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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea-Is It Safe for Pregnancy

The most beautiful period of any woman is those nine months she carries her baby in her womb. Most of the things change in her life from diet to schedule, and she tries to cope up with it graciously. Extreme care is needed every step, especially with the diet, because restricting food can bring complications to pregnancy.

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You might have already heard of red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy and how it helps in inducing pregnancy, but how far is it true? Is there any evidence? Are there women who tried it before and succeeded? You might have plenty of such questions in mind.


What Is Red Raspberry?

The red raspberry plant originates from Europe and certain parts of Asia, and its fruit is known for its deliciously sweet taste and rich nutrients. But do you know that its leaves are also rich in nutrients? Thus, these are used to prepare herbal teas.

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Red raspberry leaves are rich sources of polyphenols like flavonoids and tannins. These act as powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause various diseases, thereby protect cells from damage. For centuries, these leaves have been used for many health problems and induce labor among pregnant women.

Red raspberry leaf tea is made by boiling these leaves in some water. Thus, it’s an herbal tea used as a tonic to strengthen the uterus and promote healthy labor and quicker postpartum healing.


Can You Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Induce Labor?


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Over the past few centuries, red raspberry leaf tea has gained popularity for its role in inducing labor. Besides, it also increases blood flow to the uterus and strengthens the uterine muscles. This way, it helps in triggering the labor or contractions to start leading to the childbirth process.

Strengthening of uterus muscles also means preventing excessive bleeding post-childbirth. This is due to the compound present in the leaf called fragarine.

Many women swear by its results, but we still doubt the lack of evidence through research. Very few studies were conducted on this, and unfortunately, they weren’t straightforward.

A small study conducted on 108 women in the past states that taking red raspberry leaf pills when started at the 32nd week of pregnancy, has shortened the second stage of labor.  However, this couldn’t shorten the first stage of labor, and this conclusion was made after repeating the same study for a second time on 192 women.

NCBI says that usage of fewer interventions can reduce the bleeding post-childbirth. The American Pregnancy Association states that drinking red raspberry leaf tea regularly in the last few weeks of pregnancy may reduce the need for using interventions in the childbirth process. Another study showed an 11% decrease in the use of forceps when women drank red raspberry leaf tea in the eight weeks of their pregnancies.

Another study states that red raspberry leaf tea can lower the chances of delivering a post-term baby. A post-term baby is the one that goes beyond 42 weeks.


Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe for Pregnancy?


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When something is available in the market that doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription for purchase, most of us think it’s safe; but that’s not entirely true. It might be safe, mostly, but it may not suit everyone. It can prove fatal, especially during pregnancy. Non-prescription itself means you need to be extra careful before considering it.

Thus, it’s essential to understand it with proper research and check if this is suitable for your body or not because everybody is different.

Though red raspberry leaf tea seems very safe for pregnancy and can help you induce labor, you still need to check if your body can take it well or not.

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea in the first trimester is strictly prohibited by doctors and midwives because of its labor-inducing properties. It stimulates the uterus and can increase the risk of miscarriage.

You must be careful of any herb you consider taking during pregnancy. Consult a doctor or a midwife before trying this tea. And once you start drinking it, make sure to keep it in moderation. Start with just 1 cup a day and gradually increase it up to 3 cups a day.


Side Effects of Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Though not many studies were conducted, a few side effects are known.

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  1. Diuretic Effect

If you don’t pee quite often, this can be a benefit. However, during pregnancy, a woman already has an increased number of washroom visits. In such a situation, drinking too much of this tea can work as a diuretic and increase it.


  1. Laxative Effect

Like the diuretic effect, this also has laxative properties. However, according to researchers, it could treat diarrhea. Drinking too much, i.e., more than 3 cups a day, especially during pregnancy, isn’t suggested.


  1. Increases Chances of Miscarriage

    Red raspberry leaf tea is known to induce contractions easing delivery, which means if taken in your first trimester or first three months of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. Avoiding food and drinks that cause contractions should be strictly avoided in the first few months of pregnancy.

    Organic red raspberry leaf tea can provide plenty of nutritional benefits, strengthen your uterus, and reduce the labor time in the second phase of labor. Besides, it has many other benefits, especially for women, due to which it is called a woman's herb. It is known for the use of red raspberry leaf tea for fertility.

    Red raspberry leaf tea benefits are plenty, and it is safe for most women, but it’s always suggested to limit it to 1 cup a day during pregnancy. While more research is yet to be done to come up with proper evidence, it still appears to be safe, as claimed by many women. Nevertheless, we recommend you talk to your doctor before taking it.

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