trying cocktail.

Here are some of our recommendations that one can make during a cocktail party at their home.


Top 4 Elderflower Liqueur Recipes

 Elderberry Liqueur, Image taken using Yandex.com

Are you looking forward to trying elderflower liqueur cocktails? These cocktail recipes will win the heart of your guests.

Before starting, keep in mind, these are 1-2 person recipes. You can multiply the ingredients as per your serving quantity requirement.


Elderflower Raspberries Martini


Elderflower Raspberry Martini, Image taken using Yandex.com


Raspberry and lemon gel up well. To enhance the taste more, let's mix some best elderberry liqueur with them.

Take out your cocktail shaker and put ice cubes in it. Time to pour vodka and elderflower liqueur one ounce into it. Now mix lemon peel and three raspberries into the blend. After shaking all the ingredients well, pour the cocktail in martini glasses. Lastly, add sparkling wine and some frozen raspberries to give it that perfect party cocktail look!


Elderflower & Scotch


Elderflower Scotch, image taken using Yandex.com


Scotch lovers, this one's for you! We'll use a dry-shake process for this cocktail recipe that will allow your drink to aerate well.

Begin by pouring 2 ounces of blended scotch and a three-fourth ounce of elderflower liqueur in your cocktail shaker. Also, add a quarter-ounce of honey syrup and squeeze an ounce of fresh lemon. Separate one egg white and put it into the shaker. Shake up all!

Now, add ice to chill it down - shake again. Fill your cocktail glass with the prepared cocktail. But wait, a little presentation is also necessary. Put a thin lemon wheel on the rim of the glass and serve.


Elderberry Chamomile Whiskey Buzz


During springtime, you can't neglect to make this sparkling and flavorful cocktail.

First, prepare the chamomile tea as you usually do. When the tea cools down, bring out your rocks glass from your cabinet. Now, add ice and pour one-fourth ounce St. Germain liqueur, one-ounce whiskey, and a two-third cup of tea. Squeeze some lemon juice. Give a final touch by topping your drink with a lemon wedge.


Orange Peach Buzz


Peach, Image taken using Yandex.com

Do you love peaches? Add them in your cocktail next time and test the magic on your tongue!

It is an effortless elderberry cocktail recipe. Shake thoroughly 2 ounces peach vodka along with half-ounce each orange juice, lime juice, and elderflower liqueur in the cocktail shaker. Pour into your ice-filled glass. Drop a peach slice in the drink.

With so many tasteful elderberry cocktail recipes in hand, don't wait to throw a cocktail party at home. The pretty and mind-soothing drinks will make the host a star party organizer. However, party or no party, you can even make the elderflower liqueur recipe to enjoy with your spouse after dinner.


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