Kidney Cleanse

Effective Home Remedies to Stimulate Natural Liver and Kidney Detox

There is no denying the fact that health is wealth and every single part of our body has a purpose to fulfill. One such organ is our liver that we don't often think of, but it plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing.

The liver processes everything that we eat, drink, absorb, and breathe and aids in removing waste & toxins. (1)

Likewise, kidneys are amazing little organs that process 200 quarts of blood, get rid of excess water and waste products, remove toxins, and keep the body functioning smoothly. (2)

Typically, these organs function easily, but our modern lifestyles put our detoxification system under immense pressure. We all can get liver and kidney detox benefits from the right kind of detox support.

Detoxification is a natural process everyone's body undertakes daily. The body eliminates toxins to prevent significant health problems.

If your kidneys and liver don't remove toxins from the body timely, it can result in exhaustion, stomach pain, water retention, headaches, kidney stones, and other problems.



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1. Some of the Best Rational Ways for Aiding the Detoxification Process Properly

The simplest key rule is to take up a light, balanced, and diversified diet that involves fresh fruits and vegetables.

The sole aim behind this remains to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. (3) 


Some easiest ways to undertake the detoxification process include:

  • Drinking 2.5 to 3 litres of still water a day
  • Regular exercise is highly supportive in this process
  • Eating a balanced diet that involves loads of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol
  • Using certain nutritional and herbal supplements to protect the kidney and liver and enhance their function. 
  • Avoid whey protein
  • Intaking enough diet rich in fibre
  • Limiting the intake of salty, sugary, fatty, and packaged foods


Sugary foods 

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2. Home Remedies to Detox the Liver


2.1. Chamomile

Chamomile has antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties, making it a perfect product to detox your liver.

In addition, it has a mild calming effect and can effectively aid in liver rejuvenation. Consume chamomile tea daily or as recommended to detox the liver.



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2.2. Lime

Lime tops the list of home remedy for liver and kidney detox because of its huge reserve of antioxidants.

It boosts the body's capacity to counteract inflammation and expel toxins. Simply consuming lime or lime water at least three times a day will provide ample Vitamin C to detox the liver.



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2.3. Green Tea

Many people drink green tea regularly to detoxify the body, which is one of the best and most commonly used home remedies to detox liver and kidney.

Drink up to four times daily.


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 Green tea

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2.4. Phylum

Phylum can help detoxify the liver and relieve bodily issues like constipation and diarrhoea. Simply mix a teaspoon of psyllium powder in water and drink this at least twice a day.


3. Ways to Detox Liver Kidney Colon


3.1. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the easiest and most effective liver and kidney detox home remedy to prevent oxidative stress in kidneys is to consume Apple cider vinegar.

It increases the antioxidants level in the body, balances blood sugar levels, and creates optimum kidney conditions by reducing blood pressure.

It contains citric acid which dissolves kidney stones while flushing out toxins from the kidneys.


Apple Cider Vinegar 

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3.2. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans resemble the kidneys and even help effectively remove kidney waste and toxins.

They are rich in Vitamin B, fibre, and many other minerals that help clean the kidney and boost urinary tract function.


Kidney beans 

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3.3. Lemon Juice

Lime juice is naturally acidic and increases citrate levels in urine, thus, preventing kidney stones formation.

It even filters blood while flushing out other toxins. (4)
Daily intake of diluted lemon water detox for kidney detox can effectively reduce kidney stone formation while dissolving calcium oxalate crystals.


Lemon Juice

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3.4. Watermelon

Watermelon is a mild diuretic that hydrates and cleanses the kidneys. (5)
Rich in lycopene, it even improves cardiovascular health ensuring optimum functioning of kidneys.

It is also rich in potassium salts that regulate the acidity of urine and prevents stone formation, proving to be great for kidney health.


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3.5. Pomegranate

Both pomegranate's juice and seeds are rich in significant potassium amounts to help remove kidney stones. It is effective in reducing urine's acidity, preventing stone formation because of its astringent properties, flushing out kidney toxins, and more.



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4. Kidney Cleansing Teas

The Kidney Cleanse Tea for UTI Support is yet another go-to option that helps kidneys become stronger and detox themselves. (6)
They are infused with antimicrobial properties and even offers a stronger immunity.

Some Other Easy Ways of Kidney Cleanse are:

 Dandelion tea

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5. Other Ways to Stay Healthy

Following are some of the simple yet effective ways in which you can naturally detox liver and kidneys at home.


Tea with Dandelion Roots

Fresh made Liver Detox and Cleanse Tea with Dandelion Root is diuretic in nature and very effective in detoxifying kidneys. (7)
You can even eat the dandelion plant’s yellow petals and leaves raw as a salad to
improve kidney functions.  


Cranberry and Beet Roots

Cranberry juice is quite effective for the optimum urinary tract health and removes excess calcium oxalate; preventing stone formation.

You can eat beets in salads or drink them as juices. Beets contain betaine, which helps maintains urine acidity, removes calcium phosphate, and minimizes stone formation chances.


Cucumber Juice and Coconut water

Cucumber is rich in cucurbitacin, amino acids, and glycosides making it diuretics, reducing uric acid deposits, and helping dissolve kidney stones. Likewise, coconut water has potassium that balances sodium and potassium levels to improve kidney function.


Cucumber juice

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6. Precautions While Carrying Out Liver and Kidney Detox Home Remedy

Other simple tips which can cleanse your kidney and liver:

  • Avoid toxic environments that are prone to chemicals and chemical sprays like aerosol sprays, spray fungicides, spray paints, or spray insecticides.
    If you visit such places or work there then take precautions like wearing a mask, protective skin wear, and gloves.

  • Double-check your medication list with your physician.
    This will ensure that you don’t intake any such combinations that make your liver work harder than it needs to.

  • It is crucial that you keep a constant check on your cholesterol levels and try to remain fit and reduce weight.

  • Exercise regularly but not in excess. (8)
    Always put your blood pressure levels and sugar levels in check.
    Timely checkups are needed as they are likely to increase or decrease as you go on a detox, especially if for the first time.

  • Natural fruits and vegetables cleanse your liver, so avoid using any kinds of artificial sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives.


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7. Conclusion

Most healthy people don’t need to cleanse their liver and kidneys as the body undergoes a natural detoxification process.

Still, there are numerous liver and kidney detox benefits offered by various vegetables & fruits, herbal teas, and supplements that can support kidney and liver health.

If you have liver or kidney problems, then try incorporating the various home remedy for liver and kidney detox as talked above and stay assured to lead a healthier life.

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