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5 Ways to Use Elderberry Flower for Treating Cold

For many years, the elderberry flower plays a significant role in treating cold and flu. Those tiny and pretty white flowers can really do wonders when appropriately used to cure various symptoms of the cold.

All infection signs can vanish with a healing touch of this healthy flower. Most importantly, this rare herb not just cures the disease but even keeps your body safe from getting the disease. It doesn't let herpes simplex take hold in your body.

Hence, the elderflower plant can block and knock flu-related illnesses. Besides, it won't cause imbalances in the digestive system that makes it a safe supplement to consume every day.

 Elderflower, image taken using yandex.com

So, you can use the elderberry flower safely as a daily supplement to stimulate your immune system. With that said and perceiving the COVID-19 outbreak (whose symptoms are like flu), many people can also include elderflower as a homemade remedy to boost their immunity level.

Elderflower can Help Heal

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Allergies
  • Ear, nose, and throat infections
  • Weak immune system


Various Ways to Use Elderflower Plant for Flu

Sip with your tea

Elderberry Flower Tea, Image taken using Yandex.com

Making elderberry flower tea is a great way to use these edible flowers to cure cold. They are a vital component of preparing traditional elderberry tea. You'll get soothing relief from acute cold symptoms. If you also have a fever, you can add mint and yarrow in the elderberry tea. Start your day by having this tea for breakfast and get rid of the flu.

Concoction for gargling

Next time you can't bear that sore throat, gargle with elderberry flower concoction. Add a few fresh or dry flowers in the boiling pot of water. Leave it for 10 minutes to let all the nutrients and flavor infuse in the water.

When it cools down, gargle two times a day and cure your pharyngitis.

Use as steamer

You can add elderberry shrub flowers in boiling water or electric streamer to inhale its pleasant aroma. The steam can help you in sinusitis or nasal swelling. You will quickly get relief from the inflamed nasal passage.


Immunity Booster Drink

Elderflower Immunity Booster, Image Taken Using Yandex.com

One of the most common uses of this flower is making elderflower cordial. This famous European soft drink is a sweet and flavorful treat prepared with lemon juice to consume regularly and maintain the immunity system. Hence, you have the least chances of catching a cold.

You can mix it with water or any choice of drink. So, enjoy the sweet treat while protecting yourself from the influenza virus.


Healthy Smoothie bowl

If you want to use it in a fancy way, use elderflower syrup to prepare a smoothie. A healthy bowl of smoothie is a huge trend these days; it's delicious too. You simply have to mix this syrup to your smoothie blend.

Your healthy and delectable immune booster meal is ready to protect you from the flu and cold. Typical remedial uses may be hard to consume for you, but not this one.

Thus, whenever you see yourself sneezing and sniffling, include the elderberry flower in your daily regimen. Or why not take advantage of elderflower uses before you even catch the virus?


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