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Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle of nature. Becoming a mother is a very crucial stage in a woman's life. The body undergoes numerous changes both physically and psychologically. It needs care and support inside and outside for a healthy self and the baby coming to life. During pregnancy, the blood volume increases, and the womb is filled with fluid, which needs hydration and pumping in good nutrients. Hydration is important and should be maintained throughout the gestation period. One of the best ways to achieve it is with ‘pregnancy tea’.

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Some mothers might get delusional about drinking herbal pregnancy tea. For ages, it has become a debatable matter. The reality is that the most fruit and herbal teas are considered to be safe. For some people, tea is just another beverage and not included in daily routine. While it is said that herbal tea should be included in one’s daily life for many health benefits. We take up lots of toxicants in our body regularly from having fast food to drinking alcoholic beverages. When it comes to intoxication and improving immunity, herbal teas are just the right answer. 

If you are in your first trimester, you can only drink one or two cups which are sufficient to provide yourself with nutrition. Replacing drinks like milk-based tea and coffee with herbal tea can help reduce the amount of caffeine in the body. There are other nutritional drinks as well but herbal is the best. 

When one is trying to conceive it is suggested to get on a healthy diet and avoid foods or drinks that may hinder your chances of getting pregnant. Here also, caffeine is one of them. The table below shows some example of caffeine content per cup in some drinks-


135 mg

Black Tea

40 mg

Green Tea

20 mg 

Herbal Tea

0 mg

Although you can make an exception with green tea which also has a little caffeine but intaking one or two cups of it is not harmful. Doctors and research claim that coffee consumption should be put to rest from the time you start planning to conceive to the labor. 

How is a herbal pregnancy tea different from any other tea you might be consuming?

Non-herbal teas:

  • Black tea is the most common under this category and includes Earl Grey, Orange pekoe, and English breakfast.
  • Green tea comes next with a more delicate taste than the black one. But this is the only safe option apart from herbal teas during pregnancy or conceiving.
  • Oolong teas are a combination of black and green teas.
  • Non-herbal teas contain antioxidants and caffeine.
  • These are made from the leaves of a tea plant.
  • The longer the fermenting time of the leaf, the greater the amount of caffeine level.
  • Even the brew time can influence the caffeine levels

Herbal tea:

  • These are made from berries, flowers, roots, leaves, and seeds of a plant.
  • True herbals do not contain caffeine
  • These are used as a natural remedy for many ailments.

What are the Ingredients Used in a Pregnancy Tea?

There are certain herbs used positively for pregnancy tea while some are advised to stay away from them due to their harmful properties.

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The ingredients that are proven to be safe-

  1. Red raspberry leaf: It acts as a uterine tonic. It helps to strengthen the uterus, tone it, and make the contraction more effective. Raspberry has been proven to be one of the excellent sources of Vitamin C and is very filling because of its good fiber content.
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Gluten-free
  • High-fiber
  • Sodium-free
  • Low-fat 

Nutritional constituents per cup:

Fat = 0.8 grams

Fiber = 8 grams

Carbohydrate = 14.7 grams

Calories = 64

Protein = 1.5 grams

When does raspberry tea help?

  1. You’ve previously had a cesarean birth or are planning on this time.
  2. You have some pregnancy complications like baby’s breech position or vaginal bleeding
  3. You are expecting twins or more
  4. Your family has ovarian or breast cancer, fibroids, or endometriosis.
  5. You have had labor in the last three hours.
  6. You have irritable bowel syndrome or high blood pressure.
  7. There has been a case of premature labor with you before.

  1. Peppermint: It is the best ingredient to soothe the stomach and helps in battling indigestion and morning sickness.
  • Good source of vitamin C, copper, and manganese (3% Vitamin C, 5% Manganese, 3% Copper)
  • Helps in relieving nasal symptoms of cold-related allergies. 
  • It Relaxes muscles and cures stress.
  • Helps with irritable bowel syndrome.

