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Elderberry Tea: An Effective Natural Remedy to Treat Colds

Fall is here, and despite the beauty and color that it brings to our surroundings, we often experience colds and flus along with the weather changes. As menial as a cold may seem, a stuffy nose, sore throat, and fatigue can put quite a damper on your day. Despite the medications available to alleviate symptoms, many people choose to ride it out and strengthen their immune systems with the help of natural remedies.

One of the most effective natural remedies to the cold is elderberry. These dark purple berries are believed to help prevent or shorten the duration of respiratory infections, such as the cold. Additionally, it is also believed to help with herpes as well as pain and inflammation. 

In a study conducted by Israeli virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglo, 93.3% of people taking elderberry showed significant improvement in influenza symptoms within two days of starting it, compared with the six days it took for the placebo group to see improvement. Furthermore, research also showed the individuals who have taken elderberries have higher levels of antibodies against the influenza virus

Keep in mind, for medicinal purposes, the Elder species of sambucus nigra should be used as other species are considered poisonous. You need to make sure you’re getting your elderberries from a reputable store. Here at Tea Tox Life, we offer elderberry tea that is both safe and effective. 


Cold and Cough Elderberry Tea

Nowadays, elderberries are taken in tea form because they are more soothing and easier this way. Aside from pacifying a sore throat, here are a few other benefits that make our Cold and Cough Elderberry Tea the perfect partner for cold seasons: 

  • Helps ease the symptoms of bronchitis
  • Helps with asthma
  • Brings down fevers
  • Improves immune system
  • Protects against cellular aging
  • Helps with kidney function
  • Helps with arthritic and rheumatic pains
  • Reduces the effects of LDL (bad cholesterol) 

Elderberry tea is typically consumed, but it can also be used externally, such as to ease conjunctivitis as the infusion may be used to clean the eyes. Elderberry infusions may also be gargled to help treat mouth and throat inflammations. You can also use this to wash the skin during inflammations, such as acne, dermatitis, and warts. 


The Downsides Of Elderberry

It’s not recommended to ingest too many elderberries. Excess consumption may lead to nausea and digestive intolerance.


How To Drink Elderberry Tea

Our cold season tea is not only made up of elderberries, but also peppermint, elder flower, rosehips, ginger, anise seed, thyme, yarrow, and calendula. These are all healing herbs that will add flavor to your tea by soothing your sickness. 

To make a cup of Teatox elderberry loose leaf tea, add a heaping teaspoon to 6 to 9 oz of boiling water and allow it to steep for 3 to 8 minutes, depending on how rich you want the flavor to be. Then, strain the tea out and flavor with lemon and honey to taste.

Drink elderberry tea as soon as you feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on. That way, you can start managing the symptoms and keep it from getting any worse.


Get Rid Of The Colds With Elderberry

Seeking natural remedies to treat certain health conditions, such as the cold and flu has been widespread these days. If you can treat your body naturally, then why should you take medications that contain chemicals that may harm your body in the long run? So, the next time you feel a cold coming on, drink elderberry tea. Or better yet, prevent it by making the tea a part of your daily life. 

Get high-quality and legit elderberry tea here at Tea Tox Life. We have a wide range of products that support natural healing. Shop today. 

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