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Can Consuming Tea Affect Your Kidneys? - An Ultimate Guide

A good cup of tea can make a morning really "good." However, excessive tea consumption can be a sign of danger for your kidneys. So now the question is, "Is tea bad for your kidneys?"

If you are a patient suffering from kidney problems, the probable consequences of taking tea can be one of the major concerns of your life.

The tea lovers must not overthink now as we bring some impressive information to reduce your tensions. If you wonder whether tea will be harmful or beneficial for your health, let us brief you about some essential things.

A quick background survey can ensure that your favorite beverage may not harm the kidneys if you follow some precautions.


1. Tea And Kidney Functions

Which is the best tea for kidney stones and other kidney problems? Well there are mixed reactions to having tea every day.
Some say that it is highly beneficial for your health, while according to many others, tea can have an adverse impact on your kidneys. (

To get to the roots, you must have an overview of the advantages you can obtain from tea.

  •   Loss of Weight

Tea is an excellent source of calorie-free beverages daily. (2)
Today, people are more health-conscious and try to avoid the sweetening agents in their drinks.
Tea can provide this option without hampering the authentic taste of the product. Moreover, some people prefer to add milk which is good for preventing the formation of kidney stones.

  •   Source of Polyphenols

Polyphenols-rich food can prove to be highly beneficial in preventing several diseases. (3)

It can be

- Obesity

- Cancer

- Cardiovascular problems

- Kidney disorders.

Moreover, such a bioactive ingredient, primarily found in tea, can act as an antioxidant.

  •   Keeps You Hydrated

Kidney functions depend primarily on hydration. Hence, you must always keep the body hydrated. But most people do not understand the actual requirement of water to keep the body hydrated.

Tea can be an excellent fluid to ensure that your body remains adequately hydrated and keeps the kidneys healthy. (

However, the level of hydration can be different due to various factors. They include

- Medications

- Body size

- Activity levels

- Temperature

- Health conditions

and many other factors.


Tea and kidney functions

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Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before determining the amount of fluid you should intake, including tea.
If you’re trying to cut down tea altogether, there are always alternative beverages like coffee. But remember that too much of anything can be bad.

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2. Is Tea Good For Your Kidneys?

Generally, black tea without any sugar or other sweetening agent is suitable for patients suffering from kidney disorders. However, you must take care of the quantity of tea you may be consuming every day.

According to a case in the US, a man of 56 years suddenly started suffering from unbearable body aches and fatigue.
After some medical tests, the doctors confirmed that such a condition occurred due to the presence of oxalates.

As per the physicians, the average amount of oxalate that a person can intake in a day is around 50 mg.
However, excess consumption of this substance can affect the body negatively.

In this case, it was discovered that the man used to consume ice tea daily.

The average quantity for each glass was 9 ounces. This proved that daily, around 1500 mg of oxalate entered his body. (4)


Is tea good for your kidneys?

Image source: Ku Cha House of Tea


3. Does Drinking Too Much Tea Cause Kidney Problems?

The renowned doctor of the University of Arkansas opined in the above case that this quantity of tea consumption was ten times the usual permissible dosage. Hence, it affected the internal organs massively. Such a condition puts the kidneys at significant risk.

Moreover, excessive oxalate can lead to the formation of stones in the kidneys and block the urinary channel.
However, the present case involved many complications and unusualness.
Here, as the oxalate crystals directly affect the kidneys, inflammation and kidney tissue damage are possible. (

The case was contradictory to the previous studies, which proved that tea intake reduces the chances of kidney stones.

However, the specialists explained that every item is beneficial when you take in the right amounts. But too much of any drink or food can have adverse effects on the health. Hence, it is better to consume only one or two cups of tea a day to be healthy and fit.


Can drinking too much tea cause kidney problems

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4. Which Tea Is Good and Which Is Bad?

Tea is safe to consume when you know the correct quantity and type. Moreover, it is better to maintain some precautions if you have kidney problems. Some of the examples of tea types are as follows:

  1.   Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most beneficial types of tea for living a healthy life. It contains sodium of 2 mg, caffeine of 30 Mg (approx.), and no potassium. (6)

Furthermore, it supports weight loss and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent choice for kidney patients as it is an effective antioxidant also.

Green tea

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  1. Black Tea

Black tea is suitable for daily consumption with around 50 Mg of caffeine content. The amount of potassium is also very low in this type of tea.

However, since it is high in oxalates, it is better to maintain a limit, especially if you have the risk of kidney stone formation.
To reduce the effects of oxalate, you can add some milk to the black tea. It is better to intake hot tea more in case of kidney problems as iced tea contains more oxalate.

There are always other options to try out. Look for teas that good for your kidney and liver health.


Black tea

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5. Is Peppermint Tea Good For Kidneys?

When it comes to choosing the correct flavor for tea, peppermint can be a lovely alternative.

It has the capacity to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Thus, the common answer to the question is tea bad for kidneys will be a big NO.

Tea is undoubtedly good for kidneys if taken in the right amount.

However, although peppermint tea has multiple health benefits, it is not suitable for patients with kidney stones. You can also try cornsilk tea and parsley tea for kidney stones


Peppermint tea

Image source: Medicine Net


6. Kidney Cleanse Tea For UTI Support

This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients and reduces the pain while urinating.

Moreover, it supports the detoxification of the kidney and bladder.
Thus, it is the most suitable option for kidney problems.
The right type of tea in the appropriate quantity will surely improve the condition of the kidneys, instead of damaging them. 

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