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Drink To Your Kidneys Health: Best Teas For Kidney Stones


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Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health ranks tea amongst the healthiest drinks on the planet. (1)

From helping fight cancers to improving brain function, it has great health benefits. Now, an Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Journal research points towards the positive renoprotective effects of polyphenols in green tea. (2) 

Let’s get to know how they improve your kidney health and prevent kidney stones.


1. Why Are Your Kidneys Called Detox Superheroes?

Even while you are reading this article, your kidneys are cleansing your body of substances that it doesn’t need.

Roughly the size of a large fist, these tiny organs act as filtration systems for the body by:

  • Expelling wastes and toxins.
  • Maintaining homeostasis by adjusting the salt, water, and mineral levels.


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Optimized kidney functioning is directly integrated with the health of the other organs and they:

  • Release hormones to help regulate blood pressure, preventing the risk of   heart diseases.
  • Regulate red blood cells production.
  • Reduce glucose homeostasis and prevent type-2 diabetes.
  • Produce vitamin D that keeps bones healthy.


2. What Are The Risk Factors of Kidney Stones?

If the mere mention of kidney stones gives you discomfort, you are not alone. A National Library of Medicine Journal reports that kidney stones affect about 1 in 11 Americans. (3)

Also known as renal calculi or urolithiasis, they are hardened salt and mineral deposits. Though they originate in the kidneys, they can travel anywhere to these organs:

  • Bladder
  • Urethra
  • Ureters

There are four types of kidney stones with their respective causative factors:

Type of Stone


Risk Factors


Calcium oxalate stone

1. Dehydration

2. Obesity

3. High salt, protein, and sugar diet

4. Digestive diseases and procedures: IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Gastric Bypass Surgery


Uric acid stone

1. Obesity

2. Gout

3. Chronic Diarrhea

4. Hyperuricosuria

5. Hypertension

6. Living in hot and dry conditions

7. Consuming a diet rich in acidic foods


Struvite stones

1. Kidney infections

2. Urinary tract conditions: Urinary diversion, Neurogenic bladder, Urinary obstruction stasis

3. Diabetes


Cystine stones

1. Cystinuria

2. Consuming a diet rich in acidic foods.


Kidney stones may lead to certain complications including:

  •     Nausea
  •     Back and side pains.
  •     Kidney infections and blockage.
  •     Hematuria 

To prevent these conditions, more and more people are taking cognizance of their kidney functioning and finding safe, affordable, and practical ways to keep their kidneys healthy.

This National Library of Medicine study demonstrate the role of hydration in the prevention of kidney stones. (4)
What’s better than a delicious and refreshing cup of tea to hydrate and cleanse your kidneys?

Here’s how it helps:

  • Green tea contains 13% catechins that have antioxidant properties. According to the Journal of Urology, they reduce kidney stone formation by reducing calcium deposits. (5)
  • Green tea polyphenols prevent renal damage by combating oxidative stress. (6)
  • Herb tea for kidney stones decreases the size of the crystals in the kidneys and prevents their clumping. (10)
  • Their water content helps kidneys produce more urine thereby expelling extra mineral deposits.


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3. Which Are The Best Teas For Kidney Stones?

Green tea

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Knowing all these incredible benefits of tea may make you wonder ‘what tea is best for kidney stones?’

Though a huge variety of teas exist, some of them have received special attention due to their intrinsic properties:


  •   Rooibos Tea

tea that is good for kidney stones, the oxalic acid-free rooibos is a great rehydrating option for people who are vulnerable to kidney stones.

  •     Parsley Tea 

The Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering demonstrates that parsley tea is a phytochemical powerhouse. They reduce calcium oxalate deposits and the occurrence of kidney stones. (7)

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We have got it covered for you. 


  •     Cornsilk Tea 

One of the best teas for kidney stones, cornsilk tea is rich in phenolic compounds and flavonoids. A National Library of Medicine review shows that this tea is an effective therapeutic remedy for kidney stone treatment. (8)


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  •     Hibiscus Tea 

tea that helps with kidney stones, a PMC report states that it reduces the elevation in nonenzymatic markers of kidney dysfunctions, ultimately reducing the risk of kidney stones. (9)
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4. Strengthen Your Kidneys With an Antioxidant-Powered Natural Detox

Your kidneys work round-the-clock to keep your body healthy.

Overworked kidneys accumulate toxins that can put your other organs also out of balance.

Created by us, Kidney Cleanse Tea for UTI Support is a carefully-created restorative blend of 100% organic and natural herbs.


Kidney and bladder cleanse tea


Long after you have had a cup of this rich and flavorful tea, it continues to cleanse your urinary tract of harmful bacteria.

It also alters your pH levels to prevent UTI infections and irritation.

To show your kidneys some love, Kidney Cleanse Tea for UTI Support is all you need. This simple daily addition is a powerful way to boost your immunity and live a super healthy life.


5. How To Make Teas Work For Your Kidney Health? Precautions and Dosage

Although rare, some side effects have been reported due to the presence of substances like:

  •     Caffeine
  •     Tannins
  •     I-theanine


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They may cause:

  • Anemia
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dizziness 
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Gastrointestinal problems like acid reflux, constipation, and stomach ulcers.


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These effects can be easily managed by:

  1. Limiting the dosage. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends not more than 8 cups of tea a day. (10)
  2. Choose tea without sugar to avoid blood sugar fluctuations.
  3. Select your tea only from credible sellers with graded ingredient.


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6. What Can You Do To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy?

 Here are some ways to keep your kidneys healthy and prevent stones:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Optimise your weight.
  3. Ensure hydration.
  4. Reduce salt consumption to prevent the accumulation of calcium in the urine.
  5. Limit the consumption of meats, poultry, and eggs to reduce uric acid levels.
  6. Limit your intake your antibiotics.

Just a few cups of this safe and delicious beverage will keep your kidneys healthier for longer.

Their evidence-based benefits of teas that help with kidney stones prove that they not just prevent but also retard the progression of renal problems, ultimately helping you live a longer, happier, and disease-free life.

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