Preventing UTI After Sex: Effective Tips and Techniques

1. What is a UTI? 

The urinary system plays a significant role in maintaining overall health in your system.

Since the role it plays is paramount in filtering blood and creating urine as a waste product from filtration, complications to the urine system can impact your kidney and body health, such as a UTI. 

A urinary tract infection (UTI) refers to an infection that occurs to any of the parts of the urinary system such as the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and/or urethra, commonly plaguing the lower urinary tract consisting of the bladder and urethra.

Although both men and women can possibly contract a UTI, women are usually at a higher risk of contraction.

Knowing how to prevent a UTI after sex, how to recognise complicated UTI symptoms immediately after intercourse, and how to avoid UTI during intercourse are important to having safe sexual intercourse.


What is UTI? 

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2. Causes and Symptoms 

There is a primary, main cause of UTI - bacteria.

UTIs are caused when there is an entry of microorganisms such as bacteria through the urethra and multiplication in the bladder, in specific the E. coli bacteria that is usually found to cause such infections.

Some common causes of UTI include poor hygiene in the pelvic areas, changing your birth control, not drinking plenty of fluids, and even sexual intercourse.

Somtimes, UTI appears without any symptoms too.  

Some of the symptoms of UTIs include

  1. Strong, persistent urges to urinate frequently during the day
  2. Urine that is strong smelling 
  3. Discoloration of urine - red, bright pink, brownish, etc. - indicating the presence of blood in urine 
  4. Pelvic pain in women 
  5. Cloudy appearance of urine 
  6. Burning sensation when urinating 
  7. In more serious cases, mild or strong symptoms of back pain, fever, chills, nausea, or vomiting 
  8. Anxiety 



3. UTI and Sex: What is The Relation?

UTI symptoms after sex are common, making it important to know how to avoid UTI from intercourse all the more important. 

According to many studies, frequent sex, wrong contraception usage, and changing sexual partners can all possibly increase the risk of a UTI, as even can safe sexual intercourse. 

This is because more than half of UTI infections are caused by the bacteria E. coli which is present in the anus. 

The proximity of the anus to the vagina makes bacteria more likely to enter the urethra and travel up to the bladder, sometimes affecting parts of the urinary system like the kidneys as well.  


What is the relation between UTI and sex? 

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Sexual intercourse brings bacteria from both the genitals and anus in physical contact, making it highly likely that a woman contracts a UTI post-sexual activity. Therefore, knowing how to prevent UTI when having sex is paramount to having a safe sexual experience. 


4. Prevention and safety: How to not get UTI after sex?

Since the contraction of a UTI is directly correlated to the preventive measures taken and the level of sexual activity, knowing how to avoid UTI when sexually active can influence the steps you take before and after, including: 


Improved Urination Habits 

Make it a point to urinate frequently, specifically before and after having sexual intercourse, so that any bacteria already in the urinary tract can be flushed out or prevented from getting further in. 


Birth Control 

Most birth control methods do not significantly alter chances.

However, if you’re more prone to getting a UTI and don’t want to take your chances, doctors recommend staying away from diaphragms or spermicides as they are likely to kill good bacteria and can even introduce bad bacteria.


Birth control pills

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See what works for you and decide accordingly - if you feel like a certain contraceptive method is increasing friction or burning, limit using it. 


Use Vaginal Lubricants 

Using a vaginal lubricant is a good way to prevent excess friction when having sexual intercourse.
Friction can cause irritation in the urethra and make it more sensitive.

In fact, even actions such as frequently wearing tight clothes and wearing panties that don’t help retain moisture or are drying out the genital region can cause excess friction, which could directly lead to getting a UTI. 


Vaginal lubricants 

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Staying Hydrated 

Hydration is very important to maintaining a healthy urinary system and keeping out bad bacteria.

Drink a glass of water both before and after sex and have plenty of water throughout the day can help in flushing out the UTI.


Good Hygiene 

It is important to keep both your genital area and your anus clean before and after sex so as to prevent any bacteria that have entered to go any further in.
Wipe from front to back always to clean both areas. 

Leaving a UTI untreated can cause unhygienic health in your body. Hence it is always important to treat UTI on priority.


Maintain hygiene

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Failing to do so might cause complicated UTI symptoms


Oral Sex 

Since oral sex can introduce new bacteria or push bacteria into the tract knowing how to prevent UTI after oral is essential to maintaining good hygiene, in which case measures such as avoiding oral sex on an existing infection or using flavored condoms can help prevent contraction. 


Talk to Your Doctor 

If you feel like you’re getting UTIs frequently after sexual intercourse or even if you’re getting them once in a while, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor and find out if you need any antibiotics as a preventive measure. 

Sexual Intercourse is not the sole reason for contracting a UTI. There can be other hidden root causes for a UTI contraction.

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Talk to your doctor

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Read more about this in ‘How to prevent UTI?’


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5. UTI Contracted After Sex: How to cure UTI after Intercourse?

We’ve covered aspects of getting a UTI such as how to avoid getting UTI from intercourse and how to prevent UTI after intercourse - however, you may still end up getting one despite preventive measures and that’s okay. 

There are a few measures that can be taken to get rid of a contracted UTI: 


Avoiding Certain Liquids 

Specific liquids such as alcohol, coffee, citrus juices, or soda can possibly cause more burning or pain sensations in your urethra.

Avoid these to minimise more irritation in your urinary system.

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Drink Lots of Water 

Water can effectively help flush your entire system; regularly and consistently drinking water can go a long way in aiding the symptoms of UTI, and it flushes the bacteria from your system.


Drink lots of water

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Doctors always advise us to drink loads of water.
It is essential for maintaining a good urinary system and hygienic urinary tract.

But how much water is good enough for curing a UTI?

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No home remedy can work as well as antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

It is always best to visit your doctor when you contract a UTI regardless of the pain level as antibiotics can help prevent further infection, kill the bad bacteria, and reduce any pain or discomfort you may be feeling

Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse and visit a doctor, as further waiting can cause a UTI to turn into a kidney infection with symptoms such as vomiting, back pain, nausea, fever, etc. 


Probiotics for UTI

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If you’re not someone who enjoys consuming medication for curing any disease, you might want to look at the natural options as well.

Organically curing a UTI is possible but it’s not as easy as you imagine it to be.



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6. And that’s a wrap!

A UTI may be a common ailment but it is still certainly one that leaves an impact on your system and health.

We have covered the important aspects such as knowing how to prevent UTI when sexually active, how to keep from getting UTI after intercourse, how to avoid UTI from sex and the many other preventive measures you can take.  

It is also important for you to recognize when to participate in sexual activity and when to see a doctor, as knowing your body and knowing what impacts you the most is paramount to taking the right steps.

Preventive measures such as drinking water, timely urination, right contraception, etc. can go a long way in solving any issues. 

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