Liver Detox

Know All About 10-Day Green Smoothie Liver Cleanse

Our well-being depends on how well our body gets rid of all toxins, and the liver is the largest body organ that works tirelessly to purge these toxins.

Your liver is the primary filtration system, and when you become toxic, the liver's detoxification becomes sluggish, making you sick, bloat, and face fluid retention. (1)

This is what calls for a liver cleanse. 

To achieve the desired summer beach god body, you might commit yourself to try the 10-Day Green Smoothie Liver Cleanse.

As the name says, the green smoothie is the one made using all green produce, and it's a 10-days detox of dairy, meat, processed foods, and caffeine to burn fat and give your body a much-needed break. 

The green smoothies are made with green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, cucumber, and other leafy greens that can be mixed with various fruit combinations to make the smoothies yummy, unlike their green appearance. What's good about cleanse is that it isn't a starvation diet. 

Green smoothie liver cleanse

Image Credit: Unsplash

In fact, you can opt for snacks like healthy crunchy vegetables like celery, carrots, apples, raw unsalted nuts & seeds, peanut butter, plain yogurt, tuna, and hard-boiled eggs, between the smoothies whenever you feel hungry.
But by the end of the cleanse, you are likely to be tired of these snacks.

Snacking a lot can significantly slow down your progress, but this kind of diet will help improve your organ health, and immune system strength, and aid in weight loss. 

So, let's explore how you can begin with this new yet simple path to a healthier you.

If you, too, are intrigued after knowing all this, it's time that you begin with your 10-days detox therapy.


1. Grocery List for 10-Day Green Smoothie Liver Cleanse

All ingredients to be used should be raw and help detoxify the organs, including your skin, liver, and kidneys.
Ensure that you use only green leafy veggies, fruits, and water in your healthy green smoothies

  • It is advisable to make use of dark green leafy vegetables including arugula, beet greens, bok choy, carrot top leaves, Swiss chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, watercress, parsley, radish tops, spinach, spring greens, sorrels, turnip greens.

    Green leafy vegetablesImage Credit: Unsplash

  • Ensure to remove all the green stems to get the best taste.

  • Your detox smoothies can also contain some added protein sources, especially if you carry out a heavy workout.
    While preparing your smoothie, you may add protein powder to your blender that will help you feel full longer while keeping your metabolism high.

  • Ensure to use only non-dairy, plant-based protein powder, like soy, rice, or hemp protein. Do not go for whey protein powder, as it is made using cow's milk.

    Rice proteinImage Credit: Unsplash

You can find numerous plant-based protein options both offline and online.

  • Your 10 days cleanse diet is incomplete with fruits. Include fruits like bananas, apples, seedless grapes, blueberries, mango, mixed berries, peaches, pineapple, and strawberries.

    FruitsImage Credit: Unsplash

In case of diabetes, use only low-sugar fruits, and consult a physician before following the diet. Low-sugar fruits include apples, grapefruits, lemons, limes, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, goji berries, cranberries, and blueberries. Remember to go easy on fruits and just don't overeat.

  • Include fresh and frozen fruits in your diet.

    Frozen FruitsImage Credit: Unsplash

  • Ground flaxseeds help fetch various health benefits like boosting immunity and can be included in almost all smoothies recipes.

    FlaxseedsImage Credit: Unsplash

  • Chia seeds can be included that will make you full and fasten your weight loss process.

    Chia seedsImage Credit: Unsplash

  • Use spring or purified water

    Purified waterImage Credit: Unsplash


2. What to Avoid in 10-Day Green Smoothie Liver Cleanse

Eating anything less nutritious can make you feel lethargic and equally weak. When you go on smoothies for the 10-day cleanse, ensure not to include any starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, or any other non-leafy vegetables.

Other lists of food to be avoided include:

  • Refined and processed foods
  • Refined sugar, white sugar
  • Refined carbs, including white bread, pasta, white rice, waffles, donuts, etc.
  • Processed foods
  • Animal foods and red meat
  • Dairy products– Milk, cheese, etc.
  • Beverages that dehydrate you
  • Liquor, alcohol, beer
  • Coffee
  • Sodas/ diet sodas
  • Fried foods

    Diet sodaImage Credit: Unsplash


3. Things to Keep in Mind During This 10-Day Adventure

Go Grocery Shopping

Now, since you know what to include in your detoxification diet for the next 10 days, it's time that you select your favorite ingredients and shop for them.

One Last Cheat Meal

You are likely to experience cravings and hunger pangs in the upcoming days. Get yourself a happy meal, the last meal containing all your favorite junk, including fries, chocolates, ice creams, etc.

Junk foodImage Credit: Unsplash

Dig in for Some Motivation

To detox your body with green smoothies daily for the next 10 days, you really need some motivation. To create a motivational calendar and mark every successful day.
You can also prepare a to-do list about the upcoming day where you can mention the next smoothie that you'll make and the ingredients required to make it.

To-do listImage Credit: Unsplash

4. Overview of the 10-Day Smoothie Program


Day1 - Day 3- Pre-Cleanse Preparation


Day 4- Day 10- Green Smoothie Cleanse

The first three days of your cleanse involve giving up on fizzy drinks and caffeine, switching to herbal teas and water, reducing carbs and starch intake, replacing red meat with fish, and saying a complete no to alcohol.


