Nettle Tea Benefits In Pregnancy: What You Need To Know



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1. What is Nettle & Everything You Need To Know About It? 

A lot of health practitioners and pregnancy experts suggest that including a variety of teas in your diet, provides good support to your pregnancy.

One of the pregnancy teas that we’re going to talk about is nettle tea. 

Nettle tea is a tea made out of stinging nettle leaves, infused in hot water. 

Nettle tea is found to have a rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K. (1)

It is a great choice to consume nettle tea while pregnant because of the various health benefits that it has to provide. 


2. Nutritional benefits- Is nettle health beneficial?



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Stinging Nettle Tea for pregnancy is found to be a healthy option because of

  • Rich source of Minerals and Vitamins like A, B, C, and K. (1)
  • It also includes antioxidants like magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, and calcium-phosphorous. (1)
  • It helps with cold and cough
  • Reduces fever and body ache. 


Another point to be noted here is to consume other food items rich in these sources because a cup of tea alone can’t give you all the required nutrients that you need. 

These were some of the health benefits of nettle leaf tea during pregnancy.

3. Nettle and red raspberry- Is it the best herb for pregnancy?



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Raspberry nettle tea is a tea with a great combination of herbs during pregnancy. It's made up of red raspberry leaf and nettle.

Red raspberry leaf tea is said to have a lot of benefits -

Nettle on the other hand is great for 

  • Leg pains and any other muscle ache.
  • It increases iron in the blood which in return strengthens blood vessels 
  • Reduces the risk of potential hemorrhage. 
  • Great for increasing the quantity of breast milk. 

Nettle tea is also used as a tea for nausea during pregnancy.

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4. Is it Safe to Consume Nettle Tea for Pregnancy? 



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While nettles have been in the books of ancient times as a great herb in pregnancy, newer research can’t seem to find new evidence regarding it. 

Now, because there is no fixed evidence about it, what we suggest is to consume nettle tea in moderate quantities. You consume nettle tea in the third trimester

Amelia Hirota, a qualified herbalist, suggested that nettle tea is safe during pregnancy. (2)


    5. Nettle Tea Recipes



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    When making nettle tea from home, you need to be very careful of harvesting these leaves.

    • To start off, make sure you’re well covered and protected before starting to cut those leaves.

    • Next take a pair of scissors and cut through the stem.
      Now we would suggest you to cut just a couple of leaves for one cup of tea. 

    • Take these leaves and put it in a pan to boil in water for 5 to 20 mins. (Boiling makes stinging nettle tea safe during pregnancy).

    • You can also add red raspberry to same pan of boiling water for some flavor.

    • Next, let it stay for 2 to 3 hours.

    • Strain, and then drink it hot or cold (refrigerated).

    • If you’re someone who likes sweetness in their tea- you can add sweeteners like honey and sugar. 


    For more recipes, you can read our blog on Amazing Nettle Tea Recipes


    6. Precautions and Side Effects - Dosage



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    Nettle tea is usually safe for its herbal properties. However, like every other thing,nettle tea has some reported side effects like allergies. 

    You need to be careful if you’re handling nettle flowers because there are people who have reported allergic rhinitis caused by pollen allergy. 

    7. Other teas in Pregnancy

    The other teas that you may consider drinking during pregnancy are:

    1. Dandelion tea

    2. Ginger tea

    3. Raspberry leaf tea

    4. Peppermint tea

    5. Fennel tea

    Fennel & Ginger tea are known for their benefits for nausea during pregnancy

    Now that being said, you should avoid certain teas during pregnancy.

    To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, avoid senna tea & hibiscus tea during this time. 


    8. Conclusion 

    Nettle tea is a herbal tea with some extravagant health benefits and is extremely good for moms-to-be. 

    However, we suggest you consider your physician or your gynecologist before consuming anything that can be potentially unsafe because of its side effects. 

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