Moms-to-be, Look Out For These UTI Symptoms During Pregnancy

1. UTI- What is it exactly? 


What Is UTI

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A bacterial infection in the urinary tract is called a UTI.
It’s a bacterial infection that men and women both develop.

The fact that the urethra in women is shorter than that of men, makes it much easier for UTIs to form in women than in men.

Women are more prone to catch UTIs from having sex with men, because of the bacteria already present in the man’s urinary tract. (1

Women develop a 50% chance of developing UTIs in their life at some point which is more % than men developing.

This is because of the shorter distance that the urethra carries from the external world.

It is one of the major reasons for recurrent uti in women.

2. Pregnancy and UTI- Can moms develop UTIs?


How does UTI develop?

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Even though UTIs aren’t something to worry about, since they're curable, they can get a little worrisome if you develop them while you’re pregnant. 

Research says that at least 5% of women can develop UTI when pregnant. (2)

Your hormones, expanding uterus, maintaining hygiene in your perineal area because of your baby bump.

All these factors make it all the way easier for you to develop UTI. (2)

It's also important to know that pregnant ladies can develop kidney infections twice the times of non-pregnant women developing bladder infections. 

However, there is nothing to worry about because it is quite rare.
So, even though it’s a rare occasion you can still see the development of
UTIs in pregnant women.

3. What are the Common UTI Symptoms During Pregnancy?


Common UTI symptoms during Pregnancy

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It’s so important to watch out for these UTI symptoms during pregnancy.

Because having these UTI symptoms while pregnant can have a huge impact on your health and your baby as well, if not treated at the right time. 

 1. Burning Sensation
 2. Foul-smelling, cloudy, urine
 3. Frequent urge to go to the washroom
 4. Cramps in lower back
 5. Fever and chills
 6. Nausea and Vomiting
 7. Pain above the public bone

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you’re probably experiencing a UTI.

However, It doesn’t necessarily mean that you contracted a UTI only if you have these symptoms.

In rare cases, you might also notice silent UTI Symptoms.


4. UTIs Common During Pregnancy?- Is it a sign of early pregnancy? 

UTIs are really common in pregnancy and 1 in every 3 pregnancies, the woman is at the risk of developing it.
One of the reasons is changing hormones. Changes in the urinary tract because of hormones can lead to women developing UTIs. 

Now, these hormonal changes can also give rise to vesicoureteral reflux which is nothing but your pee going back into your kidneys from your bladder, causing UTI. 

Another notable point here is, that even though UTI symptoms in pregnancy can develop and may seem alike, that’s not the case.


Is UTI common during Pregnancy?

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So, in case you’re wondering can UTI symptoms be an early sign of pregnancy, the answer is NO!

This means that having a UTI does not mean that you are pregnant.
But of course, it can collide sometimes because of unprotected sex. Otherwise, you can, never, get pregnant because of UTIs.

Just look out for the symptoms and you’ll be good to go. (3)


5. UTIs in Pregnancy Trimester 



 UTI during Trimester Pregnancy

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Pregnant women with UTIs can face a lot of problems.

But, these problems and the development of UTIs can change depending on the trimester that  they’re in. 


First Trimester -

According to research, at least 41% of women develop UTIs in their first trimester. (7)

And because this is so common, it is advised by the health institutions, that women should get their urinalysis done by their first prenatal visit.

This should be regardless of whether or not you have developed UTIs. 

Second Trimester - 

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - women as much as half as many are prone to develop UTIs in their second trimester than their first.  (8)

Third Trimester -

The number of women developing UTIs in their third trimester is half of that, in their second trimester.
But, if UTIs go untreated, women can develop acute kidney infections in their second and third trimesters. (

6. UTIs during Pregnancy- A Big Risk?


UTI during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy alone brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body.
Having a UTI during pregnancy can pose an even bigger risk. Carrying a baby puts a lot of pressure on your uterus which can cause a greater risk of developing UTIs. 

It can also cause more damage if not treated appropriately and timely.
One piece of advice we would give here is to get timely check-ups done by your gynecologist.

Because a lot of times, UTIs don’t show any significant symptoms as such.

In very rare cases, you might experience extremely complicated uti symptoms.

Another concern that you might have would be is UTI a risk to your baby?

In a way, yes.

When UTI symptoms are untreated, it leads to high blood pressure. Which in turn, may lead to your child being born early and premature.

Hence, UTIs or not, it's best to get yourself checked every 3 months, to be safe! (5)

7. How To Treat UTIs When Pregnant- Home Remedies 


Drinking water

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In case you develop UTIs, there’s no reason to worry a lot because they are easily curable and can be treated using some of the home remedies as well.

Here are different ways to treat UTIs using some home remedies. (6)



1. Drink a lot of fluids - especially and most importantly water.

2. Urinate immediately - before and after sex

3. Drink cranberry juice - unsweetened

4. Change your undergarments to soft cotton wear

5. Consume probiotics

6. Intake Vitamin C in your diet


The above-mentioned remedies are also a great way to prevent UTIs from happening in the first place.

If taking these measures into account, you can save yourself from the potential risk of developing UTIs.

As an alternative, you can also try natural remedies for UTI in pregnancy

Yet, the best way to diagnose your UTI is to visit your healthcare specialist. 


8. Doctor’s Assistance In UTIs


Doctor's assistance in UTI 

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If you feel that your symptoms of UTIs are getting worse day by day and the home remedies aren’t working, consulting a doctor is always a good option.

The doctor will be running some necessary tests to check for bacteria that are causing the infection.
With the right assistance, there’s nothing to worry about your symptoms. 

Your doctor will be handing you some antibiotics which would help you in recovering sooner.
Another important point to remember here is to always be honest to your doctors about everything. 

Note: While consuming antibiotics, it is also advisable to consume probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in your body. 


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  • This article is a well-researched article that covers pretty much all the details you might require to check if you have developed a UTI or are at the potential risk of developing it.

    However, we do not suggest you solely rely on this article and check your gynecologist or your physician in case of even the slightest symptoms. 

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