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How Tea Can Help You Stay Healthy and Lose Weight Safely

Tea is the most consumed drink on Earth after water—and for good reason! Usually prepared by pouring hot water over fresh leaves, tea is a staple in many households around the world. There are a wide variety of teas out there to try, some soothing and others invigorating. Not surprisingly, its natural origins make it a healthy choice. There are even herbal teas for cleansing the intestine!

Genmaicha (‘brown rice tea’ in Japanese), for example, is a tea originating from old Kyoto in Japan. It is roasted brown rice that’s been mixed with green tea. Not to be confused with matcha-iri genmaicha (‘matcha tea mixed with genmaicha’ in English), genmaicha is rich in antioxidants and is a very popular tea in Japan. 

Back in the day, genmaicha was common for folks who couldn’t afford more expensive blends. The likes of fasting monks and soldiers with rations that did little more than keep them alive also drank genmaicha to tide them over. The beverage is highly nutritious and had the added bonus of giving off warmth. Even then, tea was known for its ability to uplift and heal.

Since it has no calories despite the rice, it’s gained popularity in modern times as one of the best colon cleanse teas for weight loss! The nutty, mild, and somewhat grassy flavor makes it a tasty, easy choice. It’s become trendy in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and even countries like Russia, with drinkers enjoying genmaicha imported directly from Kyoto and other cities in Japan.

Preparing a comforting cup of genmaicha is incredibly simple, even for those who don’t drink tea on a regular basis.

  • Over medium heat, roast a cup of brown rice. Stir so it browns evenly.
  • When done, place a tablespoon of the rice and a teaspoon of green tea in leaves in a sieve (or if you have a tied filter, you can go ahead and use that).
  • Plunge the bag or sieve in a cup of hot water and let steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

Simple, right? Guess what? That’s just one variant out of at least 20,000 out there! 

Since tea is generally all-natural, especially when fresh tea leaves from plants are involved, your body will have an easier time simply absorbing the nutrients from the drink’s elements. Genmaicha contains antioxidants and ascorbic acid. The green tea element aids in managing hypertension and blood pressure regulation. Additionally, the rice’s starch lowers both the acidity and caffeine content considerably. Various antioxidants are prevalent in many teas. This is a great help to one’s immune system. 



On a general level, green teas help the glucose maintenance system of one’s body by lowering glucose levels, making them not just safe but also helpful for diabetics to consume. Genmaicha, in particular, offers the same health benefits as most green teas while also being lighter and easier to drink. As a tea with a relatively low caffeine content, it’s also a wonderful beverage to enjoy before bed. 

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