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Which tea you should not drink during pregnancy ?

Every woman dreams of becoming a mother at least once in their lifetime, and once they receive the news of their pregnancy, it becomes the most joyous and happy part of their life. The very news of pregnancy happens to be a dream come true for every mother, and this one experience changes their entire life. Both the time before and after childbirth is known to be very delicate and happens to be an entire experience on their own. 

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Although the nine months before the childbirth can be the most joyous and happy experience in a mother's life as it is a completely new feeling, this entire state is also the most delicate part, and every mother needs special care and attention during this phase of their life. During the nine months of pregnancy, a mother goes through various different physical changes, which are not very easy for her to bear. Plenty of hormonal changes happen during this phase which affects the mother physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

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 This is why it becomes very important to give extra care and attention to the mother and also take care of a diet chart and make sure she receives all the right kinds of nutrients for the nourishment of herself and her baby. During this phase, every decision that the mother makes regarding her diet directly affects the baby as the baby derives all the nutrients from its mother. Thus the mother has to be extra careful and make sure that she does not consume anything which is harmful to the baby. 

Most of the mothers complain during their pregnancy that they are unable to eat certain kinds of food and unable to drink certain types of fluids.  Studies  also show that most mothers experience morning sickness or nausea during the first few months of their pregnancy which becomes a reason why they become unwilling to eat certain types of food. Women also find it very tedious to constantly drink water as it is very important to keep the body properly hydrated during the days of pregnancy.

Teas to be avoided during pregnancy

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 For such reasons, often women choose different kinds of drinks like tea which adds some source of flavor to the drink and also keeps them hydrated. But excessive intake of tea can also cause trouble to the mother and the baby during pregnancy as tea contains caffeine. Several   researches  show that intake of excessive caffeine might create problems during pregnancy and might also lead to issues like a miscarriage. 

Avoid caffeinated tea during pregnancy. 

Most of the non-herbal teas come from the leaves of a plant which is called Camellia Sinensis. This type of cheese normally has some amount of caffeine present in them, and excessive intake of caffeine during the days of pregnancy is known to harm the baby in different ways. Listed below are a few points why caffeine should be avoided or consumed in a significantly less amount during the days of pregnancy. 

  • If the mother consumes caffeine during her days of pregnancy, the caffeine can easily pass by the baby’s placenta, and the unborn baby's liver would find it very difficult to break down caffeine as it is still weak and sensitive.

  • It is observed that if the mother consumes too much caffeine during her days of pregnancy, the child can be born with lower birth weight or also can have different types of birth defects.

  • Higher consumption of caffeine by the mother while being pregnant may also increase the chances of miscarriage or stillbirth as the baby’s premature digestive system can often not digest or break down caffeine. 

  • Consumption of caffeine may also increase the chances of the baby being premature, but this can be avoided by cutting off on the quantity of caffeine intake by the mother.

affeine content by different types of tea.

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A table showing the caffeine content by different types of tea. 

SL no. 

Tea Type

Herbal or Non-Herbal

Caffeine Quantity per cup


Matcha Tea


60 - 80 mg


Oolong Tea


38 - 58 mg


Black Tea


47 - 53 mg


White Tea


25 - 50 mg


Green Tea 


29 - 49 mg


Regular herbal tea


20 - 40 mg


Decaffeinated herbal tea 


1 mg

 Is tea bad for pregnancy?

  Drinking tea is a very common habit among adults, and often women want to continue this habit even during the days of their pregnancy. Tea does have a lot of health benefits Which might help women gain their nutrients in a tasteful manner during their pregnancy, but one major problem with non-herbal tea is that it contains a good amount of caffeine which might create trouble for women during pregnancy.  

However, it is worth mentioning that a small quantity of tea will do no harm to the mother and the child during pregnancy. However, if the mother chooses to consume any kind of non herbal tea during her pregnant days, she should definitely consult her doctor before adding it to her diet chart. It is also worth knowing that there are several kinds of herbal teas available that are known to be pregnancy safe and do not create any trouble during pregnancy. 

Herbal tea also comes in two types, one of which is regular herbal tea, and the other is decaffeinated herbal tea. Decaffeinated herbal tea is completely safe for pregnant mothers; however, regular herbal tea contains some amount of caffeine and should not be consumed in larger doses. Below mentioned are names of few teas which are herbal and can be consumed during pregnancy in small amounts. 

 Is tea bad for pregnancy?

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1.] Ginger Tea - Different  studies   have proven that ginger is extremely beneficial for curing morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy. Ginger adds a beautiful flavor to the tea and makes it a delicious treat during pregnancy. During pregnancy, ginger tea can be consumed in little amounts on a regular basis, and one can also add other things like honey, lemon, or cinnamon to enhance the flavor of ginger tea. 

2.] Honey Lemon Tea - Honey lemon tea can be consumed in low doses during the pregnancy as lemon adds a touch of citrus flavor to the tea, which helps to cure nausea, and honey is also responsible for curing heartburn which is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. 

3.] Peppermint Tea - Peppermint tea is one of the best types of herbal tea available, which has been used to cure morning sickness for a very long time. This type of tea has a very refreshing flavor and can be consumed in small amounts during the days of pregnancy. 

4.] Red Raspberry Leaf Tea - Red Raspberry leaf tea has been known for its incredible health benefits, especially during pregnancy, for a very long time. Regular intake of this tea during pregnancy helps to tone the muscles of the uterus, which in turn helps in generating better contractions during labor. 

5.] Dandelion Tea - Dandelion tea is known to provide a very good amount of calcium, iron, potassium, and Vitamin A, which are necessary nutrients during pregnancy. Consumption of a small amount of this tea can show incredible health benefits.

Side effects of tea during pregnancy 

 Tea Is never considered to be completely unsafe for consumption during pregnancy  , but it would also be fair to say that one should definitely consult a physician to understand what quantity of the one can consume during their pregnant days. Any type of tea has a lot of health benefits; however, most of the non herbal teas contain caffeine which might be considered as a risky intake during pregnancy. Consumption of tea during pregnancy can create many more side effects, and the pointers below explain what kind of side effects occur due to tea during pregnancy. 

  • Most types of non herbal and herbal teas contain caffeine unless they are decaffeinated. Caffeine is known to create trouble during pregnancy if it is consumed in larger amounts. A larger intake of caffeine might lead to problems like a premature baby, a baby born with defects, a baby born with a lower birth weight, or even a miscarriage.

  •  Certain types of tea help with weight loss which might lead to major Side Effects if consumed during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the time when the baby requires full nourishment to the mother for its proper growth. Any type of weight loss agent will lead to the unhealthy growth of the baby. 

  • There are certain types of teas that are recommended for regulating periods for people who are suffering from Polycystic ovary. Consumption of these kinds of teas during pregnancy might lead to hormonal imbalance, premature contractions, and other troubles.
Teas to be avoided during pregnancy

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Teas to be avoided during pregnancy 

Although most types of tea if consumed in a very small amount does not harm the mother or the baby during pregnancy but there are certain types of teas which should be consciously completely avoided by the mothers during pregnancy as they can harm the mother and the baby in serious manners. Below listed are a few types of tea which should be completely avoided during pregnancy.

1.] Detox Tea

2.] Eucalyptus Tea 

3.] PMS or menstrual Tea

4.] Tulsi Tea

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