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Turmeric for Liver Detox: The Magic Of Turmeric And Liver Cleansing

We see people performing cardio exercises, yoga, and more to maintain these organs. But one such vital organ gets ignored, which is the liver. The liver helps remove toxins from the body and carries a healthy sugar level. 

But often, we damage our liver through lousy lifestyle habits. Consumption of turmeric is an idea way to heal and protect your liver. If you are thinking about how much turmeric is needed for liver detox, that is precisely what you’ll find out soon. 


 Turmeric tea for liver detox

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1. The importance of the liver and how it gets damaged because of our ill habits 

  • Our physical health is vital as it influences our daily life and working performance. So it is necessary to take care of our health to avoid several health issues or long-term diseases.

    Physical activity
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    For example, one of the vital organs in our body is the liver, which helps remove toxic material from our body’s blood supply.
    In addition, it helps regulate blood clotting and maintain the healthy sugar level in the blood. 
  • Naturally, it is one of the most vital organs in our body, performing many critical functions to keep up safe and healthy.
    For example, it helps filter any toxicity or harmful substance from the blood and breaks down poisonous materials. 
  • Some other functions of the liver include the production of Albumin, which helps contain the fluids in the bloodstream. (1)
    As a result, these liquids do not leak into surrounding tissue and continue with the flow carrying vitamins, enzymes, and hormones throughout the body. 
  • It regulates Amino acids, which are crucial for our body. (2)
    Bile production is another critical task.
    Bile juice is crucial in the digestive system that helps absorb fats in the small intestine. 
  • Besides producing vital body fluids, it acts as storage of vitamins and minerals as it stores a large amount of vitamin A, B12, D, E, and K. (3)
    It also holds iron and copper. But above all, it filters out all impurities and toxic substances from the blood.

    A tray of alcohol
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    But even our liver gets toxified due to the consumption of specific medication and unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol. (
  • So, liver detox, a cleansing process that takes toxins from your body, is vital. One of the most famous liver detoxes is the consumption of turmeric. And if you are thinking about how much turmeric is needed for liver detox, Let’s discuss that. 


2. What are the different ways by which you can detoxify your liver?

We must take care of the liver and assist it in filtering impurities. This cleansing or removing your body toxins and infections by helping the liver through different types of cleanses such as a liver fluke cleanse.

This helps reduce your body weight and improves your overall health. But, on the other hand, Disfunctioning or diseased liver can cause several issues like infection and itching, swelling, diarrhea, blood vessel issues, etc. (5)

A Liver Detox Routine

To avoid problems like fatigue, conditions, and toxin problems, you should have a 3 day liver cleanse routine. There are several liver detox methods that you can follow.

Some of the prominent one's are: 
1. 3 6 9 Liver Cleanse Diet Plan
2. 7 day Liver Cleanse Diet Plan
3. 24 hour Liver Detox Plan
4. 10 day green smoothie liver cleanse 
5. Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse Plan
6. Tamarind Fruit Liver Detox Plan
7. Chamomile Tea Liver Cleanse Plan
8. Flaxseed Liver Cleanse Plan

Firstly, you need to eat a healthy diet and avoid certain foods.
Consuming healthy foods and avoiding junk is vital.

One of the leading causes of liver issues is the excessive consumption of spicy foods and alcohol, so it is better to prevent it.


Spicy food

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Another thing you can do is go on a liquid diet and have healthy liver cleanse juices and liver detox soups

Herbal products are also effective liver detox agents as having liver detox tea, green tea, licorice, and more helps your body.

One of the most prevalent liver detox methods is the consumption of turmeric, and consuming turmeric tea for liver cleanse is beneficial for your health. 


3. The best method of detoxing your liver: Using turmeric



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There are many liver detox methods as mentioned above.

But currently, the use of turmeric is most famous as many consume and apply it on skin. There are several products like a turmeric liver cleanse drink, powders, and other supplements that you can take.

There is a fat-soluble element in turmeric called Curcumin, an effective antioxidant. (6)

This helps in purifying the blood and removing any toxic material. Additionally, it ensures a proper flow of the bile duct that helps in cleansing the liver. 

The use of turmeric has made its way into the famous market due to Ayurveda. As the benefits of turmeric were discovered by commoners, many started consuming it. 


4. The Healing Powers Of Liver Detox

A liver detox procedure removes the toxic material from your body and assists your liver in filtering out poisonous substances.

