Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy: Why, When, How to Drink?

If you are a mom-to-be, you may have heard of raspberry leaf tea.

You also must have seen other pregnant women swearing by it for “bringing in” the labor on time. 

Being in this phase of life brings a lot of advice to your doorstep until you don’t know which ones to pick, especially when you want to pick all of them because you want the best for your child. 

Consider this article as your guide for you to decide what’s best for you! 

1. Pregnancy And Your Health

No matter how long it has been since the time you conceived, the rules, precautions, advice, doctor’s recommendations, and bodily habits keep changing throughout. 

This brings a lot of discomfort and constant attempts to restore the comfort by trying out different methods to maintain proper health for the mother as well as the baby. 


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Maintenance of good health during pregnancy should include eating healthy, sleep hygiene, appropriate exercise, maintaining posture, and keeping mental health in check. 

Besides all of the above-mentioned techniques, maintaining a healthy lifestyle different from that when you weren’t pregnant is also essential.

Minor changes such as drinking a better and nourishing tea for your pregnancy can be of great help in later days. 


2. Benefits Of Tea In Pregnancy 

Additionally, some occasional remedies for easing out the process and bringing comfort to the body can be considered.

One such remedy consists of different types of tea for various reasons during pregnancy. 


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Herbal teas have various benefits such as toning pelvic muscles, easing out muscle cramps, reducing morning sickness, and improving digestion.

It is usually advised to avoid caffeinated drinks during pregnancy which is another reason why herbal teas are very relevant during that time.

Some of the commonly used herbal teas are ginger tea to relieve stomach issues, dandelion tea for better digestion, peppermint tea to help deal with nausea and vomiting, and raspberry tea to prepare for birth. 

Ginger tea is also proved to be beneficial for fertility

The list goes on but we’ll focus on what we are here for and that is Raspberry leaf tea. 

3. Raspberry Leaf Tea Uses and Benefits During Pregnancy

Raspberry tea is a herbal tea that has rich immune-boosting nutrient content including a variety of vitamins plus lots of minerals.

The leaves from the red raspberry bush are used before the plant blooms and made into a tea by drying and grinding it. 


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A lot of mamas-to-be start drinking raspberry tea during the later stages of pregnancy for various reasons such as:

Some women have proclaimed the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea for ttc

But what does science say? 

According to research done in 1999, comparative findings suggest that “raspberry herb can be consumed in the form of tea for the purpose it is used for: to prepare for labor without any identified side-effects". (1) 

But the question remains: When can we start consuming red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy?

The answer cannot be summarised in one short sentence. A detailed insight into the issue will definitely be beneficial to you.

Another study done in 2001 reports negligible negative effects on the health of the child or mother upon ingestion of raspberry leaf (in tablet form) after 32 weeks of gestation. (2) 

A lot of women believe in the positive health benefits of raspberry leaf tea after birth or even in the later stages of pregnancy.

While there is no hardcore evidence to deny it, consumer caution and consultation with a doctor are still advised. 

4. Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy: When to start Drinking?

As we have understood some of the reasons to drink raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy which could bring all those benefits, it is also vital to know when is the right time to drink it. 

Many experts and midwives recommend drinking raspberry leaf tea only after at least 32 weeks into pregnancy, as it may trigger problems before that. 

It is advised to start from 1 cup a day and gradually increase a little bit in later weeks to give our body a chance to adjust and adapt to it. (3)


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5. How To Make Raspberry Tea? 

It can be consumed in the form of both tablets and tea.

For a simple raspberry iced tea recipe, you would need water, sugar, 3-4 tea bags, and 2-3 cups of raspberries.

  1. In a pan, put water and sugar to boil.
    A few minutes later, turn off the stove, add raspberry leaf tea bags and keep it for 5-7 minutes.
    Then, remove the tea bags and add more water. 

  2. Put raspberries and water to boil in another pan.
    Few minutes later, remove the heat and simmer. Then remove the pulp and strain the contents. 

  3. Finally, add this juice to the tea mixture prepared earlier and serve it at room temperature or chilled, according to preference. 


For more such raspberry tea recipes, you may read our blog on how to make raspberry leaf tea


Raspberry tea

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6. Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea The Same As Raspberry Leaf Tea? 

Well, yes. Raspberry Leaf Tea is made from the leaves of a red raspberry plant which is the primary ingredient to it. 

However, it is not to be mistaken for the taste of this tea as it does not taste like raspberries at all.

The taste can be explained as similar to black tea with a flavor of raspberry juice in it.

Although you can also try nettle tea for pregnancy.

Dandelion roots are also known for their antioxidant properties making dandelion tea for pregnancy one of the prominent ones. 


7. Things to keep in mind

Just because something is herbal and natural does not guarantee its total safety.

So far we have looked at the benefits and times when raspberry leaf tea can be consumed, now let’s make a quick note of when it should NOT be consumed before we leave:

  • If you have had a C-section delivery before and you are expecting the same again
  • If you’re overdue: it is advised to strictly follow what doctors say in such cases.
  • If you have had premature delivery before 
  • If you are less than 32 weeks pregnant 
  • If you have faced bleeding/spotting after 1st trimester 
  • If you have multiple pregnancies 
  • If you already have other health complications 


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8. The bottom Line 

Even though there are no verified or scientific recommendations to guarantee the commonly claimed benefits of raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy or after childbirth, midwives or experienced mothers still suggest having it as there are not many side effects, if consumed in moderate amounts with necessary precautions. 

We would leave you with final advice to always check with qualified professionals before experimenting too much as they know more about you and your specific health. 

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