Quick & Easy Homemade Nettle Tea Recipe


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Nettle tea leaf is a spring plant that can be brewed into tea.

It has many healthy and restorative properties that would improve your immune system and protect you from several allergies. 



1. What is Nettle Tea?

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Nettle tea is made from the leaf or root of the stinging nettle plant whose botanical name is Urtica dioica.

These plants originally belong to parts of Europe, but today, they can be found in all the major continents such as
- North America
- Asia
- Australia (basically all across the globe).

The plant is usually thick with a mint green color and pointy leaves.

It is called a “stinging nettle plant” because it can sting you if your bare skin comes in contact and the sting can last for hours. (1)

This pregnancy tea is known for its mint green color with hints of earthy and grassy notes.

However, the plant when brewed into tea offers many health benefits and rich flavors that can be a delight for tea lovers. 

Some of its health benefits are - 

  • Just like raspberry leaf tea, this tea also has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which help in improving vision and overall immunity. (1)
  • It is rich in trace minerals such as iron and zinc.
  • It can improve cardiovascular health as it helps to aid high blood pressure. (2)
  • It is also known to help people with urinary problems as it has proven a great medicine to cure kidney stones and enlarged prostate. (1)



2. Nettle Tea For UTI

Additionally, nettle tea has been shown to reduce inflammation and aid in urinary tract infection (UTI) prevention. (2)

Therefore drinking nettle tea regularly may help reduce the risk of UTI infections.

For best results, combine nettle tea with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine for increased health benefits.

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Nettle may help support any medications you’re taking for infections or conditions related to the urinary tract.

Talk to your doctor first about any possible interactions between herbal remedies and medications you take.



3. Nutrition chart of nettle tea

Serving Size- 1 cup (89 grams)


Amount in %

Vitamin A








Vitamin K












4. Benefits of Homemade Nettle Tea

The stinging nettle plant can be found anywhere whether it is in a garden, edge of the river, among the wild plants, in areas with lots of greenery, etc.

It can easily be homegrown in your garden so that you get fresh leaves of nettle plant every day to brew for your tea.

As the nettle plant grows in the same place from year to year, it is easy to maintain the plant in your garden for a long time. 

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Fresh nettle leaves come with many added health benefits as it is homegrown, fresh, and free of any preservatives. But cutting the leaves from the plant can be a risky job as the plant may sting you.

You should wear long gloves and a full sleeve shirt and full pants wherever you go to cut the leaves from the plant. 


5. How to make nettle tea with fresh leaves?

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Brewing nettle leaves is very easy. You can learn how to prepare nettles for tea and make your own nettle tea at home. 

Follow these basic steps for nettle tea preparation -

  • To harvest the nettle leaves, wear long gloves, a full sleeve t-shirt, and full pants when you go near the nettle plant.
  • Use scissors or a plant cutter and cut the leaves from its top most bracket leaving the rest of the plant part to regenerate.
  • Only a cup or handful of nettle leaves would be sufficient to brew 1-2 cups of nettle tea. 
  • Put the nettle leaves in a pan and add water to it and then boil it for 5-10 minutes so that it brews well in the water.
  • Use a strainer to remove the nettle leaves from the liquid and pour the liquid into a cup.
  • Add a sweetener of your choice if required.
  • Enjoy the hot cup of nettle tea! (1)



6. How to make infused nettle tea? 

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The infused nettle tea is when you leave the nettle leaves to brew in the water for a long period (4-8 hours). Infused nettle tea has higher levels of micronutrients and deeper flavors as compared to normal nettle tea.

This process makes the tea healthier and more intense. (2)

These are some steps to make infused nettle tea-

  • Add the nettle tea and boiling water to a mason jar 
  • Let the leaves steep in the water for at least 4 to 12 hours
  • Strain them into a cup or glass using a tea strainer
  • Drink the infused nettle tea 
  • You can also store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days (2)


7. Precautions and Side Effects of Nettle Tea

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  • While the nettle tea can be a healthy drink for you, it has its share of side effectstoo.

    Herbal teas are known to often react with the medication that you might be taking and can prove to be dangerous for you.
    Therefore, take permission from your doctor for adding the tea to your diet. 
  • If you are a beginner, start with small amounts and gradually make your body used to this herb.

    There are some sources on the internet that recommend having 2 liters of nettle tea a day which is way more than required by the body. (
  • Having 1-2 cups of nettle tea per day is sufficient for healthy consumption of the tea and easy to manage too. (3)

    If taken in excess, this tea can work as a drug for your body as it causes sleepiness if taken in large amounts.   
Other Types Of Pregnancy Teas

Below are some teas you may want to drink while pregnant:

1. Dandelion tea

2. Ginger tea

3. Red raspberry leaf tea

4. Peppermint tea

5. Fennel tea   

6. Jasmine tea     

Nausea symptoms during pregnancy might be aided by drinking fennel tea or ginger tea, respectively.

You may also try decaffeinated tea for pregnancy

Some teas should be avoided during pregnancy for the safety of both mother and child.

This also includes Licorice root tea, senna tea and hibiscus tea for pregnancy.


8. Conclusion

It is always a good idea to add healthy foods and drinks to your diet as it benefits your health and enhances your quality of life.

Pregnant women should always consult with their doctors before consuming any type of tea, but nettle tea is generally considered safe to drink during pregnancy.

Nettle tea is a great source of nutrients for pregnant women and offers many health benefits.

It’s also high in flavor, making it a delight to drink. Have you tried nettle tea? What did you think?

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