Liver Detox

Home Remedies For Liver Detox: The Key To Healthy Liver

Liver detoxification is the first thing that comes to our minds when we want to lose weight. 

Liver detox home remedies remove toxins from our body, improve health, and prevents us from various diseases.
The process of liver detoxification is a complex process that helps to convert fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins, which flushes out through the urine or bile. 

The liver is one of the most vital organs of our body. It is the only organ that has the power of regeneration. (1)

It can regrow itself without any harm. It removes steroid hormones, ammonia, and fatty acids from the bloodstream.

Our liver is responsible for the purification and detoxification of our bodies. (2)
It removes waste and holds on to enormous nutrients and medicines. All this is important to keep our bodies healthy. But with time, the liver can slow down the process of detoxification.

So it is important to keep our liver young and healthy.
Few simple home remedies can help us and our liver stay young and healthy. Learn how to keep this organ healthy with these liver detox home remedies. 


1. Home Remedies to Detoxify Liver


1.1. Healthy Diet 

Maintaining a healthy diet improves your overall health and keeps your liver healthy.

Low-fat meals and intermittent fasting are the keys to a healthy liver.
Eat food that contains nutrients and is rich in vitamins and minerals.


A bowl full of assorted veggies for healthy diet


Adding vegetables and fruits to your daily diet helps reduce cholesterol production in the liver. 

Ditching processed food, alcohol, and caffeine and focusing on consuming plenty of water, organic food, and juices is the first step towards a healthy diet.
Get rid of all the junk that tax your system and makes it unhealthy. 



1.2. Workout 

Exercise reduces hepatic fat (build-up of fat in the liver). Sweat induced by the workout helps wash out the toxins from our bodies. (3)


A man working out using rope technique

A simple walk in the park is not the correct method to sweat for liver detox.

A good workout like hot yoga, nice jog, Zumba, sauna session, sports, running, and power workouts are great ways for liver detox.

Get in your gym wear, put on your AirPods and start sweating. You will feel amazing after the workout session. 



1.3. Drink more water 

Aim for a minimum of 2 litres of water per day. Water helps the liver to flush out toxins more effectively and efficiently. (4)


An athlete drinking water from a water bottle

It keeps you hydrated.
Do not drink carbonated water or water in plastic bottles.
Try to drink filtered tap water at room temperature at fixed intervals.
Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to your water to increase effectiveness. 



1.4. Good Sleep 

Seven to eight hours of deep sleep is required to relax your body and organs. Sleep is detoxifying.

Healthy sleep helps your liver to focus on cleansing function. It is the most necessary component of improving metabolism. (5)


A woman in deep sleep

Good sleep also helps reduce the risk of a few neurological disorders.

It ignores the non-essential body functions so that your body can redirect the energy resources towards healing, restoring, detoxifying and purification. 



1.5. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Your liver is badly affected after every alcoholic beverage you consume. It includes wine, beer, and spirits.

The more you drink, the harder your liver finds it to work.

With time, excessive drinking can destroy liver cells and lead to various diseases. (6)


Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol liver includes various conditions like:

- Alcoholic fatty liver disease
- Acute alcoholic hepatitis
- Alcoholic cirrhosis

Next time you go out to a party, make sure you do not drink excessively because this might affect your detoxification power. 

Check out our informational blog on how to detox your liver after heavy drinking 



1.6. Choose environmental-friendly surroundings 

Contact with environmental chemicals that enter through your nose and skin can also affect your liver.

There are enormous everyday products that contain toxins that can damage your liver, especially if you come in contact with them regularly.

Limit your contact with environmental toxins by opting for organic cleaning products and methods to clean your home.

Avoid using pesticides and harmful chemicals in your space.


A wonderful environment with trees and a lake

Even if you use it, make sure your home is well ventilated. However, wear a surgical mask, if that’s not possible. 

Now this being said, let’s get more specific on what you should eat to detoxify your body.
Here are a few foods that should be added to your diet to help your liver perform its detox functions in a better way. 



2. Natural detox for Healthy Liver


2.1. Coffee

If you are a big-time coffee lover, here is some good news for you. Coffee is a magical bean for liver disease and helps your liver function in a better way.

Coffee is beneficial for people, who are suffering from hepatitis C. It is a virus that can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.


A cup filled with coffee and coffee beans beside it

Coffee increases the levels of antioxidants in the body and helps you lose weight. (7)
According to David Lynch, “New York has great water for coffee”, so why not use it?



2.2. Turmeric 

Turmeric is considered a homeopathic liver cleanse recipe since it contains a miracle spice that helps in the detoxification of the liver.

It lets the liver flush out toxins and repair liver cells. Besides this, it is also very important to be mindful about how much turmeric you intake for liver detox


Turmeric Drink


Turmeric has medicinal properties and acts as an antioxidant.
Add half a teaspoon of turmeric with a pinch of pepper to a glass of warm water and drink it in the morning.
Do it for at least 21 days. You will notice a change in your body. 

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2.3. Lemon

Lemons are excellent liver detoxifiers. They are perfect for the skin and help us fight various diseases because they are rich in vitamin C.


A glass full of lemon drink for liver detox


Lemon also has an alkaline effect on the body that can restore the pH balance and benefit the immune system. Consume a slice of lemon in a glass of warm water in the morning to flush out toxins and cleanse your system. 


2.4. Apples 

Apple is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is a high fiber food that binds cholesterol and heavy metals in the body.


It helps remove toxic build-up and clean the intestines. (8)


2.5. Ginger

Adding ginger to your diet can be worth it if you booze or eat junk. Ginger is perfect for reducing nausea, digestion, bloating, and gas. 

Ginger is an excellent antioxidant and is a great immunity booster. Ginger tea is one of the best things for detoxification.


Lemon Ginger Tea

Consuming ginger tea after dinner improves digestion. As an alternative, you can also try out 10-day green smoothie liver cleanse which comes as a worthy competitor 


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3. Bottom Line 

Our body needs constant detoxification. While detox diets may seem fancy, their benefits have nothing to do with eliminating toxins.

A much better approach is to eat healthily and follow natural home remedies for detoxification.

Eating green vegetables and fresh fruits are some changes for better detoxification. Avoid boozing, junk food, and sleepless nights for a healthy liver. 

Our busy and hectic schedule has made us ignorant of our own bodies, so why not take a step toward our bodies.

Following these natural home remedies for liver detoxification can be helpful for healthy living, as we all know ‘Health is Wealth’. 

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