Nutritional constituents per cup:

Carbohydrate = 0.02 grams

Fat = 0.02 grams

Sugar = Nil

Sodium = 1.03 grams

Protein = 0.34 grams

  1. Nettle leaf: Nettles are incredibly nutritive. They can help with low iron and should be included in the prenatal nutrition. 
  • Good for the immune system, urinary tract, and respiratory organs
  • Treatment for allergies
  • Has antioxidant properties.

Nutritional constituents per cup:

Carbohydrates = 7.49 grams

Calories = 42 kcal

Water = 87.67 grams

Protein = 2.71 grams

Fiber = 6.9 grams

Fat = 0.11 grams

The ingredients/teas you should avoid during pregnancy are- parsley, sage, valerian, matcha, oolong, litchi, anise, aloe vera, barberry, chamomile, ginseng, hibiscus, kava, lemongrass, etc. Most of these can cause high blood pressure, severe complications, and even result in miscarriage. Make sure that you are avoiding these. 

Reasons why to avoid some of these-

  1. Aloe vera causes uterine contractions
  2. Wild yam is a uterine stimulant
  3. Mexican tea has a toxic compound known as carol and is neurotoxic
  4. Cannabis causes preterm birth
  5. Cinnamon has toxins
  6. Cat’s Claw is a vine that causes spontaneous abortion
  7. Dong Quai negatively affects the fetus
  8. Pennyroyal leads to spontaneous abortions
  9. Sage and thyme are prominently known to cause miscarriage

The Benefits of Pregnancy Tea

Hydrated self, happy mind

Under-hydration or dehydration in pregnancy causes one to feel thirsty and out of place. It may cause lethargy, ill feeling, nausea, over-heating, nausea, and headaches. It could result in serious health issues like prodromal labor, early labor, or low amniotic fluid. An herbal pregnancy tea gives you the right amount of nutrients of the infused herb and keeps you energetic. The right quantity of herbal tea daily is effective but you have to make sure not to intake a lot of it. Just like any unbalanced amount of medication or food item, this can cause harm too.

Feeling sick? Get some easy nutrients

The biggest flex of a pregnancy tea is its taste. It is so refreshing that nausea stays ten feet away. You enjoy having it. It helps to cleanse your uncooperative palate and soothe your stomach. Even a soft mint added as a punch to the tea can give a ton of nutritional benefits to a becoming mother. There are herbal tea popsicles available in the market too. 

Preparing for birth

Well, the liquid form of herbal tea might not be much handy during labor but the popsicles are the best go-to option. It prepares your body for the ultimate highlight- birthing. It provides the nutritive tonic actions of the tea herbs needed for a positive mind and body. 

Reviews on Pregnancy Teas: What Mothers Say

There have been tons of good responses towards the benefits of pregnancy tea. Both mothers and mom-to-be have claimed the advantages it provides. What they say it does for them-

  1. Boosts up metabolism and helps to prevent lethargy
  2. Helps with regular bowels
  3. Improves the health of the heart
  4. Produces more milk during the lactation period
  5. Provides relief from the pain of Braxton Hicks
  6. Helped during the labor
  7. Tastes really refreshing and hence is easy to drink when the senses are very disturbingly strong

There have been case studies to see what pregnant women prefer to drink during pregnancy. The statistics on the drinks mostly consumed are shown below-

Fruit Juice


Herbal Pregnancy Tea


Milk-based Drinks




Where To Buy Pregnancy Tea?

Pregnancy teas are available in supermarkets. Though unfortunately, numerous countries do not have the supply of these teas to be sold in the general stores because of less to zero demand. Here, in this case, ordering from online shopping websites is the only option. There are mothers-only websites that offer a clear collection of maternity products. They make it easier for you to choose and order. On the other hand, there are Amazon or medicine/drug selling websites that will provide you a wide range of herbal tea range to choose from. It is always safer to research that particular tea concerning your needs over the internet and then making a purchase.

Pregnancy Tea and Fertility

Herbal and green tea are the only ones recommended to women trying to conceive. It is because of the health benefits these two provide. There has not been any rock-solid research on how an herbal tea could help you get pregnant but surely has been marked as a drink that boosts up your chances. 