Hereby is a list of some Green Smoothies that You can Take in Your 10-Day Process


Green Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

The sweet fruity ingredients impart this smoothie a tasty tropical taste. All you need is

  • 10-15 spinach leaves
  • 1 banana
  • 2 pineapple slices

Here., the spinach leaves will help meet your daily Vitamin K requirements for stronger bones while pineapple will complete your daily dose of Vitamin C.


Green Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

Image Credits: Veggies Save The Day


Banana, on the other hand, will provide Vitamin B6 that will provide instant energy.


Pear, Kale, and Apple Smoothie

Pear has high water content, making it a perfect cleansing smoothie ingredient. With its detox properties combined with the goodness of pear, Apple will revitalize your body.


Pear Kale Apple smoothie

Image Credits: Nutribullet Recipes


Containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, this recipe will deeply clean your digestive tract. All you need is

  • 1 pear
  • 1 apple
  • Few kales

Blend all three with 1/2 cup water, and for an enhanced taste, you may add some ginger or some ground cinnamon.


Apple, Berry, and Celery Smoothie

The fine combination of frozen berries and leftover salad will hit your taste buds like never before to become your favorite smoothie drink. 

To prepare, you need:

  • 1 apple
  • FrozenFroze or fresh mixed berries
  • 2 celery sticks

Blend all the ingredients well in 1/2 cup of water and enjoy!


Kale, Cucumber, and Ginger Smoothie

Cucumber is a great ingredient for any detox smoothie as it is low in calories and high in water content. Enhance the nutrient density with kale and add a hint of zingy twist with ginger for additional digestive benefits. 


Kale Cucumber Ginger smoothie

Image Credits: Living Sweet Moments


You'll need:

  • 1 cucumber
  • A handful of kale leaves
  • Dried ginger powder

Blend all the ingredients well, and you're good to go. Water content is ample in this recipe. Still, if you wish to add, use coconut water for additional health benefits.


Green Carrot and Apple Smoothie

A tart apple and carrot combination can do wonders and give you a really smooth and delectable smoothie. 


Green carrot apple smoothie

Image Credits: Acharnas Kitchen


Begin by choosing:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 carrot
  • 10-12 spinach leaves

After removing the carrot top and apple core, blend them with 1/2 cup water and spinach.


Pineapple Berry Smoothie


Pineapple Berry Smoothie

Image Credits: Gluten-Free Palate


In this healthy recipe, you'll need

  • 2-3 sliced pineapples
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
  • green salads springs
  • 2 spinach leaves
  • 2 tablespoon ground flax seeds

Blend all these ingredients beginning with only the greens with 1 cup of water to achieve a juice-like consistency of the mixture. After that, add the remaining ingredients and blend until you get a creamy smoothie.


Apple Mango Smoothie

Are you an apple lover or a mango one? 


Apple Mango Smoothie

Image Credits: The Littlest Crumb


Be it either or even both, this smoothie is next on the list to become your personal favorite. You will need:

  • 1 cored apple
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mangoes
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 3 spinach leaves
  • 2 cups of water

Begin by placing the greens and water into a blender to get a juice-like consistency first and then adding the fruits to make a smoothie with a creamy consistency. Then, if wanted, you can blend the strawberries and all the ingredients or even top the smoothie with raw strawberries for munching.


5. Other Things to Keep in Mind when Undertaking Cleanse

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you must feel optimistic and stay like one throughout the day. Keep in mind the following things:

  • Always start smart and ensure that it is safe for you to undertake this cleanse.
    Consult a doctor before you begin in case of any health issues or ongoing medications.
    Everyone's body responds differently to cleanse, and so a consultation is important.

  • Always stay committed to this change, or else your body will become like what it was before. Take it as a lifestyle change and not an end solution.

  • Avoid adding any kind of sweetener to smoothies, as fruits will be enough to sweeten your drink.

  • Ensure and keep a check that you use only fresh fruits and green vegetables, or else they'll rot. Do not fill your fridge completely in a way that you will have to throw it away.

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and flush out the remaining toxins.

    A glass of waterImage Credit: Unsplash
  • Also, do not forget to consider that your body is working hard to assist in this detox. Therefore, proper sleep is essential. Whenever possible, take short naps as well.

  • Hold off on boozing and support your liver, as consuming alcohol will impede the process.

  • Don't cheat on yourself and tell others that you have taken the green smoothie cleanse. This way you'll feel less awkward when you are asked why you can't indulge in binging on junk with them.


6. Some Benefits of 10-Day Green Smoothie Liver Cleanse

  • It will give you extra nutrition & energy all from fruits & vegetables
  • Enhance your skin's natural glow while making you look youthful and fresh
  • Assist in weight loss because of lower calorie intake, aids in lesser bloating, and also prevents overeating. (2)
  • Fill your stomach after a workout
  • Curb cravings and help you indulge in healthier eating habits
  • No more unhealthy food cravings and a much clearer mind
  • Better digestion, sleep, and quality of life

It's time to stick to this cleanse and make detoxing a new routine habit. Without any further delay, let's get started!

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