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Best Time To Take Milk Thistle

Among the wide range of herbs available in this world, milk thistle comes with many health benefits, especially for liver health. If you have already researched its benefits and side effects and wondering what the best time to take milk thistle is, whether it is in the morning or the evening, whether it is on an empty stomach or after meals, you are at the right place.


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What Is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle belongs to the family of the daisy plant. It is an organic herb that can be grown and raised vertically between 12 to 79 inches. The milk thistle plant, also known as Mary thistle, blossoms in a shade of red and purple flowers, extending from 4 to 12 cm from June to August on the northern side, while on the southern side, from December to February. Milk Thistle can be found mostly in the Mediterranean Countries.

Milk thistle plant can be used for treating different health problems. It can cure people of liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder. It is a weed and can be taken along with any other healthy supplementary drinks. Milk Thistle can also be consumed as an additional substance to tea. It can be used for drinking by blending with other herbs.


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But, what are milk thistle tea benefits? Milk Thistle is taken as a natural medication for treating liver damages caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It contains Silymarin, which acts as an antioxidant and an active element against inflammation. It is also sometimes used for providing therapies to cure liver cancer and other liver diseases. It helps to soothe inflammation inside the body and provokes cell growth. It rejuvenates healthy skin and can be used for weight loss. It also provides relief from several liver problems. People suffering from liver cirrhosis complications should consume or be treated with milk thistle, but after consulting a doctor. Milk thistle should be consumed in a moderate amount. Milk thistle has been found helpful in boosting immunity in type 2 diabetic patients. It allows cells to absorb and produce insulin. People who have asthma can use it, and it reduces the risk of developing cancer. Bone loss can be prevented, and it helps improve cognitive thinking. It boosts immunity and detoxifies industrial pollutants and other harmful chemicals from the body.


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When Is The Best Time For Consuming Milk Thistle?

Consumption of milk thistle refreshes and cleanses the liver by detoxifying harmful pollutants from the body. However, one should carefully consider the time to consume milk thistle tea or extract. Now, when to take milk thistle tea?

  1. Milk Thistle should be consumed in the early morning before any food intake, which means you can swallow it right with a glass of water or add up with any other health drinks. You can also take a cup of milk thistle tea first thing in the morning.
  1. Some suggest it can also be taken at night just before bedtime as it is the best time for detoxification, and milk thistle will detoxify impurities. For this, one has to add some carbohydrates to their dinner to help break down the food.
  1. It also depends on when you prefer to cleanse your liver of the harmful toxins in the food or the environmental impurities.
  1. We suggest you add milk thistle in your regular diet for an approximate of three months. Also, it would be best if you consider your food habits. Having a healthy diet at a regular time is essential.

If you are subjected to any other health condition or using some medicines, consult your doctor before taking it as milk thistle may react with some medicines.

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Changes Needed To Increase Milk Thistle Efficacy

  1. Make sure you take a healthy diet and follow the meal timings. Do not skip meals and avoid unhealthy and junk food.
  2. Avoid using soda or any other processed food items in your diet. These include all packaged foods.
  3. Lower the consumption of alcohol or any other food substances that affect your liver. Liver damaging foods must be avoided.
  4. Avoid unhealthy and oily foods. The usage of wrong oils also damages the liver.

 Side effects and contradiction of milk thistle tea


However, before adding milk thistle to your diet, you must know that there are some side effects and contraindications involved too. What are those milk thistle tea side effects?

Usually, milk thistle is considered safe for consumption. According to some reports, it is okay if milk thistle is consumed for an approximate period of 41 months.

However, too much intake is necessarily not suggested for any substance. It may cause a dysfunctional of the stomach that may lead to bowel movements, nausea, or abdominal discomfort. New mothers or those trying to conceive babies should avoid the usage of milk thistle. People who are irritant to certain allergic substances or having a stuffy nose should also avoid milk thistle consumption. Some females suffering from uterine fibroid tumors and ovarian cancers should prohibit the usage of milk thistle as it may stimulate estrogen.

Though there is no scientific proof that milk thistle can diagnose and cure liver-related problems, many have claimed it has worked for them. For detoxifying your liver, milk thistle has been found very helpful, especially in improving the conditions of people suffering from chronic liver problems. Therefore, you must always seek your doctor’s advice before adding milk thistle to your diet.

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