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Can Gas Cause Kidney Pain: Demystifying the Truth

If you are someone who is constantly struggling with gastrointestinal issues and wondering can gas cause kidney pain? then you have landed at the right place. gas can cause kidney pain which can ultimately lead to kidney stones.

According to a study, having well-guided information on how to treat your gas issues can save you from immense kidney pain later. (1)

Through this blog, we aim to educate you on how gas can lead to a variety of kidney discomfort and suggest to you some ways how you should prevent them.  Hence buckle up as you will be onboarding our flight of knowing the details related to kidney pain. 


1. How is the kidney vital to our human body? 

Our human body is a complex machine and the kidney acts as a filter system. In computers, the trash can is used to remove all the files, folders, and documents that are not needed by the system.

Similarly, the trash can for your body is the kidneys. These bean-shaped organs are responsible for removing all the toxins from your body through urine and maintaining a balance of body fluids. 

How is kidney vital to our human body_

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Did you know that kidneys are sensitive to the environment? Every time you feel an emotion like stress or tension your heart rate spikes up and 20 % of blood is pumped to your kidney. (2) 

A recent report published by clinical medicine showed that the major cause of chronic kidney disease is Hypertension. (3)
So if you are not in control of your blood pressure there is a high chance of a kidney transplant. 

In the United States, nearly 45,000- people need kidney transplant surgery to live their life. The major cause has been sugar. (4)

A high diabetic person can release glucose and cause thickening of kidney tissues and can damage it entirely. Gas isn’t the only cause of kidney pain either. There might be other hidden factors contributing to your kidney pain. 


2. Some of the most common symptoms of kidney failure 


Common symptoms of kidney


Source: Mayo Clinic 


  • Fatigue 
  • Itching spread across the entire body 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea 
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Darkened skin 
  • High blood pressure and sugar 
  • Puffing of eyes 
  • Swelling of hands and feet


3. What are gas-related kidney stones? 

In the report published by renal physiology, kidney stones are an accumulation of minerals inside your kidney. (5)

The smaller ones can easily pass through your urinary tract while the larger ones can get stuck in your urinary tract and cause you colossal pain inside your lower back, abdomen, and kidney.
You can temporarily try and ease the pain by consuming 
lemon water for your kidneys


Acute kidney failure


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If you have a kidney stone inside your body you will notice symptoms such as difficulty in urinating, fever, and discolored urine. However, in cases of gas causing kidney pain, you will notice signs such as stomach discomfort nausea, and vomiting. 


4. Does Gas Cause Kidney Pain: What’s The Connection?


Can gas cause kidney pain?


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If I have a history of Gastrointestinal issues will I have kidney pain?

The answer is a resounding yes. Gas causes kidney pain.  If you are a subject that has a history of gas difficulties then you may have kidney issues in the later stages of your life.  Let’s explore some of the GI issues so that you could understand them better 

1. High protein diets 

If you are a consumer that has increased your protein intake by inhaling keto and paleo diets then you are at risk. Animal proteins present in these diets lead to the formation of uric acid which can lead to the formation of kidney stones. (6) 


2. Bariatric surgery 

Bariatric surgery can be the leading cause of kidney stones since after the surgery your kidney no longer has the capacity of absorbing oxalates which are found in the kidney stones. (7)

This issue can be mitigated if you limit your sodium intake, have foods such as spinach, nuts, chocolate, and beef, and also reduce your sodium intake. 


3. Bowel disease 

Bowel diseases are indicated by symptoms like loss of stools and constant vomiting. Having these symptoms makes your body uncomfortable which can lead to an accumulation of concentrated urine leading to kidney formation. (8) 


5. How to treat your kidney disease: Kidney Flank Pain Causes And Treatment


Kidney flank pain causes


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Getting help from your doctor is the first thing you should show while treating kidney pain.

The doctor at first may suggest a low protein diet to reduce the waste product that is present in your blood. If the diet does the trick you may not need any other treatment. If it does not, then you will need kidney dialysis which is done in two ways :

  1. Imaging Tests: You will be subjected to tests such as ultrasound and computed tomography. These tests will show the structure of the current state of the kidneys, based on whether medication or surgery will be done.
  2. Urinalysis: This will test pinpoint the area of infection and tell the doctor what chemicals are causing the kidney disorder.

  3. Diet Control: Remember that your diet contributes a lot to your health. Consuming harmful compounds such as alcohol and soda can cause kidney pain. If you’re wondering how soda can cause kidney pain, try reading: Can drinking soda cause kidney pain?


6. Final Thoughts 

Making your kidney a priority is the need of the hour as failure to do so may require a kidney transplant.

We have mentioned the early signs of kidney failure, how gas can be the major reason for kidney pain, and suggested ways how you can treat them. So if the question is can gas cause kidney area pain? Yes. It can. 

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