Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Postpartum: Is It Really Effective?

Motherhood is surely a blessing. The entire process of pregnancy can be very exciting on one hand, but is also exhausting and risky on the other hand.

When women are pregnant, they resort to all sorts of remedies to make their pregnancy easier and solve different types of problems that may occur during those nine months and after.

One of the most popular remedies as a pregnancy tea is the red raspberry leaf tea.

The red raspberry leaf tea is said to cure many problems of pregnancy and postpartum (post pregnancy), and has many other health benefits too. (1)


Raspberry leaf tea 

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Because of its several benefits that it offers to women, it is often called “women’s herb”. (2)

So mothers, are you curious to know about this herbal elixir in detail?

Do not worry, we have come up with detailed information about the benefits and effects of this tea to help you decide whether you want to add it to your diet or not. 


1. Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits During Pregnancy 

  • Red raspberry leaves strengthen the walls of the uterus, which decreases the chance of artificial rupture of membranes and miscarriages during the later pregnancy. (3)
  • The stronger muscles of the uterus help reduce the labor time and ease labor pain which helps the mothers in painless and risk-free delivery. (3)
  • It helps in the swelling of the uterus and soothes the reproductive organs of the woman, relieving them in the pregnancy. (3)

    2. Red Raspberry Tea Leaves Benefits Postpartum

    • Red raspberry leaf tea stimulates the release of prolactin which increases the breast milk supply in women post delivery. (4)
    • The tea also has phyto-progesterone quality which increases the progesterone in women and helps them in menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, and other menstrual problems.

    • It also helps in your menstrual cycle as raspberry leaf tea delays ovulation
    • It helps the uterus to reach its pre-pregnancy size.
    • Some sources also claim that the red raspberry leaf tea helps with postpartum depression.
    • It also helps in building metabolism. It is a low calorie tea and makes you feel full while giving you all the nutrients.
      This helps in weight loss especially for new mothers who are trying to shed their weight post pregnancy.


    3. Is It Really Safe To Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea? 


     A pregnant woman looking towards her belly and holding a cup of tea in her hand

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    Although there are many who would suggest you to have red raspberry leaf tea during your pregnancy or post pregnancy, there haven’t been many researches that prove that it is a 100% safe drink. (3)

    In fact, whatever your midwife, health experts or closed ones might say, it is advisable that you consult with your physician about your plans to consume this tea as a necessary precaution especially when you are pregnant.

    But when to start drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy

    Therefore, it is not advisable to take it during the first trimester of pregnancy.
    You can consume the tea in the second and third trimester but make sure that you consume it in moderation (1-3 cups a day). (6

    4. Can you drink red raspberry leaf tea after giving birth?


    The safety of raspberry leaf tea while breastfeeding has been debated among mothers. Some say that it can cause uterine contractions and should not be consumed while breastfeeding.

    However, there are no studies to support this claim and raspberry leaf tea is considered safe as long as you drink it in moderation and do not overdo it.

    Therefore, the new mothers too should take the tea in moderation and consult their doctor before taking it to keep themselves and their baby completely safe. 

    5. A Guide To Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea- Easy and Quick Recipe 

    So now that you know the benefits and side-effects of the red raspberry leaf tea, you must have made up your mind by now if you want to try this herbal drink. 

    NOTE: These are only 2 recipes. For a full list of recipes, please read how to make raspberry leaf tea

    But do you wonder how to make it? Scroll down for a quick and easy red raspberry leaf tea recipe

    What do you need?


    Ingredients -

    1. Red Raspberry Leaves- 1 cup
    2. Alfalfa - less than a half cup
    3. Peppermint - less than half a cup (If you are a new mother, replace it with fenugreek as peppermint may effect your breastmilk)
    4. Nettles - less than half a cup

    Directions to make hot red raspberry leaf tea -


    Red raspberries

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    1. Bring all the herbs together (red raspberry leaves, fenugreek, nettles) and put them in a jar or container.

    2. To make the tea, pour the tea mix to the hot boiling water and let it simmer for five minutes 

    3. After the tea leaves simmer well in the water, use a strainer and remove the tea leaves from the water and pour the freshly made tea into a cup or mug.

    4. Add sweetener of your choice (sugar, brown sugar, honey, etc.)

    5. Enjoy your hot cup of red raspberry leaf tea!


    Directions to make red raspberry leaf iced tea


    Raspberry leaf iced tea

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    1. Put about ½ of the tea leaves (all herbs combined) in a jar and fill it with 4 cups of water.

    2. Let the mixture steep for about 4 hours.

    3. Once the liquid is induced with all the tea leaves, use a strainer to separate tea leaves with the tea and pour the tea in a glass.

    4. Add ice cubes if you want to make your drink extra cool 

    5. Enjoy the refreshing red raspberry leaf iced tea on a hot summer day! 


      6. Other Beneficial Herbal Teas for Postpartum


       Other tea for postpartum

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      Red raspberry leaf tea sure comes with tons of pregnancy and postpartum benefits but it is not the only tea with these qualities.

      You will be thrilled to know that there are many other teas too that help in postpartum. 

      One of the most prominent one is dandelion tea pregnancy as a natural remedy to help with morning sickness, indigestion, and bloating during pregnancy.
      It also helps to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

      Some of the popular ones are -

      1. Citrus Chamomile Tea 
      2. Stinging Nettle Tea For Pregnancy
      3. Peppermint Tea
      4. Strawberry Passion Fruit Postpartum Tea
      5. Ashwagandha Tea 

      You may also decaffeinated tea for pregnancy. It has loads of benefits too. 


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      7. In Short 

      By now you must have realized that the red raspberry leaf tea is a full package of numerous health benefits for pregnancy and postpartum, and also its common side-effects and precaution.

      Remember to consume the tea in moderation which will help you gain the maximum benefits of the tea and prevent you from any negative side-effects.

      We hope that our guide book will help you get detailed information about this herbal tea.  

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