Kidney Cleanse

Parsley Tea For Kidney Stones – Healthy, Nutritious, and Tasty

A lot of people of the current generation are more fascinated. Most illnesses arise due to the lack of proper health care and the accumulation of toxins in the body.

One of the major organs responsible for throwing out body toxins and filtrating healthy nutrients is the kidney. Have you ever wondered the consequences if the significant filtrating organ stops working correctly?

In simple words, your life can become a nightmare in no time!

And that is why taking care of the kidneys is one of the sole responsibilities of every human living in today's world! 


1. Why do you get  Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are commonly seen among all the age groups of people. Though frequently found in people, the pain it causes is quite exceptional.

You must have heard about the situation of kidney stones these days and might have been warned several times by your elders about it.

Were you ever curious to know the reasons behind such happenings?

If not yet, the following causes of kidney stones would enlighten you.

Here you go!


1. Drinking less water

One of the critical reasons behind developing the issue of kidney stones is none other than drinking less water. (1)
The kidney acts as the body filter for your system.

If you do not drink enough water, the kidney starts losing its functionalities, and the filtration gland secretions accumulate and eventually turn into kidney stones. 


A glass of water 

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2. Lack of exercise

The next reason behind kidney stones is lack of exercise. (2)

There might be two circumstances in which you might get kidney stones. The first one is when you exercise too much, and the second one is when you do not exercise at all.

Physical exercise greatly impacts your body's metabolism, which is interlinked to the right functioning of your kidneys.


 Lack of exercise

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3. Obesity

Most of the people of the present generation go gaga over junk food and suffer from obesity.

Obesity is a condition in humans where fat accumulates in the epidermal layers and other parts of the body, which somehow affects the functionalities of the organs. (3)

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4. Weight loss surgery

Sometimes during complicated surgeries like weight loss surgery, significant organs get affected negatively and might lead to Kidney stone problems.


5. Improper diets

If your diet consists of an excessive amount of salt, sodium and fructose, then you have a higher possibility of detecting kidney stones in the first place.

Tinned foods, fast foods, and packaged meaty items enhance kidney stone problems.

Therefore, your diet should include a balanced amount of nutrients to avoid severe problems like kidney stones. (4)


Canned food

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2. Parsley tea and Kidney Stones

You might have been having kidney stones for quite a long and here is how you can solve this problem. One of the major solutions to the problems of kidney stones is all-natural i.e using Parsley leaves.

Parsley tea and kidney stones have a unique bonding beyond your imagination. It helps to keep your health stable with kidney stones.

It's anti-inflammatory properties regulate urinary pH, keep your blood pressure stable and reduce pain! 


Parsley tea

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3. What are the benefits of Parsley tea?

You might be thinking by now, what might be the possible reasons for using Parsley tea for kidney stones (4)

Such doubts are pretty common among the masses.

If you fall under the same group of confused people, then the following benefits of

Parsley tea would clear not only your doubts regarding the use of the leaves for stones but also regarding the general beneficial properties:


  • Contains Antioxidants

So, is parsley tea good for your kidneys? Well, the first and foremost benefit of parsley tea is its antioxidant contents.

The lack of antioxidants in the body can cause tissue damage and various organ damage at the same time. It is one of the primary reasons behind deadly health issues like heart problems, liver issues, skin aging, etc.

Thus, when you take parsley tea into your system, you make sure your body is well hydrated and protected from diseases, decreasing oxidative stress levels!


  • Prevent kidney stones

Some doctors and health experts say that kidney stones might occur when you do not urinate properly.

But when you intake parsley tea, you naturally bring volume to your urine and increase the same acidic level.

Parsley also stops your urinary system from excreting your body's calcium properties, one of the main reasons behind kidney stone formation. 


  • Source of Vitamin C

Most people have a common question: Is parsley tea good for kidneys? Well, Parsley tea consists of vitamin C at a high level.

One-fourth of a cup of parsley tea contains almost 22% of vitamin C in daily human intake.

So if you wish to prevent chronic diseases like stomach infections, heart problems, or kidney stones, then parsley tea can be a lifesaver!


  • Cancer-fighting properties

Parsley tea is helpful to everyone who fears cancer. It contains antioxidants that prevent the cell and tissue from getting damaged anyway.

When you drink the tea, you protect your body cells with every sip. The parsley tea kidney cleanse is as valuable as the liver cleansing properties.

The best part is that it even prevents the deadliest diseases like cancer!


  • Regulates menstrual cycles

When it comes to the beneficial properties of parsley tea, you should count on kidney stone issues like irregular menstrual cycles.

This is one of the usual problems seen among the young women of the present generation. Drink it daily to regulate your cycles.


  • It has got a fantastic taste

The last but the essential factor of parsley tea is its excellent bud lightning taste! The recipe is relatively easy to make, and the tea properties are worth it because of its unique taste!

If you find the above benefits of parsley tea satisfying enough, you can take frequent sips of Parsley tea!


4. Parsley tea Recipe for Kidneys


Parsley tea for kidney stones

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If you are wondering how to make parsley tea for kidney, then the following recipe will help you with the process: (3)

  • Take a kettle full of water and place it in the oven. You can also use a saucepan instead of a kettle for making the tea.

  • Wait for the water to boil while chopping the freshly plucked or bought parsley leaves.

  • Remember to wash off the dirt particles from the leaves properly before setting the knife on them.

  • You can fill all the cups to one-fourth level for a refreshing tea.
  • When the water gets boiled, you can pour the water into all the cups with the chopped parsley leaves.

  • You need to leave the cups in that state for the parsley leaves to soak appropriately in the warm water for at least five minutes.

  • After the wait, you can clear out the parsley leaves and add some lemon juice and honey to the tea, as the leaves leave a bitter taste!

  • Your parsley tea is all set to protect you from kidney stones now!

Get to experience the benefits of parsley tea liver cleanse!

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5. Parsley tea kidney detox Side Effects 

Is parsley tea good for kidney stones? 

Drinking too much parsley tea can be pretty harmful for your health and kidney stone prevention at the same time.

Here are a few side effects of parsley leaves that you should be aware of:

  • Diuretic:

Before intaking parsley tea, you should never forget the diuretic properties of the leaves. For example, if you intake too much parsley tea, your body might become dehydrated quickly.


  • Slow down blood clotting:

As you know, parsley tea regulates blood pressure in the best way possible. (5)
But if you keep on drinking more and more parsley tea, it might slow down the process of blood clotting due to overdosing.


  • Affect kidney problems negatively:

The last side effect of excessive parsley tea is that it can backfire on your kidney stone issues anytime. (6)
The leaves are full of oxalates, and if you take them quite often in a day, it might increase the kidney stones instead of preventing them!

So, the question - is parsley tea good for kidneys depends on your severity of kidney issues and the amount of the tea you are consuming.

Parsley tea benefits kidney and can do wonders to your health in ways you are already aware of. Parsley tea can do wonders to your health in ways you are already aware of.

But doing anything in excess can turn out to be problematic for you. The maximum number of times you should intake parsley tea is just once.

So even if you drink two cups of parsley leaves in a day, it might cause you problems in the long run!

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