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If we talk about green tea, it is made up of fresh leaves and contains vitamins B, folate (a natural folic acid), antioxidants like polyphenols, minerals, caffeine, and magnesium. Antioxidants are the ones that should be paid attention to when researchers speak about their advantages. Polyphenol protects the body cells from any kind of damage due to underlying diseases. It improves the blood flow towards the tissues and reduces inflammation. It positively affects fertility and ovulation by regulating a good hormonal balance and helping to keep a healthy mood. Herbal pregnancy tea also affects hormones, conception, and fertility in the same way.

Some of the most common herbal teas women choose to improve the chances of conceiving are- nettle, agnus castus (chasteberry), raspberry leaf, and ladies mantle.

There is one study upon a nutritional supplement containing herbal tea extracts with green tea, minerals, vitamins, chasteberry, and folic acid for every type of woman in the world. It helps with the menstrual cycle too. Yes, women having problems with their menstruations also take supplements or drink herbal tea for less painful periods and to maintain a good hormonal balance. Isn’t it intriguing?

Chinese herbal medicinal tea: Blends of Chinese options including infusions and teas have been a go-to option for thousands of years to boost health. There is some evidence proving that the Chinese herbal tea formulation improves fertility to help women conceive easily. However, its intake should be carefully thought about as it can react with some medicines you might be taking. Have a proper consultation with your gynecologist to confirm whether you can drink such infusions or not. It might also react to some women’s bodies if they are suffering from a disease.

If you are trying to conceive for a long time without any success, if you are over 35, or you are having irregular periods, herbal pregnancy tea does help to provide you nutrition helping you overcome it.

Apart from the intake of pregnancy tea, there are certain factors of your lifestyle that affect your ability to conceive too. Let’s not forget that a healthy life is a full-grown aspect including both your physical and mental stability apart from a balanced healthy diet. And moms-to-be need to keep track of this.

Tips on some healthy habits to consider for boosting up your chances of conceiving with pregnancy tea-

Say no to stress

Stress and tension are bad for any normal human being and are even more harmful to women trying to conceive. Usually, you might be stressed about conceiving, if you are, but trying to relax is what you should aim for. Lowering the anxiety helps your hormones to stay positive and let you be mindful. A study has shown that women with high stress have high risks of infertility. Try to have positive thinking, breathe well, and relax. Get yourself engaged in stress-relieving activities like cooking, meditating, reading books, etc.

Maintain a healthy diet and weight

Switch from fast food to healthy snacks like fruits to maintain your weight. Exercise regularly to have good blood pressure and regulate the functions of the body. It is always a good idea to make a schedule of your eating habits. Eating nutritious food and at the right time will help you conceive faster.

Put down cigarettes and pour no alcohol

Substance abuse has always been a harmful thing to do in every view of life. It affects every single human being and makes you vulnerable to diseases. There are certain chemicals in these that might decrease your fertility. And if you are already pregnant, doctors suggest steering clear off from it entirely.

Keep a tab on your cycle

To note down your cycles can help you know when you are ovulating. The chances of conceiving are highest during your ovulation days when the egg is being released from your ovary. And remember to drink herbal pregnancy tea during and before this phase to detox your body and get rid of any harmful chemicals. 

Avoid happy hour with coffee

Just as mentioned above- avoid caffeine. If you are out or working in your office, get yourself a handy infuser bottle with herbal tea and sip up when you feel like you need a drink to wake your body up. You can find numerous options.


During pregnancy, a mother’s body goes through many changes. The body needs a good amount of fluids and that is what herbal pregnancy does; help out with regulating bodily functions and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. A warm cup of herbal tea can cure many problems. It shall be included in daily routine and marked as a necessity. It will calm your mind, mood swings, and provide ease towards any pain. Having a good consumption amount of herbal tea while you are trying to conceive or if you are pregnant, can result in positive thoughts and body. It is very important to seek help whenever needed because growing a human inside your womb is a big responsibility which you should provide love and care for. 

Be the mother you have always dreamt of with herbal pregnancy tea!

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