Kidney Cleanse

Tea For Liver and Kidney Health

People who have recovered from coronavirus have reported that they have defective liver and kidneys. (1)

This is not permanent damage as this can be easily cured with the help of detox known as a tea for liver and kidney health.

Once we educate you on the importance of keeping your liver and kidney health, we are sure that you will take our information very seriously.  These organs in the human body act as a natural filtration system. 

The bean-shaped organs are responsible for balancing body fluids, producing vitamin D so that your bones remain strong, and keeping the hormones in check so that your blood pressure remains stable.

On the contrary, the liver is responsible for protein synthesis, storage of essential vitamins and minerals, metabolism, and detoxification. Hence keeping these organs healthy is the need of the hour and one of the easiest ways to do that is by consuming kidney and liver detox tea daily.

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1. The easiest way to keep your liver and kidney healthy

Is tea bad for your kidneys? Possibly. 
But there are certain exceptions.

If you want to see results early  the use of herbal tea for liver and kidney. Other than that there are various other ways in which you keep these vital organs thriving.

Some of them can be listed as follows:

5 easy ways to keep liver and kidney healthy

  1. Keeping your weight in check: One of the major reasons for liver and kidney disease is obesity. (2)
    This is the fastest-growing liver and kidney disease around the world. 
    (3) Doing exercise regular and avoiding high-calorie meals can do the trick as these activities will help you lose weight significantly.  

    Source :
    University of Minnesota

  1. Limit your alcohol intake: Not knowing the right proportion for your drink can leave your liver and kidney scarred for life. (4) 
    This is the reason we recommend taking suggestions from a doctor who will tell you the right amount of alcohol you can take by analyzing your body.

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  2. Never use illicit drugs: Nearly 24 million Americans aged between 12 and 24 showed the use of illicit drugs, out of the 9 million reported damaged liver and kidney. (5) 
    Illicit drugs include the use of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and the use of drugs like sedatives, pain relievers, and tranquilizers which were used without prescription.

  3. Check for contamination: Whenever you are out getting a piercing or a tattoo make sure that you check the needle multiple times before it gets in contact with your body. Any unsafe injection practices can be the reason behind your damaged liver. (6)

  4. Coming in contact with blood: Due to any reason, if you get in contact with someone else’s blood, seek help from the doctor immediately. Research shows that contaminated blood can be the reason for ruptured liver and kidneys. (7)


2. Which is the best tea for Kidney and Liver ?

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Chamomile tea is considered an amazing liver cleanse and kidney detox tea that can help you immensely.
It contains anti-inflammatory properties and sesquiterpene lactone that can help your liver and kidney detox the toxins present in your body. 

People also use hibiscus tea.  Hibiscus tea effect on kidneysare very prominent one's consisting of helping us lowering the blood pressure and also aids in weight loss. 

Another best tea for kidney and liver detox according to our research would be Peppermint tea.
Peppermint tea contains huge quantities of methol and methone which help your liver and kidney indigestion. 

The third on our list is regarded as the best liver and kidney detox tea that is present on the market right now. We are talking about ginger and lemon tea which is the best possible way to lose weight. 

Since we already stated that the biggest known reason for damaged liver and kidney is obesity, having this tea regularly can help you lose weight fast and effectively.

The last on your list would be Turmeric herbal tea which is regarded as the best herbal tea for the liver and kidney

We also have an ultimate guide on kidney cleanse tea recipe. Do not forget to check that and nourish yourself with amazing recipes. 

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This is because the ingredients present inside the tea help repair cells of both the liver and kidney and asset both the organs by detoxifying metals and boosting metabolism. 


3. How do I start drinking Kidney and Liver Cleansing teas everyday?

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There are five simple ways in how you can use tea as your daily driver

  1. Rethink your morning routine: Most people today use a cup of black coffee to feel active in the morning. Replace your coffee with detox tea for the liver and kidney as they act as natural energizers and a good replacement for coffee.

  2. Rethink your night: Generally people take a hot cup of milk before going to bed as warm milk induces sleep. Instead of milk take the help of herbal tea made for the kidney and liver. This tea will act as a stress buster and the aroma present in them help you reach a better state of mind.

  3. Take your tea as you travel: When you are traveling you can easily take two or three packets of kidney and liver cleansing teas along with you as they are a source of instant boost in energy.

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  4. Take a tea bath: There is no rule that you have to consume tea to get its benefits. You can also opt for a tea bath. Adding a liver and kidney cleanse tea as your tea infuser will boost detoxification, energize you, and provide relaxation.

  5. After workout: Along with an energy bar adding the best tea for the liver and kidney will help the body recuperate quickly.  Along with that a response system will generate reducing inflammation in your body.


4. Are there any side effects of consuming tea?

No. If you take tea as your daily drink and intake in moderate amounts there are no possible side effects. However, if you are a tea lover and consume it too much. Then these can be possible side effects :

  • Excessive consumption may cause constipation
  • Might cause cardiovascular problems
  • Can cause relentless anxiety


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5. Wrapping Up

Drinking herbal tea for solving liver and kidney problems is a great option because herbal teas help in the lipid metabolism which prevents lipids from getting stored in the liver. 

Also, teas are filled with antioxidants properties that produce a therapeutic effect on the liver and kidney. Hope after this information, you will find the right tea that suits your taste and body. 

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