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Benefits of watermelon seeds for kidney cleanse

For most of our childhood, we have been made to believe that if we eat a watermelon seed a plant will grow inside us. 

Since we were small and did not check facts, we use used to throw out the seed once it made contact with our mouth.

Little did we realize that these nutrient-rich seeds are a powerhouse of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, zinc, copper, and magnesium. (1)

Through this blog, we aim to educate you on the major benefits of watermelon seeds for a kidney.  After reading the information presented to you, we are sure that you will look at watermelon as a fruit that holds high nutritional value.


1. Why should I take care of my kidney health?

If you want your kidney to function as a national detoxification organ that removes wastes from your body, then keeping your kidney healthy is the need of the hour. 

When you start noticing kidney failure symptoms like weakness in bones, nerve damage, anemia, and high blood pressure, then developing a strategic plan to treat your kidney should be your priority.


Kidney diseases

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Failure to do would lead to chronic kidney disease whose treatment can be extremely expensive. You may need kidney dialysis or a transplant to sustain your life. (2)


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2. Improve your health with a watermelon juice kidney cleanse

One of the easiest ways to take of kidney health is by consuming watermelon seeds in raw or roasted form.  Patients who have kidney disease have reported constipation. (3)

According to them having constipation leads to an increase in uremic toxins and potassium. (4)

According to a study constipation can be controlled when kidney seeds are consumed. (5)


Watermelon seeds for kidney detox

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This is because they contain fiber which helps you solidify the stool. (6)

Also, it’s proven that kidney seeds contain a compound known as Iycopene which can lower cancer levels in your body. (7)

Patients who have high blood pressure have always been advised by doctors to lower their intake of potassium. 

This can only happen by preparing watermelon seeds for kidney cleanse. When you consume watermelon cleanse, you are naturally limiting your potassium intake since watermelon contains moderate amounts of potassium. (8)

Another sterling benefit of using watermelon juice as a kidney cleanse is the fact that watermelon has only one gram of oxalate. (9)

During a study, it was revealed watermelon juice reduced oxalate and calcium in rats significantly. (10) 

Less oxalate production in your body indicates less formation of uric acid in your body which ultimately leads to no formation of kidney stones. (11)

Various type of kidney teas such as parsley tea for kidney stonesdandelion teacorn silk tea for kidney stones aid in lowering the oxalate production. 


3. How can I prepare watermelon cleanse kidney juice?

Preparing a watermelon kidney cleanse juice is very simple. All you need are some basic ingredients and simple instructions to follow.


Watermelon juice for kidney cleanse

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Have a look at the information presented below:

Things that you need

  • A ripped watermelon
  • A razor-sharp knife
  • Mint leaves
  • Ginger
  • Blender
  • Black pepper
  • ½ cup of chilled water



  • Step 1: Wash the ripped watermelon and then with the razor-sharp knife cut it into four quarters
  • Step 2: Remove the seeds and external coating and scoop out the watermelon and place it inside the container
  • Step 3: Now add ginger and mint leaves inside the container which has the watermelon
  • Step 4: Add all the mixture inside the blender with chilled water and blend it for two minutes
  • Step 5: Your frothy watermelon juice is ready


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4. Recipe for Watermelon Seeds Kidney Cleanse

The answer is a resounding yes. Preparing a watermelon seeds tea is perfect for a hot summer day.


 Watermelon seeds tea

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Ingredients needed

  • 1 ripped watermelon with seeds
  • 3 cups of tea bags
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Mint leaves



  • Step 1: Boil four cups of water in a pan, and let the three cups of tea sit there for 20 minutes

  • Step 2: Scoop out the watermelon from its external layer keeping the seeds intact

  • Step 3: Now mix the watermelon in the blender to get a liquid state

  • Step 4: Filter out the seeds and then place the juice in the pan with a teaspoon of sugar

  • Step 5: Cook the entire mixture for two minutes and then let it cool for 5 minutes

  • Step 6: Once done add the mint leaves along four ice cubes and let it sit for 10 minutes

  • Step 7: Your watermelon seed tea is ready


You can also check out our guide on the various types of kidney cleanse tea recipes & kidney detox smoothie for helping you out in your cleansing process. 


5. What are the different kinds of watermelon seeds?

There are two kinds of watermelon seeds: black and white seeds. Both of these seeds are edible to eat. In regular watermelon, there are black seeds found, which can be planted back to get a watermelon plant.

On the contrary, white seeds are immature seeds, which cannot be planted back.  There are times when you will cut open a watermelon and would discover there are white seeds present in it.

These seeds are present in the watermelon and are also called seedless watermelon because consuming them as a whole along with the watermelon is safe.

This does not mean that black seeds needs to be removed. They are usually separated because they are harder to chew.

But if you are running a busy schedule and don’t have time to remove the black seeds, we recommend taking the watermelon with black seeds since it’s completely okay.


6. How do I consume watermelon seeds?

You can eat the seeds as a whole along with the watermelon or you can roast them. Roasting the watermelon seeds will help you get energy post-workout and also keep you hydrated for longer periods. 

Roasted seeds of watermelon are a powerhouse of omega 3’s, vitamins, and nutrients


7. How can I roast the seeds?

You can roast the seeds in three simple steps

Step 1: Dry the seeds completely

Step 2: Then add one teaspoon of olive oil

Step 3: Once done place them in a frying pan and sprinkle it with salt, bake for good 10 minutes


8. Are there any consequences of eating watermelon seeds?

If you eat the seeds as mentioned by us, then there would be no problem. Too much consumption of watermelon seeds can lead to the following consequences

  1.  May cause diarrhea, discomfort, and bloating. (12)
  2. May raise blood sugar levels since seeds contain a high percentage of the glycemic index. (13)
  3. May cause discoloration of the skin. (16)


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9. Final Thought

Eating watermelon seeds for kidney cleanse is the quickest possible way to detox your kidney.

We have mentioned how you can consume them without any hassle. Alongside, we have also mentioned the consequences of consuming it too much.

Hopefully, after reading this information you will take the initiative of cleansing your kidney through watermelon seeds.

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