Turmeric is the most popular substance for carrying a proper liver detox. Adding to that, it also increases enzyme production and filters out unwanted substances from the body. 

There are several benefits of turmeric other than healing your liver. It boosts the overall immune system of your body and improves blood flow.

This is because it is proven to have cardiac benefits and thus lowers the risk of heart diseases. One of the most beneficial facts of turmeric is that it helps prevent cancer and reduces Alzheimer’s disease.  



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5. How does turmeric detox the liver?

The liver works by filtering toxic substances and poisonous material from our blood. So every time we consume alcohol, the liver filters the alcohol in our blood. But as alcohol is harmful by filtering, some liver cells die. 

Not just alcohol, here’s a whole list of foods to avoid during liver detox

One of the most famous solutions for improving your liver function is the use of turmeric. So if you are thinking, does turmeric cleanse your liver, the answer to that is an absolute yes. You’ll find out how. 

Turmeric is proven to be effective in liver detox as its Curcumin acts as an antioxidant. Curcumin also has antibacterial properties that help fight against asthma and allergies.

In addition, turmeric assists the liver in boosting the filtration process of getting rid of toxic products from the body.

Turmeric is one of the most commonly found ingredient in households. Additionally liver detox can often be done with regular household ingredients as well. A liver detox home remedy might just help you with your cleanse.  

The use of turmeric as a liver detox is highly effective. It works as an anti-inflammatory substance meaning it might reduce the aggravation and pain of people who have arthritis. (7)

But there is a certain amount of turmeric that you should consume daily, and having more than that can have side effects. And we are here to answer the question of how much turmeric for liver detox is needed?


6. How much turmeric for liver detox ?

Turmeric and liver cleansing go hand in hand, as many use them to gain health benefits. But excessive turmeric can be dangerous, and there is a certain quantity that you should consume. 

Studies say that 500 – 1000 mg per day is enough for the general population. (9)

But doctors suggest that rather than taking 1000mg at once, it is better to device the intake. For example, it will be preferable to have 500g of turmeric twice a day. 

But for some, the amount can be up to 2000 mg per day depending on their physical need. There is also a time limit for how long you should continue this detox procedure. 

However, the accurate measurement can differ from person to person depending on why you are consuming it.
For example, if you consume turmeric for infecting and itchy skin, 500 mg of turmeric three times a day is enough. 

For high cholesterol, 700 mg twice a day and 500 mg twice a day for arthritis. (10)

These routines typically continue for 2 – 3 months, and it is better to stop or pause for a few months for good results. 


7. Adding turmeric in your daily meals

Consuming turmeric has several benefits like liver detox, cancer prevention, and more. But for many, the taste of turmeric can be strong and thus hard to consume.

In addition, the smell of turmeric can be intolerable for many, and therefore other methods should be used to consume it. 

Many prefer capsules and medicines to take turmeric, but it is better to have a natural turmeric extract.

So the best way is to have it by using it in other food items. For example, you can have a little turmeric extract powder and mix it with smoothies and shakes to drink it. 

Another popular method of consuming turmeric is by mixing it in milk.

This way, you reduce the raw taste and smell of the turmeric and drink it without issue. Other than drinks, you can also use them in foods. Adding a pinch of turmeric in frittatas and scrambled eggs is excellent.


Turmeric Milk

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Many use it in roasted vegetables and meats, especially Indians who use it in almost every dish. Adding the mixture of turmeric powder and black pepper to vegetables and rice can be beneficial. It improves your health, giving your food a spicy flavor. 

Adding turmeric in flour while cooking and baking is also an option. This way, you can have cakes, muffins, and other bakery foods with the benefit of turmeric.  


8. Side effects of consuming excessive turmeric and how to deal with them 

Consuming turmeric is highly beneficial for the liver and your overall health. But everything should be taken in a certain amount as too much of anything is not suitable for health as mentioned before, it is better to take 500 – 1000 mg turmeric extract per day. (8)

Although the health issues are mild, turmeric mainly does not cause severe health issues. 

These issues can be stomach upset, diarrhea, headache, and dizziness.

But on the other hand, excessive consumption of turmeric can cause vomiting and even kidney stone. One of the most effectives cleanse to improve your overall body is a liver kidney cleanse


9. Final say 

You should know a measurement if you think about how much turmeric is needed for liver detox. 500 – 1000 mg turmeric extract per day is enough as too much of anything is not good. But consuming the necessary quality daily will give you several health benefits like liver detox, better cardiac health, etc. 

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