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Alcohol Liver Cleanse: 5 Tips To Detox At Home

Alcohol-induced liver damage is considered reversible to a great extent, but you need to avoid the alcohol abuse that has led to it in the first place. The liver is responsible for converting toxins into waste and filtering the same while cleansing the blood and metabolizing essential nutrients and medications that keep you in prime health. Overindulging can be the root cause of many diseases, primarily liver damage.


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There are some tried and tested natural ways to detox and cleanse your liver right at home! There is no need to fall prey to fad diets and “miracle cures” when you can safely use the following tips to rid your body of toxins. The first step is to avoid drinking in totality. Once you have cut out the root cause of the ensuing damage, cleansing the liver is a slow but sure process you can successfully achieve at home.


1.  Coffee Is A Smart Choice For An Alcohol Liver Cleanse


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Java lovers never had it so good! Studies suggest that good old coffee can reduce the risk of liver disease by nearly 70%. Alcohol-related cirrhosis also responds well to caffeine. A regulated study in 2016 that involved 430,000 people shows conclusively that a cup of coffee per day can reduce the risk of alcohol-related liver disease by 22%. Coffee lovers will love the fact that four cups of caffeine-filled coffee can reduce your risk by a jaw-dropping 65%. It is not magic, but if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep enjoying your cuppa, you can work your way towards an alcohol liver cleanse.


2. Liver Cleanse Through Food


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Some foods can help detox efficiently as they have specific vitamins and minerals that cleanse the liver. These foods can push out toxins and support the liver and kidneys to stay healthy. You need to add these foods to a balanced and healthy diet to get the maximum results. It is a good idea to avoid white foods like sugar, excess salt, and polished foods from your diet.


  • Add spices like turmeric, ginger, and cumin to your diet as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Look for organic spices for the best results.
  • Green tea is an excellent way to effect alcohol liver cleanse.
  • Cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale make your liver smile!
  • Add berries to your diet. They are rich in anthocyanins that are detox aiding phytochemicals.
  • Dandelion roots and leaves are known for their detoxifying properties. It relieves your body of oxidative stress. Bile production is stimulated, and your digestion gets a boost when you have dandelion tea. If you do not have access to the plant, you can use a reputed brand that markets dandelion root or its extract
  • Milk thistle or silymarin is known to provide a powerful alcohol liver cleanse. The flowering milk thistle seed extract has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Research shows that it can help regenerate liver cells and protect them from alcohol-related damage. You can use a milk thistle supplement after consulting with your doctor.
  • Citrus fruits can also help you detox.

    3. Alcohol Liver Cleanse Is Aided By Exercise


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    You risk liver damage by leading a sedentary lifestyle. An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can cause a fatty liver syndrome that adds insult to injury. Alcohol-related liver disease can be exacerbated when fat builds up in the liver area. It is a good idea to eat in moderation and avoid processed and fatty foods. Alcohol is better absorbed by muscle than fat, and that suggests that a toned body is a better vehicle for an alcohol liver detox.

    Try Epsom salt and ginger laced baths or dry brushing to improve circulation. It will also help in a deeper detox for the whole body, not just the liver.


    4. Avoid Allergens In Your Food

    It may be a good idea to avoid gluten and other common foods that can trigger sensitivities. This can act as a natural detox for the liver as the number of toxic free radicals that the liver has to recycle is fewer. The less work that your liver has to do, the better it is for optimal detox. Fewer toxins in the blood will help cleanse the liver more effectively.


    5. Stay Hydrated


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    The best detox is filtered water. Drink ten glasses of normal or warm water to stay hydrated. If you like, you can add lemon to aid the detoxification process. Water is necessary for the normal functioning of the lymphatic system. This, in turn, helps cleanse the liver.


    Bottom Line

    There is no magic pill that will provide an alcohol liver cleanse. It is not impossible if you stick to a healthy lifestyle and resolve not to indulge in alcohol. Supplements are useful but do check the brand’s reputation and take advice from a medical practitioner before taking them as they might interfere with other medication.

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